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Sacred Relationships 7 February 2021 update: Kunal asking what’s happening here. Abir says you have to do Garba and welcome Ketki’s Sasural. Kunal says fine, I will try, promise you will tell me.

Mishti and Kuhu like renovated room and thank Varsha. Kuhu acts caring towards Mishti. Mishti says you are so lovely, you take care of me, your bedside is close to bathroom, she will wash her foot and climb on the bed. Jasmeet taunts Mishti.

Meenakshi shows the earring to Parul. Parul says I didn’t understand. Meenakshi says that phone call for Ketki. Parul says the girl who called her and brainwashed Ketki. Meenakshi says yes, ask me where I found this, Abeer’s wallet. Parul asks does he know her. Meenakshi says don’t know, those two girls were there, I have to find out who are those girls. Parul asks will Abir tell you. She says no, I will punish those girls, Ketki’s alliance would have broken, I will find them out. She sees Kunal and Abir happy.

Jasmeet says lets take a selfie. Varsha gives the trophy. Mishti and Kuhu smile. Varsha asks them to get ready for holika dahan. Varsha and Jasmeet go. Mishti and Kuhu end the sweetness drama and argue. Rajshri calls them out. Abir talks to servant and says everyone is afraid of Meenakshi. Servant says no, we respect her, she always helps in need. Kunal comes. Abir teases him. Kunal says I wanted to show you something. He shows the earring. Abir says you can see it, have you started to search my room like mom. Kunal says don’t act, tell me where you found it. Abir says so its mom’s order. Kunal says this girl was with Ketki in Kutch. Abir asks really. Kunal asks do you know her. Abir says not really, just think it belongs to your Bhabhi. Meenakshi looks on. Kunal says I m serious, whom goes it belong. Abir says I m also serious. Shaurya says Mishti and you won’t walk on burning coal, I will spread flowers under your foot. Mishti sees Shaurya and Kuhu. She recalls Naman. She looks for her earring. Varsha goes to call Rajshri.

Kunal asks is this really of Bhabhi. Meenakshi says I don’t like silly things. Abir says I don’t like serious things. Bau ji says come for holika. Everyone prays. Meenakshi says all the evil should get burnt, even someone’s memories. She throws the earring. Abir catches it. Abir says Ketki had come back because of this girl, we will return this to her, the puja is over, I m going to temple. He leaves. Ud chala….plays….

Mishti sees Naman demanding money from Rajshri. She hides and overhears their talk. Rajshri says I don’t want Mishti to see you, I have given you money, just go. Naman checks the money and says I will call for next instalment, did you see the selfie, my daughter is very emotional. He goes. Mishti gets shocked. Rajshri is tensed and joins the family. Naman says Rajshri gave me 5 lakhs without hesitation, a daughter is always father’s support, like my daughter. He wishes to get her wealth. Abir is at the temple. He wishes old pain and memories also burnt up on holi. He says I just hope no one is forced to live with evil and sins. He plays shank. He sits there and tells the holi story to the kids. He says evil had to lose, truth wins always. Mishti follows Naman and takes the money bag from him. Naman runs after Mishti. Abir gets a call and says I m coming home. Naman asks Abit to catch the thief, he has taken his bag.

Abir runs after Mishti. She rides a cycle and flees. She says you thought you can blackmail Rajshri for money, I won’t let you do this. She sees the police and hides. Abir catches her. She pushes him. He says its a violent thief. He stops her. She falls over him. He looks at her. She runs to take the bag. He says girls are going ahead in every field. He calls her out and shouts hey Chorni/thief, happy holi. He throws colors at her. He takes the bag from her. She says leave my bag. He looks at her. He says its bad to steal. She asks are you a teacher, a senior uncle, why are you lecturing me. He signs no. He says you are doing wrong, I won’t let you do wrong. She says what happened was wrong, I m just trying to fix it, leave it. She cries and leaves. Abir says I forgot to take sweets. Mishti comes home and enters the house. She prays that Rajshri and she never meet Naman. Abir thinks of her and smiles. Vishwamber ignites the holika and asks for Mishti. Mishti comes on time and says I was here. They burn holika. Mishti says lets burn all the evil today. She thinks of Naman.

Rajshri telling Devyaani about Mishti’s alliance. She says we will win when you come here. Devyaani says I will try, take care. Varsha says tilak rasam will happen from two sides, will Meenakshi feel bad if we give jewellery to Mishti. Mishti says nothing, I will explain her about my family’s emotions linked with jewellery. She hugs Rajshri. Vishwamber says Akshara got Naitik, Lord always makes pairings. Rajshri says yes, I wish Mishti and Kunal stay happy. Mishti thinks of Naira’s words.

Nidhi asks Nanu what is it. Nanu does a drama. Everyone laughs. Nanu says its an imp announcement of Kunal’s engagement. He doesn’t let Abir go. He asks Abir to plan Kunal’s engagement function. Everyone suggests songs. Nanu says songs should be romantic, none understands it better than Abir. Kunal says yes, Abir should perform. Nidhi says Kunal will get Abir and Mishti’s engagement done if he can. Abir looks at Nanu and says simple boys like Kunal get trapped in engagement thing, I m a free bird, I just love people. Nanu asks Abir to write romantic poetry for Kunal and Mishti, after all she is his friend. Everyone agrees. Abir says fine, I will write one, I can do anything for family. He goes. Nanu thinks I will turn your no into yes. Mishti thinks how to know if I m in love. Varsha asks her to sleep, else she will get dark circles. They laugh.

Mishti asks Varsha about her love marriage, was she nervous. Varsha says a lot, marriage makes you bond with entire family, I was sure that I will get equal love because of Shaurya. Mishti asks how did you understand that you love Shaurya. Varsha says many little things explained this to me, Shaurya knew my fav flowers, how to cheer me up, how to make bitter things sweet, he always supported me in tough time, trust me, your heart will tell you when these things happen, when he does the thing that’s in your heart. She goes. Mishti gets smiling. She gets Kunal’s call.

He asks her to meet tomorrow and then she will know it. Nanu hears him. Kunal calls Uma and asks her to confirm to doctor about Mishti’s eye surgery. Mishti says I didn’t think Kunal thinks so much for me, he takes care of me, will this decision be right. Its morning, Abir works out and thinks I can’t come between Mishti and Kunal, they both will be happy. Meenakshi thinks of Mishti. Nanu comes to Abir and acts ill. Meenakshi finishes playing sitar. She calls and asks someone to fix the meeting. She asks the jeweller to make necklace of the pearls. Kunal gets Mishti blindfold to the hospital.

She wears specs and looks around. She asks what’s all this. He says I got you here for your surgery, just a small surgery, then you won’t need to wear specs. Doctor says we will prepare for surgery. Mishti asks why surgery….. Nanu asks Abir to go and get water for him. Abir goes. Nanu asks nurse about the eye specialist. Nurse guides him. Abir gets water and says I will ask about doctor. Nanu says I know about my doctor, come. Abir takes him. Kunal asks is there any problem with surgery. Mishti says no, but I like glasses. Kunal says but I don’t like it, glasses don’t look good, see I m MD of my company, you are going to become my wife, you will travel with me and attend award functions, you have to give speech and interviews with media. Nanu asks Abir to check inside if doctor is there. He thinks I will see what Abir will do now, knowing Kunal and Mishti aren’t right for each other. Kunal throws Mishti’s glasses. Abir catches the specs and asks surgery?

Nanu looks on. Abir says glasses isn’t a problem. Kunal says we thought… Abir asks Mishti does she think the same. Kunal says I suggested and Mishti agreed, like she agreed to me before. Abir says don’t become her life’s Uma Patel, let her answer. He asks Mishti to say something. Kunal says bad joke. Abir says I m serious, I don’t think Mishti wants to get surgery done. Kunal says she can refuse to me, what are you doing here. He asks Mishti did she call him, doesn’t she trust him. Abir says its not about trust. Kunal says its only about trust. Mishti says I didn’t call Abir. She asks Abir why did she come here, its her eyes and surgery, its Kunal’s idea, why did he come here. Abir gets sad and says you are right, I have nothing to do with this. He goes. Nanu looks on. Kunal says how did I talk to Abir like this.

Mishti says Abir would feel bad, he understands me, he supports me, what could I do, if I didn’t say in between, both the brothers would have fought. Nurse comes to make her ready for the operation. She says no girl wants glasses and does this before marriage. Mishti gets sad and calls Kuhu. She says I m sorry. Kuhu says you should be sorry for everything. Mishti says you say I look boring, tell me, will I look less boring without specs. Kuhu says yes, but get more facial surgeries done, go and ask your fiance. Mishti says how shall I ask Kunal. Nanu stops Abir and says we came here for your pain, not mine, I came here to know your love for Mishti. Abir says Kunal is getting engaged to Mishti. Nanu asks do you love her or not. Abir says Kunal is my younger brother. Nanu says forget everything about the people and family, do you love Mishti or not. Abir says yes, I love her. Kunal hears him and asks what…. Abir and Nanu get shocked.

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