Sacred Relationships Teasers February 2021 Starlife

Sacred Relationships February Teasers 2021: Kunal and Mishti make arrangements for the exhibition. Later, Abir hides Mishti’s portrait from Kunal, but a surprise awaits him.

Sacred Relationships Teasers star life

Sacred Relationships Teasers star life

Star Life Sacred Relationships Teasers February 2021

Sacred Relationships Friday 5 February 2021

Episode 1

Mishti and Kuhu are away into the Kutch Utsav. A chance encounter with Abir and Ketki provides their journey a brand new leadership.

Episode two

Ketki’s mom produces a scene in the Kutch Utsav while Mishti gets psychological during her period performance. Afterwards, Kuhu stains Mishti’s long-lost daddy.

Sacred Relationships Saturday 6 February 2021

Episode 3

Meenakshi admits the annulment of Ketki’s involvement after facing stiff resistance from Abeer. Afterwards, Abeer pranks Mishti if he places her in the temple.

Episode 4

Naman blackmails Rajeshri and threatens to shoot Mishti from her. Afterwards, Kuhu and Mishti’s dancing makes Varsha psychological.

Sacred Relationships Sunday 7 February 2021

Episode 5

A disguised Mishti snatches the money bag from Naman, which he swindled by blackmailing Rajeshri. Afterwards, Abeer bumps into her at an effort to face her.

Episode 6

The Maheshwaris and also the Raajvanshs strategy to Receive their children married. Meanwhile, the Naman decides to spoil the Maheshwaris’ Holi parties.

Sacred Relationships Monday 8 February 2021

Episode 7

Kunal behaves after drinking a cup of coffee. Afterwards, Naman covertly follows Mishti into the Holi celebration with a wicked plan in your mind.

Episode 8

Abeer and Mishti have fun playing Holi with one another. Afterwards, Rajshri shows the facts about Naman’s wicked actions to Vishambar.

Sacred Relationships Tuesday 9 February 2021

Episode 9

Abeer thrashes Naman in the celebration and labels him as a criminal. Afterwards, Vishambar along with his loved ones discover some shocking truths.

Episode 10

Abeer lectures Kunal about going and starting over. Afterwards, Mishti shares a moment with Abeer while Meenakshi calls for a family meeting.

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 10 February 2021

Episode 11

Kunal agrees to wed Kuhu while Rajshri recalls Naman’s activities during Holi celebration. Afterwards, Meenakshi finds a very important clue in Kuhu’s picture.

Episode 12

Vishambar is advised about Naman’s launch while Abeer supposes Meenakshi. Afterwards, she visits the Maheshwari’s and makes a shocking statement.

Sacred Relationships Thursday 11 February 2021

Episode 13

Abeer is heartbroken after studying that Meenakshi would like to have Mishti and Kunal wed. Meanwhile, an infuriated Kuhu vents her rage on Mishti.

Episode 14

Abeer apologises into Mishti after departing the Raajvansh mansion. Afterwards he carries her into the hospital once she meets with an crash.

Sacred Relationships Friday 12 February 2021

Episode 15

Abeer is worried about Mishti while Rajshri supposes Kunal is the main reason behind her well-being. Afterwards, he has suspicious seeing Naman in the hospital.

Episode 16

Meenakshi is shocked to find out that Kunal is at Gujarat while Mishti won’t feel Kunal saved her. Afterwards, Rajshri’s sudden decision baffles Kuhu.

Sacred Relationships Saturday 13 February 2021

Episode 17

Meenakshi tries her very best to monitor Kunal’s place while Kuhu Requires of Rajshri’s decision. Afterwards, Mishti and Abeer possess an wonderful paragliding experience.

Episode 18

Devyani affirms Rajshri’s choice while Mishti shares her worries with Kartik and Naira. Afterwards, the Maheshwaris battle to convince Mishti for union.

Sacred Relationships Sunday 14 February 2021

Episode 19

The Maheshwaris go to the Raajvanshs during Ketki’s sangeet service, leaving Meenakshi confused. Afterwards, Abeer is disheartened to find out that Mishti consented to wed Kunal.

Episode 20

Meenakshi understands a very important suggestion from Abeer’s area while Kuhu and he participate in a friendly dialog. Afterwards, the Raajvanshs and Maheshwaris possess a dance-off.

Sacred Relationships Monday 15 February 2021

Episode 21

The authorities are later Kuhu and Mishti while Meenakshi appears on with a smirk. Afterwards, Abeer finds a shocking fact about the episode.

Episode 22

Kuhu and Mishti are thrilled to Be Given a unique present from Vishambar. Afterwards, Yashpal and Kunal have a daring measure while Abeer apologises into Meenakshi.

Sacred Relationships Tuesday 16 February 2021

Episode 23

Mishti puts forth a state to Kunal afterwards he and Yashpal invite the Maheshwaris into Ketki’s haldi ceremony. Afterwards, Abeer and Mishti discuss a moment.

Episode 24

Meenakshi is mad to learn that Mishti would like to perform a marital courtship with Kunal. Afterwards, Rajshri Attempts to persuade Meenakshi during Ketki’s Haldi ceremony.

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 17 February 2021

Episode 25

Rajshri urges Mishti to lose her aims of having a conditional union while Meenakshi comes with an unusual tactic to prevent Kunal from accepting Mishti’s condition.

Episode 26

Kunal matches Kuhu to understand about Mishti’s worries while Abeer affirms her choice. Afterwards, Mishti suspects foul play when she places Ved.

Sacred Relationships Thursday 18 February 2021

Episode 27

While the Raajvanshs welcome Ved along with his family in the wedding, a tensed Mishti struggles to notify Abeer about Ved’s misdeeds.

Episode 28

Meenakshi locks Mishti at a space when she fails to establish her accusations. Afterwards, a disguised Mishti implements an ingenious strategy to expose Ved.

Sacred Relationships Friday 19 February 2021

Episode 29

Mishti ingeniously tricks Ved and exposes him in the front of the guests in the marriage. Afterwards, Meenakshi slaps him Abeer consoles Ketki.

Episode 30

The Maheshwaris are shattered to find out about Meenakshi’s conspiracy. Afterwards, the family faces her to get her misdeeds.

Sacred Relationships Saturday 20 February 2021

Episode 31

Mishti covertly meets Abir while Mrs Parekh stains them collectively. Afterwards, Mrs Parekh visits the Maheshwaris and creates a scene.

Episode 32

Vishambar stains Abir and Mishti collectively at midnight and gives him a stern warning. Afterwards, Meenakshi matches with an accident in the temple.

Sacred Relationships Sunday 21 February 2021

Episode 33

Meenakshi agrees to Mishti’s terms while the Maheshwaris are happy about her altered behavior. Afterwards, Abir saves Mishti out of a mishap.

Episode 34

Mishti matches Kunal to understand him better. But he requests her to match with his own secretary. Afterwards, Abir intends their date.

Sacred Relationships Monday 22 February 2021

Episode 35

Mishti and Kunal proceed to a date while Meenakshi sets her plan into action. Afterwards, Ketki gets blasted facing Abir along with others.

Episode 36

Mishti scolds Abir for combating Ved and injuring himself. Afterwards, she fantasises about Kunal afterwards she receives a bouquet from him.

Sacred Relationships Tuesday 23 February 2021

Episode 37

Mishti is excited about her meeting, oblivious that Kunal is the manager of the business. Afterwards, Meenakshi comes across a shocking truth.

Episode 38

Kunal asks Mishti to deny the job offer. Afterwards, Meenakshi faces Rajshri and Vishambhar for concealing the facts about Mishti’s individuality.

Sacred Relationships Wednesday 24 February 2021

Episode 39

Kuhu is thrilled after obtaining work in Kunal’s business while Meenakshi comes across a shocking truth. Afterwards, Mishti coincidentally visits Abir’s NGO to get a meeting.

Episode 40

Kuhu is excited about her first day in the workplace while Meenakshi matches Mishti and manipulates her. Afterwards, Abir finds himself in an embarrassing position.

Sacred Relationships Thursday 25 february 2021

Episode 41

Abir paints a magnificent image with his eyes shut. Afterwards, Meenakshi provokes Kunal from Mishti also creates a misunderstanding between them.

Episode 42

Meenakshi panics when a significant courier goes lost. Elsewhere, Abir attempts to pacify a worried Kunal.

Sacred Relationships Friday 26 February 2021

Episode 43

While Kunal attempts Abir’s aid to impress Mishti, the latter struggles to prevent her. Elsewhere, Meenakshi includes a plan.

Episode 44

Kunal and Mishti create arrangements for the display. Afterwards, Abir hides Mishti’s portrait in Kunal, but a surprise awaits him.


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