Sacred Relationships April Teasers 2021 Starlife

Sacred Relationships April Teasers 2021: Abir prepares Kunal’s favourite food with the hope to reconcile with him. Later, Kuhu overhears Abir’s conversation with Mishti and alerts Kunal.. Read Sacred Relationship April 2021 Teasers:

Sacred Relationships April Teasers 2021 Starlife

Sacred Relationships April Teasers 2021 Starlife

Starlife Sacred Relationships April 2021 Teasers

Thursday 1 April 2021

Episode 111

Abir promises to expose Meenakshi if Kunal does not reach the mandap on time. Later, Parul unravels a dark secret from the past.

Episode 112

Meenakshi blackmails Kunal into getting married. Later, Abir berates him for his cowardice while the marriage procession arrives at the Maheshwari Mansion.

Friday 2 April 2021

Episode 113

As the Jaymala ritual commences, Mishti prepares to board a flight. Elsewhere, Kunal is furious while Abir rushes to the airport on horseback.

Episode 114

Mishti and Abir confess their love while Kunal threatens Meenakshi of dire consequences. Later, an inauspicious event halts the wedding.

Saturday 3 April 2021

Episode 115

Abir brings Mishti to the wedding, leaving Kunal infuriated. Later, she is startled when Kunal whispers something shocking into her ears before Kuhu’s Vidaai.

Episode 116

Vishambhar makes an unexpected announcement regarding Mishti while Rajshri asks her for a favour. Later, Kuhu feels shattered when Kunal does the unthinkable during their first night.

Sunday 4 April 2021

Episode 117

While Mishti gets into a silly banter with Abir, Kuhu blames her for all her miseries.Later, the family prepares for the paghphera ritual.

Episode 118

Mishti and Abir get romantic while Kunal orders Kuhu to tell the truth about their marriage to her family. Later, Mishti gets worried on seeing a dejected Kuhu.

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Monday 5 April 2021

Episode 119

Kuhu leaves Mishti teary-eyed for interfering in her life while Varsha confronts Kuhu about her marriage. Later, Mishti cancels her date with Abir.

Episode 120

Mishti is taken aback by Abir’s romantic surprise while Kuhu threatens to spread rumours about Kunal. Later, Abir has a unique challenge for Mishti.

Tuesday 6 April 2021

Episode 121

Abir wants Mishti to propose to him in front of the family. Later, she gets suspicious of Kunal and Kuhu’s relationship.

Episode 122

Abir and Mishti compete in a dance off against Kunal and Kuhu. Later, Kuhu gets jealous of them while Meenakshi threatens Mishti.

Wednesday 7 April 2021

Episode 123

Mishti proposes to Abir during the matki tod competition. Later, Kunal plans for a divorce when Kuhu’s jealousy paves the way for a deadly mishap.

Episode 124

Abir struggles to contact Mishti while Kunal and Kuhu get into an argument. Later, Abir and Mishti share a romantic moment.

Thursday 8 April 2021

Episode 125

Abir and Mishti spend some pleasant time together. Later, he tries to tell her the truth about Kunal after witnessing a shocking scene in the latter’s room.

Episode 126

Kunal decides to do the unthinkable after talking to his lawyer. Later, an unaware Abir hatches a brilliant plan to get Kuhu and Kunal to go on their honeymoon.

Friday 9 April 2021

Episode 127

A disguised Abir and Mishti get romantic while Meenakshi warns a stranger to stay away from him. Later, the Raajvansh’s celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi.

Episode 128

Mishti is baffled to spot Meenakshi in Mumbai while Kuhu confronts Kunal about his odd behaviour. Later, Abir and Mishti share a romantic moment in his room.

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Saturday 10 April 2021

Episode 129

Mishti plans a romantic surprise for Abir on the occasion of Ganesh Puja. Abir’s stunt lands him in danger while Kunal berates Mishti.

Episode 130

Abir is in a dilemma after Kunal asks him to do the unthinkable. Later, Mishti tries to help Abir while Meenakshi experiences a dreadful feeling.

Sunday 11 April 2021

Episode 131

Abir and Mishti risk their lives to save a stranger from drowning. Elsewhere, Kunal saves Meenakshi from an accident and gets into an argument with Kuhu.

Episode 132

Meenakshi accuses Parul of causing Kunal pain. Elsewhere, Kuhu overhears his shocking conversation while Vishambar surprises Rajshri with a golden necklace.


More of Sacred Relationships Teasers April 2021 to be updated..

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