Sacred Relationship Update Sunday 18th July 2021

Sacred Relationship 18 July 2021 Update Starlife:  starts with Anjali coming to the ashram and seeing some women standing in a group looking upset. She gets tensed and gets the courage to go ahead and see what are they watching. She smiles seeing her dad fine and playing. Tears roll down her eyes. Astha comes after Anjali. Everyone clap for him. Anjali comes to him and hugs him crying. Astha too cries seeing her. Anjali’s mum comes and sees her. Anjali says forgive me dad, I did a big mistake. She says no one does this even with their enemy, I m sorry. He says enough dear, look at your mum. Her mum opens her arms for Anjali. Anjali says aai and runs to hug her.

She says I did wrong with you. Anjali unites with her parents. Her mum asks her not to cry. Her dad says we don’t have any complaint with you. Her mum says yes, we know what you did, it was not your mistake. She says if we don’t understand you, then who will understand, you had to choose your life or us. We are proud of you what you did. We have lived our life, but you have your life to spend with your children, you did not do wrong choosing them, we are happy in your happiness, we don’t need anything else. Anjali looks at her mum crying.


Her mum says we knew the day who will turn your face from that house, your life will fall apart, you are thread which have united that house, the day you don’t support them, everything will be ruined. Her dad says don’t worry about us, this ashram is our family, now we are not worried about you, as we know there is someone in that house to worry about you. Her mum says your bahu is very nice, we saw a dream in her eyes which will give you strength to live your life, we want you to come to meet us sometimes. Anjali says do you have any problem here. Her mum says how can we have any problem in Astha’s presence. She takes Anjali with her as she made her fav food. Anjali smiles.

Later on, Astha watches tv in her room. Anjali comes to her. Astha asks where did you go, I tried finding you, how can you go without telling anyone, you are doing many mistakes, follow the house rules. Anjali holds her ears and says you are thinking you are my Aai. Why did you lie to me that my parents are ill. Astha says it was my filmi acting, did you like it meeting them. Anjali smiles and hugs her. Sojal sees this and thinks Lord tell me what did I do that Anjali does not love me. Astha says sorry, I sacred you, but what to do, you are so stubborn, I did this to make you go there.

Astha says you complicate the situation, you don’t agree to me, so I have to do the drama to make you do what I say, so from now on agree to me. Astha laughs. Anjali sees Sojal and asks her to come in. She says I need to talk to you, you both have to make Vat Savitri Vratt and be without water. Astha says I heard some people have fruits, why. Sojal taunts her. Astha says I can’t stay without eating. Anjali says if we love our husband and want him in every birth, then a wife can keep this fast by heart. Astha asks do you keep it. Anjali says yes.

Anjali asks them to go and do arrangements for ouja. She says I got new clothes for you both, have dinner soon, as you have to apply mahendi too. Astha says it will be fun and smiles.

The girls apply mahendi to Astha and Sojal. Jyoti comes there and smiles seeing them. Astha says see this, its so good, you can get it applied. Jyoti says no, I m fine. Astha insists and Jyoti agrees. Sojal asks how will you keep Vrath in this state. Astha says I did not ask her to make the Vrath. Sojal talks about Abhay and Jyoti’s mood spoils. She says I won’t keep this vrath as I don’t want Abhay as my husband in my next birth, he should not be any girl’s husband. Niranjan hears this and is shocked.

Shlok says Jyoti is right, Abhay does not deserve this and he won’t change, go and take rest. Jyoti leaves. Anjali sees Niranjan and leaves. Astha tells Shlok that she kept Vrath for him and she needs a gift. He says you want bribe, fine, come with me, I will give you gift. He teases her and leaves smiling. Sojal thinks Varad does not come close to me, everyone is romancing except us. Astha feels hungry and says I will have some fruits. He says cool. She asks how. He leaves. She waits for him. Music plays………..

She says how will I stay without food. He brings fruits for her and says have it as much as you want. She says I can eat only till 12am. She says I can’t have breakfast, lunch, not even water, my life is full of struggle. He says eat it fast. She shows him the mahendi. He makes her eat while being busy on phone. She takes the spoon and says I will have it. He sees her and says stop, its 12 now. He laughs on her. He says you are so funny. She says you will know when you have to keep the fast. He says you love me tahts enough for me. She says I m doing this as I love you.

Ajju and Kalindi have a talk about Avdhoot. Sid comes to meet them and they get tensed as Avdhoot did not go to office today. Sid brings sweets for them and asks Ajju to fix a meeting with Jyoti. He makes them have sweets. Ajju says don’t take Jyoti’s name, don’t tell Avdhoot about this. He says why, I love her, not any crime, whats wrong, I will shout and tell the world that I love Jyoti. Avdhoot comes and says its wrong. Sid looks at him.

Avdhoot says your love for Jyoti is wrong. She is married and its wrong to love a married girl. Sid says but Kaka. Avdhoot says not any word more, I know you dream to change the world, don’t you worry about our two families, will Jyoti’s family agree, and you call Astha Taai, she is their bahu, you won’t feel good if they end their relation with Astha because of you, this should not happen, if this happen, I won’t bear this. It will be good for everyone that you forget Jyoti. Sid says but Kaka…… Avdhoot says there is nothing to talk now. He leaves.

Sid gets upset. Ajju asks him not to worry as they will explain Avdhoot, Jyoti should get a good guy for her. Kalindi says we understand. Sid gets tears in his eyes and says Kaka is not wrong, I don’t want Astha to get into problem because of me, I love Jyoti a lot, but I m not so selfish to risk Astha’s relations. Ajju says don’t worry, she is brave and she knows about you and Jyoti, she supports you. She is a tigress, you don’t worry. Sid hugs her saying thanks, I love you Ajju.

Anjali serves breakfast to Niranjan. Shlok comes and says I have a meeting with Ravi, I will come late. Astha makes him sit and asks him to have food, then they have to go for puja. Shlok says I m not hungry. Astha says have some. Astha asks did you keep fast for me. Niranjan is shocked.

Astha asking Shlok did he keep fast for her. Niranjan is shocked. Shlok does not answer and leaves. Anjali scolds Astha and says what did he do, you know men don’t keep fast for wives, go and ask him to have food. Astha says but I like it. Anjali says you should be ashamed to say this infront of elders. She says go and explain her, he can’t stay hungry, you are a girl and should learn this. Astha say fine, relax and leaves. Anjali scolds Sojal. Astha comes to the room to talk to Shlok. He asks what happened, why is your mood off. She says nothing, no one likes here that you kept fast for me, break it now, I felt good though.

He holds her hand and says come here, so that I can break my fast. She says leave me. He says my fast can break in two conditions, so……… She says no Shlok, don’t be hungry for whole day, Anjali said you can’t stay hungry. He says even you are the same, I want us to realize each other we love each other. She hugs him and says I love you a lot. Sajna ve………..plays…………. Anjali calls her for puja and she says leave me, I have to go. She says you kept fast for me, so you will have to do the puja too, show me doing it. She leaves. Shlok says if he dares to love, then puja is very easy.


Anjali, Sojal and Astha come to the temple to do the puja. Anjali teaches Astha what to do in steps. They tie the thread around the tree and pray. Shlok comes there with Kavya. Eveyrone is surprised to see him. Shlok says Kavya was crying, so I brought her here. Sojal says fine, take our pic. Anjali says Sojal and signs no. Anjali asks Astha to apply Kumkum to other married women. Shlok comes and takes Astha with her. She asks why did you bring me here. He says I will also do the puja. She says no, people will joke on you and I won’t like you anyone making fun of you. He says I don’t care and ties a thread to her.

She asks why are you doing this. He says as you want me to be your husband in 7 births, I also want the same. Mahiya…………plays……….. Astha gets tears in her eyes. He takes her rounds and ties the thread around her. Maine khudko tujhme tujhko mujhe karliya hai shamil……………….. mai tha adhura paa tujhko hogaya hai kaamil……….. tu hi mera hosh hosh bhi, tu hi meri bekhudi…. She thinks of his love. Astha is unable to control her happiness and it flows by her eyes. Anjali sees them and wishes the Lord to always bless them and their love should always be strong. Anjali smiles. Shlok wipes Astha’s tears. He applies Kumkum to her. Astha hugs Shlok and smiles.

Anjali smiles seeing baby clothes. Niranjan comes and is angry seeing her. He asks what are you doing. She says these are our children’s clothes. She says it looks like its yesterday, their first smile, their first step, their calling us Aai Baba. Niranjan asks why are you thinking about it now, but in present, do you know your weakness, your children are taking their decisions. She asks what do you mean, did anything happen. He says my son Shlok, whom I thought is my shadow, has kept a fast for his wife. Since when has men started to keep fast. She says I asked her to explain Shlok. He says did it change anything, no, you are living my past and slipping off present.

He throws the clothes out of the window. He says I told you many times, to control Astha, make her like you, she is coloring Shlok in her love, come out of past and manage this house. He says I don’t want to see these memories again. Anjali cries and says these clothes had our memories of our children, you have thrown it, if anyone sees this. He says no one should see this, it should be burnt. Anjali is shocked. Astha sees the baby clothes and picks it up. She says its so cute. He says go and burn it, I don’t have any interest in their childhood, I want their future to be according to my rules.

He leaves. Anjali goes out and takes the clothes. Astha says tell me you made this sweaters, I have to show this to Jyoti. Astha snatches it from her hand and runs. Anjali says she does what she thinks, and goes after her. Varad gets a call and is stunned. He says we talk about work, I thought she will be bored, so I did not bring her. He ends the call, and thinks what to do, how to take Sojal, but I don’t have any choice, I just hope that she makes my position awkward, I will make it clear.

Astha shows the clothes to Jyoti. Jyoti says its very beautiful, did you make it. Astha says no, Anjali made this for your daughter. Jyoti says no, she can’t do this. Astha takes Anjali’s side and says I m sure she has made this with love, see its so cute, she is eagerly waiting for your daughter. She says I will keep this with me. Anjali smiles hearing their talk. Jyoti says don’t make me dream, as I will be hurt when it breaks. Anjali thinks I did not know when my children went far from me, but the day your daughter wears the clothes I made, that day will be the happiest one for me. Anjali leaves.

Astha says Anjali is not bad, try to understand her, you are her daughter. Jyoti says no, I don’t want to understand. Sojal scolds Kavya and says you are becoming Jhalli like Astha. Varad comes to her and says I need to talk to you. She complains about Kavya. He sends Kavya out. He says we have to go on business dinner tonight. Sojal is very excited and says my days are changing, will you do business or dinner. He explains her. She says I don’t have new saree and jewellery. He says make sure its simple and elegant, and behave there as I say, inform Anjali about this. Sojal smiles.

Astha comes in the kitchen and asks this tiffin is for whom. Anjali asks her to go to ashram as she made kheer for her parents. Astha says but they will be happy if you go. Anjali says no, I can’t go, give this big tiffin tto everyone and this one for my parents. Astha kisses her and says I will take it, you are so sweet. Kalindi calls Astha and says I was waiting for your call. Astha says sorry, I forgot, happy marriage anniversary. Kalindi invites the family for dinner. Astha tells this to Anjali. Anjali says everyone can’t go, you and Shlok go. Astha tells this to Kalindi. Anjali asks Astha to buy a nice gift for her parents. Astha leaves. Anjali says Astha you are the life of this house, keep smiling always.

Sojal deciding what to wear in the business dinner. Jaya calls her and says you forgot me. Sojal says she is busy, as she has to go on dinner with Varad. Jaya asks how did this happen, is he fine. Sojal says you should be happy that he is taking me out. Jaya says yes, I m happy, show this to Astha, that you can also go with your husband, will Anjali let you go. Sojal says things have changed here, when I asked her, she said yes. Jaya says its good you are going, Keep Varad happy so that he can take you out again. Sojal says done, let me go now, bye. She ends the call. Astha comes to Shlok and asks him to come home soon, as they have to buy a cake and go for dinner. It’s a special gift, we have to buy a gift as its my parent’s anniversary. He says fine, I will come.

She says I will make the cake and leaves. Sid cries thinking about Avdhoot’s words that its wrong to love a married woman Jyoti, and this can risk Astha’s future too. He says Ajju, I know you want to see me happy, so you have supported me, but I can’t be selfish, Astha did not think about herself, she is supporting me for me, I did not think about her, Kaka is right, Jyoti is Niranjan Agnihotri’s daughter, if he knows Astha is supporting me, he will be angry, one side there is my love whom I want to give happiness and other side my sister who is supporting me, risking her life.

Shlok comes to Niranjan in his cabin and says I will leave now. Niranjan says fine. Shlok says I will be late at night, its Astha’s parents’ anniversary. Niranjan asks him to buy a gift. Shlok says I told Astha I won’t buy. Niranjan says she will take it, but I will take it from your side. Shlok thanks him calling him world’s best dad. Niranjan asks him to go home and get ready. Shlok leaves. Niranjan makes an angry face and thinks. Sid thinks about Jyoti and cries.

Renuka comes to him and asks him why is he upset. He says nothing. She says I brought juice for you, have it. He says I don’t want. She leaves. Sid says I m sorry Jyoti, I can’t risk Astha’s happiness for us. Varad comes and sees Sojal heavily dressed. He asks whats this. She says you said I have to look pretty, and people should know how expensive jewels I have. Varad brings a necklace and says wear this. She says this, its thin than a rope, I won’t. He says this is diamond necklace, its very costly. She changes the jewellery. She thinks Varad does not know fashion, people should know what I m wearing.

She keeps the other necklace and thinks I will wear it there. Varad gets a call and says yes, we are coming. Varad says Sojal, be careful, don’t talk much, answer with love, and don’t talk about family, as no one will be interested, keep a smile on face. She says do you think I m stupid, I know how to talk to people. He says I know, but I m just saying, be quiet, I know its tough for you, but try. He says hold this, its champagne. She says what? Can we gift this. He says Sojal… and leaves. She says wait and goes after him.

Sid comes to meet Ajju. She says the world has not ended, you have your whole life, and we are with you, don’t worry, trust Bappa, think he is testing you, leave it on him. Sid says but Astha…… Ajju says don’t worry about her, she will manage. Sid smiles. Varad and Sojal come in the business party. He asks the champagne bottle. She says I forgot in the car. Varad introduces Sojal to everyone. The guy asks Varad to come for an important discussion. His wife takes Sojal and introduces her friends. She asks time to have a talk.

Sojal thinks no one is wearing heavy jewels, but look at her, she is wearing such a heavy one. The lady praises Sojal’s diamond necklace. The lady says she like platinum. Sojal says I like gold and shows her gold set. The lady says its beautiful but do you carry jewellery in purse. Sojal changes her set and says my husband made me wear this, its so think, he said its elegant. Sojal talks to her about her jewellery and is shocked knowing its of 25 lakhs. She says the designers fool us, come with me to Laxmi road, they will make this for half the price. Varad looks on.

He asks Sojal to come. The lady says your wife is so sweet, she is very innocent, you are so rich and you make the jewellery from Laxmi road. Varad says my wife feels even small shops should get a chance. Sojal says no, I go there to get things for cheap. Varad says come with me. He says I told you to be quie,t why don’t you understand, why did you change the necklace. She says they liked it. He says I m requesting you, please be quiet. They call them for dinner. Sojal is new to spoon and fork. She asks Varad what is this food, how can I eat this, its so dry. Varad says have it quietly. She says fine.

She eats it and says it has less salt. The lady says no, its perfect. Sojal says no. The lady says its first time someone criticized my pasta. Sojal gives her odd suggestions. Varad says just eat, its very nice. They ask Varad to show Sojal the life of the world, she is so innocent, this is what happens when you keep your wife at home, she is so simple, how do you manage your married life. Varad says opposite attracts. Kalindi says I made Shlok and Astha’s fav food. Avdhoot says I thought it will be my fav as its my anniversary. He laughs.

Ajju says see Astha, she is very naughty. He says I m waiting for her, I met her many days before. Kalindi says yes, I miss her. Ajju says don’t get emotional, she will come. Kalindi says she will take out new dinner set. Avdhoot says no one values me here. Ajju says don’t tease my bahu. He says why, its my right. This small happiness passes the lifetime well. Shlok hugs Astha. Astha says thanks for coming soon. He says don’t say thanks like this, say it by…….. She says stop it, we are getting late. He says I m their son in law, wait for me.


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