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Sacred Relationships 5 February 2021 update: starts with Kuhu dancing at a dhaba. Everyone claps for her. Mishti looks on. Kuhu asks the man to get all the dishes for her so that she knows what’s good.

The man asks what for this madam. Kuhu says she will first study, work hard and then think, after all she is a first bencher. Mishti says you last bencher. She plays music and ignores Kuhu’s taunts. She asks are you done. She checks the menu and says don’t know how is the fruit juice, what if there is no washroom on the way. She asks how is gujju pizza. The man says its good, not a groom, you can leave it if you don’t like. Kuhu says she will run. Mishti says I won’t, turtles walk slowly, but always wins. Kuhu makes Mishti fall and clicks pic. She says mock me again. She runs.

Someone plays sitar at Rajvansh sadan. Parul goes downstairs and tells Babuji that Ketki is nowhere. He asks her to stay calm, she will be at home. Ketki’s mum Nidhi comes running and says Ketki is missing, I went to wake her up and saw the pillows instead Ketki on the bed, I have been seeing bad omens since morning, what shall I do. Ketki’s dad Kaushal asks his son where is Ketki. Babuji says sitar has stopped. The lady comes home and says if you miss one note, the practice is left incomplete, why are you looking inside the house, Ketki has run away on the day of her engagement. She sees Ketki’s pic. Ketki says Fui would have got to know this by now, I will switch off my phone. Kunal is on the way. The lady calls him and says I can’t trust anyone else, what if alliance breaks, you are wise. He says alliance won’t break. She says I want Ketki at home before mahurat. He says I promise, I found where is Abir, we will… she says no, he likes to call his mum wrong, keep him away from this. He says I promise, Ketki will be home before 12. She asks him to drive carefully. Kunal goes to Kutch festival and asks a man for the route.

He calls Abir and says you can switch off your phone, but how will you switch off the phones of others. Abir clicks some pics. Ud chala….plays…. Kuhu taunts Mishti. Mishti says I will go and have some fresh air, you sit in crowd. She goes to get over the bus top. The lady Meenakshi says I m not going for morning walk. She scolds Nidhi. She opens the door. She sees the guests. Everyone greets her and says we have come for engagement early. Mishti sees someone clicking pics and gets down. Abir sees her and does shayari. He turns away. She comes near him and gets seated. The bus leaves. She holds his hand. He thinks when their hands got together, their bond is deep, who is she. His scarf flies over her face. He turns to see her. The man says the girl has saved the guy. Abir says I let someone hold my hand if she is good hearted. She says I have held hand just to support. She recalls her dad and says when our loved ones leave us, we don’t have a habit to hold hands. Abir also recalls his dad. Meenakshi asks Nidhi to welcome her daughter’s would be in-laws and groom. Kunal says where is Abir, we have to get Ketki home. Kuhu gives water to Ketki. Kuhu says you drank all the water, are you okay. Ketki says I have to go. Kuhu says I got the window seat, thank God. Abir dances on the music. Kunal drives the car on the same route. Kuhu sees him and smiles. She says he looked at me.

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Ketki says stop the bus, I have to get down the bus. The man says come back and sit. Kunal doesn’t see her. Kuhu says such a handsome guy. Kunal brings his car in front. The bus driver stops the bus. Ketki sees Kunal and worries. Mishti says some people don’t change. Abir says I did a mistake once. He sees Kunal and gets down the bus. Abir hugs Kunal. The driver asks them to move the car. Abir says I met my brother after 21 days, let us hug. Kunal says its serious, Ketki is missing, its her engagement today, mum is calling, she is in tension. Abir says that’s why Ketki has run way, check the app and find Ketki. Kunal says yes, why did I think of this. Ketki says my family will find me, help me, I don’t want to get married. Abir says we will get Ketki.

Kunal asks does Ketki have any BF. Ketki says no, I don’t want to marry, so I have run from home. Mishti says its a serious problem, you would have informed someone at home. Ketki says mom doesn’t have a say at home, I didn’t tell her, my brother Abir, I don’t know where he is. Kunal and Abir leave. Kunal says network is very slow. Ketki says if Abir was there, I would have not run away. Kuhu says we should help her in running away, I will handle this. Ketki says I wish I had sisters like you. Mishti and Kuhu say we are not sisters. Ketki asks Mishti to help her, what would she do if she was in her situation, would she get married, nobody will understand and help, I have to leave. They get down the bus. Ketki’s phone drops. Mishti picks it and sees her mum’s pic.

Nidhi is tensed. Meenakshi says Ketki went out with her brothers, they wanted to give her a surprise, now she will be all yours, come sit. She handles the guests. Kunal says Ketki has booked the tickets to Kutch utsav. Abir says that bus was going to Kutch utsav. He takes a u turn. Mishti says if I had run away, what about Badi Maa, she would have got hurt, I won’t let Ketki hurt anyone in her family. Kuhu says come with me, everyone will accept you, like they accepted Mishti. Mishti takes Ketki to talk. Meenakshi asks Parul not to leave Nidhi alone. Nidhi gets Ketki’s call. Meenakshi says I will make kesar milk for Jamai Raja. Babuji signs Kaushal and says I will just come. Mishti explains Ketki. The family members hear their talk on video call. Meenakshi says I will go and get her. Mishti says you asked me, what would I do, if my family wanted me to marry someone I don’t know, I would have not done this marriage and denied. Ketki asks should I deny this alliance.

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Mishti and Kuhu suggesting Ketki about the options she has. Nidhi says we will choose the first option, Ketki is right, she should come back, we shall refuse to the groom’s family. Groom’s mum comes and asks what’s happening. Parul says kesari milk for Samdhi ji. Meenakshi says I was scolding the children to come home soon, my son’s car broke down, I will go and pick my sons, you have breakfast, I will just come. Meenakshi sees Mishti’s earring by zooming in the pic. Mishti returns Ketki’s phone and says I had called your mum. Ketki asks what did you do, Fui can come here. Meenakshi comes to the Kutch utsav. Sne says only cowards and absconders leave the family, only family cares for the person’s good. Kuhu asks Ketki not to worry. Abir says don’t call mum here, don’t get an earthquake here, Ketki can’t tell anything in front of Big Ben. He doesn’t see his mum around.

Mishti asks Ketki to call her family. Kunal asks Abir to keep his phone. Meenakshi looks for Ketki. Ketki calls Nidhi and says sorry. Meenakshi answers the call. The phone gets off. Meenakshi calls Ketki from her phone. Ketki gets scared. Kunal and Abir look for Ketki.

Ketki asks Mishti why did you call my family, my family isn’t like yours, you are lucky, your parents might listen to me. Mishti cries thinking how her mum and dad left her. Abir comes there. He asks for Ketki. The man says this girl is in room number 10. Mishti says my parents and my family, you know them, they didn’t show any care for me. Abir stops and hears their conversation. Mishti says my mum got remarried, you have no idea how it feels to lose your family, how it feels to wait for your dad. Abir thinks I m also waiting for my dad. Mishti says you are lucky Ketki. Ketki says sorry, I didn’t know this. Kuhu comes and says its our performance now. Abir gets in. Kuhu takes Ketki with her by other door. Abir rushes and the door gets shut. Abir knocks and sees the other door getting shut as well. He shouts open the door. He calls Kunal. He messages Kunal. He hears Mishti crying.

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Abir pacifies her. He gives her a kerchief and says life is always strong, we should have strength. Kunal opens the door and gets in. He asks are you okay. Abir says I m fine. He asks Mishti to take care. He goes. Mishti gets ready for her performance. Abir says Ketki was here, she was talking to this girl, we shall ask her. He sees Mishti gone. Kunal says its fine, we will find Ketki. Abir gets his kerchief back and recalls Mishti’s words.

Mishti recalls Rajshri’s words and goes on the stage. Kuhu sings which song is Mishti going to sing. Mishti sings Kehta hai ye pal…… Kuhu cries and gets down the stage. Meenakshi comes to the same room and gets Mishti’s earring. Abir sees her and goes. Abir sees Mishti performing on the stage. She gets emotional and cries. Everyone claps for her. She goes aside. Kuhu says I hate her, she wants to snatch everything from me, we had to perform together, she took away all the applaud, we got a friend Ketki, we wanted to help her, but she came in between, I have saved Ketki. Meenakshi hears Kuhu. She goes on stage and calls out Ketki. Everyone looks on. Meenakshi asks Ketki to come to her soon. She says I m worried for you, Ketki come to me. Mishti looks for Ketki. Ketki recalls Mishti’s words and runs to Meenakshi. She hugs Meenakshi. Abir and Kunal smile. Everyone claps. Mishti smiles. Meenakshi asks Ketki is she fine. Mishti says Ketki is so lucky, her family is here to take her. Mishti cries and runs somewhere. Kuhu asks her to stop. She runs after Mishti.

Mishti says Badi Amma is my mum and dad now. Kuhu says I hate you, we selected the song and we had to perform, you changed the song and won by crying on stage, you are selfish, you came to my house and stole my family, I hate you, you are in my life just to hurt me. Mishti says I didn’t do this to hurt you. Kuhu says you always do this. Mishti says you don’t care for others. Kuhu asks why shall I think of you, just go away forever. She sees Naman. She says you have a chance, your dad is here, just go to him. Mishti gets shocked seeing Naman. Kuhu asks will you do to him. Mishti recalls her childhood.


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