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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Sacred Relationships update Thursday 18th February 2021 Starlife

Sacred Relationships Starlife
Sacred Relationships Starlife

Sacred Relationships 18 February 2021 update: Meenakshi playing the Sitara and smiling. Police arrives. Mishti says I have to talk to you. Abir asks what do you want to talk to me. She says you are my only friend in this house. He asks friend? She asks are we not friends? He says yes, we are. She smiles. Meenakshi gets up and sees the police. She holds the earrings in her hand. Commissioner comes in. Meenakshi says I have called him to bless Ketki. Abir jokes. Meenakshi asks did you come here straight from duty. Commissioner says I have come here for my duty, I came to meet Vishwamber. Meenakshi asks but why. Abir says that’s their matter, let them talk. Meenakshi asks Kaushal to take commissioner and Vishwamber’s family to a room. Commissioner asks are Mishti and Kuhu here. Mishti and Kuhu say we are here. Meenakshi asks the matter. Vishwamber asks Mishti to come. Mishti’s dupatta gets stuck in Abir’s sherwani. He signs her and frees the dupatta. She goes. Meenakshi says what could be the reason for this.

Mrs. Parekh says maybe there is some misunderstanding, they are respected family. Meenakshi says dad will talk to commissioner if it gets late. Shaurya asks what did Kuhu and Mishti go. Commissioner says they are accused for encouraged a respectable family girl for eloping. Vishwamber asks what proof he has. Commissioner asks them to see the pics. They see Mishti and Kuhu with Ketki. He says sorry, I have to take them into police custody. Mishti says no, we didn’t encourage her, we told her to call her family. Kuhu says I explained her that family is most imp. Commissioner says arrest them. Kuhu says ask Ketki, please. Vishwamber asks Ketki Rajvansh. Kaushal says Ketki is my daughter, her Sangeet is going on, if police asks her in front of inlaws, what will be our respect. Commissioner says we need to go to police station or Vishwamber’s house. Parul asks who called the police.

Meenakshi says I called. Parul says the girls and their families will face disgrace. Meenakshi says I m helpless, its about my family, a marriage alliance is not a joke. Parul says yes, but the girl is good. Meenakshi says yes, but not for our house, we are helpless, I don’t care if anyone regards me bad, whatever I do is for well being of family, when Vishwamber knows I did the complaint, alliance will break. Nidhi comes to ask what’s happening. Meenakshi says police is questioning Vishwamber’s family. Nidhi says Mrs. Parekh was telling me that you will break the alliance. Abir hears them. Rajshri and Shaurya ask Kaushal to call Ketki. Kaushal says her inlaws are here, I can’t call her, its about my daughter. Rajshri says its about my daughters too. Shaurya says just call Ketki, she can tell the truth. Abir comes and says I will tell the truth. Mishti says we didn’t advise Ketki to run. Abir says I know, Ketki is safely home because of Mishti and Kuhu, when Ketki left home, they helped her, thanks. Mishti smiles. Dheere dheere….plays… Commissioner asks the why did Meenakshi file the police complaint. They get shocked.

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Vishwamber says Meenakshi will never do this. Meenakshi says I had done the police complaint, I didn’t know that Mishti and Kuhu were those two girls, now I will take my complaint back. She apologizes to them. She says I did the complaint on the day when Ketki left home, we were worried. She acts good and does a drama. Abir turns away. Vishwamber says I understand this, we want to go home. Bau ji thanks him. Abir apologizes to Mishti. Mishti and family leave. Meenakshi says I need to meet the commissioner to talk something imp. Parul nods. Meenakshi goes.

Jasmeet waits for the cable guy. Abir calls home and asks did police come home. Jasmeet says no, why will police come here, we are very respected people, is the police really coming here. Abir says why didn’t police go to Mishti’s house and came here directly. Vishwamber and everyone come home. Shaurya and Varsha ask what’s the truth. Kuhu says Mishti explained Ketki and sent her home. Mishti says we did by thinking its right, we thought everything got fine. Kuhu says Ketki was happy in holi party. Mishti says Ketki was scared since she didn’t meet the prospective groom. Rajshri nods. Vishwamber goes. Meenakshi thanks commissioner for coming on her call. He asks why did you take complaint back. She says those girls helped my daughter so I had to take complaint back. He says I know you since years, you don’t do anything without a reason, I do anything for my duty. She says I do everything for my family, thanks for help. He says you want to form an alliance with Maheshwari family, what if it breaks. She says it will be really very sad.

Abir arguing with Meenakshi. He says the truth isn’t scared of darkness, lie has to hide. She sees her tab and asks how did you get this. He says from your room, can’t I go to your room, you had seen this pic and changed the alliance, then you called the police home. She shouts Abir. Everyone comes. Abir says you have to admit that you changed the alliance, fearing that the girl will snatch your control on this house and Kunal. Kunal asks him to stop it. Abir says mum didn’t choose Mishti, she did this so that they refuse, when they came here in Sangeet, she called police to insult them. She asks him to stop it. Abir says you have to admit that you can hurt anyone to control Kunal, society doesn’t forget when a girl is blamed, if police arrested those girls then, you were ready to send them to jail today, you don’t care for us. Meenakshi asks do you all face troubles because of me. Bau ji says Abir…

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Abir says how did police know that Mishti and Kuhu were here, police didn’t go to their house, mum has seen Kuhu wearing those earnings. Kunal asks is this true, did you know about Kuhu did you call the police. Parul says no, I had called the police. Abir says for how long will you hide mum’s mistakes. Parul says I m saying truth, I got the earrings and called police. Bau ji asks why. Parul says they are not good for our family, I was reminded of the fear and pain that we felt when Ketki had run away, Meenakshi is innocent. Abir says I still don’t believe you. Kunal says I had seen Parul outside your room. Parul says you do trust Kunal, right. Meenakshi goes to slap Parul. Bau ji holds her hand. Meenakshi says Abir, your mum is a bad woman, yes, I m bad, but I m not so evil that I will risk Ketki’s alliance to cancel Kunal’s alliance, I can’t dishonor her, it hurts when own son doubts you, it breaks heart. Kunal says its enough for today. He takes Meenakshi.

Vishwamber gives a special gift to Mishti and Kuhu. They see gold bracelets and like a lot. Vishwamber says I wanted to give this on birthday, but I m giving this today as you made me proud, I m not at all upset, I m not ashamed, the girl carries the pride of the family, you kept it intact, even then the family didn’t thank you well, I didn’t wish to show your favor on their family, let them initiate now, let them know that we value our daughters.

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Abir recalls Mishti and says shall I call her to ask how is she, if I had a mobile, I would have messaged. Mishti thinks of Abir. Kunal and Bau ji think of Abir and Meenakshi. Kunal says I wish life was simple, Abir and mum always fight. Abir says sorry. They ask Abir to apologize to Meenakshi. Abir agrees and says you also have to agree to me. Meenakshi meets Parul. She apologizes to Parul. Parul says I know, we did this for Kunal, but what if Abir didn’t defend those girls…. Meenakshi says even then Mr. Parekh would have not broken the alliance, knowing the business deal between us will break.

Mishti and Kuhu get arguing and hitting jokes. Mishti says Mishti is very dangerous, she has filed police complaint, don’t know what would she do knowing about courtship. Kuhu says I heard you. Mishti says tell me what to do. Kuhu says this lady is very dangerous. Kuhu makes a profile on matrimonial website. She says I don’t know why you kept this condition, you may just get rejected like me, I m sure you made the rejection plan, at least your heart won’t break. Meenakshi plays sitar. Abir comes and apologizes. Bau ji/Yashpal comes to meet Maheshwari family. Bau ji apologizes. He says you are proud of your daughters, I m sorry on my daughter’s behalf, do come in Ketki’s haldi. Kunal comes and says I want to say something before you refuse. She says I know you all must be angry and upset, Ketki absconded, it means we had to meet in fate, Nanu is a proud person even then he is apologizing, I request you to accept our invitation.

Meenakshi says I m not scared to fall, since either of my sons will manage me. Abir apologizes. She says whatever you said, I didn’t feel bad for anything, whatever you think is truth, you say it, you think I did all this deliberately. She cries. He says we both are very different, we fight and taunt, but we love each other. She says my son has become so wise, I m proud, will you obey me, whenever you feel like, you can fight with me, but don’t leave me, promise me. They hug. Abir says I won’t go. She smiles.

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