Sacred Relationship Update Saturday 17th July 2021

Sacred Relationship Saturday 17 July 2021 Update Starlife:  The Episode starts with Niranjan asking Anjali is she regretting. He says I told you to walk on the hot stairs in the temple so that you can know how much you insulted me remembering your parents, you and Astha will be punished strictly. She says I will surely regret. He says I feel the fate is playing the same game, like history is repeating itself. There was a time when you had to choose between your parents and husband and you chose me, your decision is right, same time came now when Shlok has to choose between me and Astha, he chose me and his decision was right. He says let it be anyone, no one can go against me.

He says everyone will choose me in this house, either by their wish or mine, you all are helpless and can’t think to go against me, else if Astha thinks, then understand she will be ruined. Anjali says I will go to the temple today, no one will doubt. He says Do the Jaap that you won’t remember your parents even if they die infront of you, you will turn your face. Anjali says fine. He leaves.

Sojal comes in the room and sees her sarees all over. She sees Kavya wearing one and smiling seeing herself in the mirror. She asks why did you wear this. Kavya says I want to become like Chachi. Sojal says you have a beautiful mum and you want to become like her. She gives her a new doll and sends her. Sojal says I have to do something soon else I will lose Kavya. Astha asks where is Anjali going. Anjali says temple. Astha says I will also come. Anjali says no, and leaves. Astha says she will go after her, I won’ let you regret for what mistake you did not do, I care for you, I won’t let your feet get burnt.

Shlok asks Astha where is she going. Astha says temple. He says come with me to office. She says I have to do this things till one year of marriage, so you go. He says fine, I will drop you in 10 mins. Avdhoot comes home. Kalindi is glad seeing him and asks how was your seminar. He says good. He says I missed your hand made tea in this one week, please make it. Kalindi says I will bring it. Astha asks Shlok to hurry up and pulls him. He says are you mad. She says the puja will start in 5 mins. He says fine, see how I drop you in 5mins.

Astha wishes she reaches there before Anjali. They leave for the temple. Kalindi brings tea/ He asks why is she looking so happy. She says our Sid loves Jyoti. He is shocked. He says are you in your senses, how can you be happy, Jyoti is married and Sid loving her is not good, Jyoti is pregnant and the big thing is she is Niranjan’s daughter, I m scared to think so, don’t you know Niranjan and Anjali’s mindset. He says they will never agree for this, if they know this, we don’t know what can they do with Jyoti.

Kalindi says I thought you won’t have any problem with this and we will support Jyoti. He says it’s a big thing, it can affect Astha. He says Sid has to stay away from Jyoti, it will be good for him and us. Kalindi gets tensed.Kavya tells Sojal that Astha went to temple with Shlok. Sojal says she might have went with Anjali, they are making a good team these days, I m fed up of Astha. She says she will cook for Kavya.

Astha thanks Shlok. He says I should get something as I brought you here in 5mins. She smiles and gives him a kiss. Shlok leaves. Astha reaches before Anjali and finds the stairs very hot. Anjali comes there. She walks barefoot. Astha talks to the pandit. He says why people do this to serve Lord and themselves. Astha asks him can I do anything for them. He says sure. Anjali finds of Niranjan’s words and finds hard to climb the hot stairs.

Anjali is shocked to see water flowing and then sees Astha throwing water on the stairs. Some people bless Astha. The pandit also praises Astha. Anjali comes to Astha and says you are stopping me from regretting. Astha says no, I also vowed that I will cool down the feet of the people, I m happy. She says I will not let any pain reach you. Anjali smiles and kisses her forehead. They do the puja. Anjali says I want to do the puja on my parents name. He asks are they alive or………. She says I don’t know, just do the puja for their peace and happiness.

Astha prays for Anjali to get her parents. Anjali sees her parents sitting as beggars in the temple. She is shocked. Astha too identifies them. Anjali sees her bad state and gets tears in her eyes. Her mum cries. Anjali runs from them and cries. She says this can’t happen. Anjali’s dad says lets go from here Lata before anyone kick us out from here, lets go far. Astha asks Anjali to stop her parents, where will they go, you wanted to know where are they, now you know they are here. Anjali says let them go.

Astha says what, this is Lord’s miracle that you got them here, how can you let them go. She says stop them. Anjali says what can I do, tell me. Astha looks on.

Astha asking Anjali to stop her parents, they are going. Anjali says what can I do, tell me look at me, I just remembered them and I m doing regretting, if Niranjan knows I met them, he will not leave them, they are bearing all this because of me. I want to see them alive, I m happy that they are alive, I m helpless, I can’t take their life, its good if I let them go their way, and I have to follow Niranjan’s way. Astha says but…….. Anjali leaves crying. Shlok misses Astha and says your puja might have ended by now, now my time starts. He gets Astha’s number switched off and wonders why.

He says I m sure, his social worker might be helping anyone or doing any work. He says fine, I will think of something else. Sojal thinks its more than one hour, why did Anjali and Astha not come back, they could have taken me too. Anjali comes home. Sojal says you should have taken me too, what happened, why are your eyes red. Anjali scolds her asking her to mind her own life. Jyoti comes there. Anjali asks where are you going. Jyoti asks why, I don’t need to answer you.

Anjali says you have to answer me till you are in my house, its not good for you to go out in sun, go and take rest. Jyoti tells Sojal that her medicines have ended and she is going to bring it. Sojal says shall I come with you. Anjali says ask any maid to go, or tell your brothers or tell Sojal. Jyoti says someone told me to do my work on my own and not expect from anyone else, don’t worry, I will go myself. She says I m not the first woman in the world who is pregnant and alone. She leaves. Anjali takes the juice glass from Sojal’s hand and goes after Jyoti. Sojal says she always scolds me, its good Jyoti taunted her.

Ajju thinks to call Sid, he should have thanked me, as I did his work. She calls Sid and says I made you meet Jyoti, where is my sweets, I want 1kg Kaju katli. He smiles and says I will bring 2 kgs. Avdhoot hears Ajju talking. She asks when did you come. He says did Jyoti come, you are doing this wrong to bring them closer, don’t you know the result, she is Jyoti Agnihotri, if anything happens, then Astha has to bear everything, I explained Kalindi too, don’t do anything that Astha gets into trouble. Ajju says but Astha knows everything. He says what? She knows this? But she does first and thinks later, but you can explain her.

He says its wrong to think to unite Sid and Jyoti, for them and their families, if our Astha gets hurt in this, I can’t bear it. He leaves. Ajju says how to explain him. Shlok thinks to go home and give a surprise to Astha. Niranjan meets him. Shlok says come with me home and take rest. Niranjan says you go, I will come later. Shlok says my meetings got over so I was going, but tell me is there any work. Niranjan says yes, I need your suggestions on courses. Shlok says fine, lets go to my cabin and talk.

Varad and Sid come home and see Jyoti going out to bring medicines and she is feeling unwell at home. Sid says I will bring it, tell me. Varad gives him money. Jyoti gives him the list. Music plays………….Sid smiles and leaves. Anjali calls Astha and says why is her phone not connecting, where is she, if she brings my parents home, I can’t trust her. Anjali sees Jyoti and Varad asks Jyoti to take rest. She asks Varad to explain Jyoti to agree with her, else she will lock her in room. Varad laughs and leaves. Astha comes and Anjali scolds her too.

Jyoti says you can’t scold anyone and laughs. She leaves. Anjali asks Astha where was she. Astha does not answer her and leaves. Anjali thinks she surely did something. Astha comes to her room and sees Anjali coming. Anjali asks Astha where was she as she came 1 hour 25 mins late. Astha makes excuses and says she did some shopping. Anjali says show me. Astha says its so costly, I did not buy anything. Anjali leaves. Astha says my cutie Aai, if Lord gave us too many emotions, sometimes we should express it, till you ask me about your parents, I won’t tell you, you are not a stone to see them begging, you could have taken them somewhere else, I know you are helpless because of Niranjan.

Shlok looks at the watch. Niranjan sees him. Astha calls Shlok and he says where are you. Astha says my phone had some problem, when are you coming. Shlok says I will come after my work. She asks when. He ends the call seeing Niranjan. Niranjan asks Shlok to leave. Shlok says you. Niranjan says I have some work. Shlok asks I will go with you, come with me, I will wait outside. Shlok leaves. Niranjan thinks its not good for Shlok to be so close to Astha.

Kalindi talks to Ajju and says I was afraid about Avdhoot’s reaction. Ajju says he is right, we did not think about Astha, thinking about Jyoti, give him some time then he will also agree. Sid comes home and meets them. He brings a DVD for Ajju with has old shows. Ajju thanks him. Sid says what thanks, is everything fine. Avdhoot looks at him. Sid asks when did you come, how are you. Avdhoot says I m fine and leaves making a annoyed face. Sid asks Kalindi what happened. He asks is Kaka annoyed with me. Kalindi says no, he is tired and went to rest. Sid says I have a meeting and leaves.

Ajju says Kalindi why did you lie to Sid. Kalindi says I did not feel right to tell him now, he will be upset, we have to find the solution that it hurts no one. Ajju says yes, we will tell him when right time comes, but we have to explain Avdhoot. Anjali says I know Astha kept my parents somewhere, she won’t tell me, she wants me to express my feelings. Astha comes and hugs her asking her what to cook. Anjali says you did all this, cook anything go. Astha says you can taunt me if you have fun. Astha says our good days are coming. Niranjan comes with Shlok.

He looks at Astha and Anjali. They become quiet seeing him. He leaves. Shlok talks to Astha. He says bring tea for me. She says ok baby. He stops and smiles. She runs. Its night, Niranjan asks Anjali is she going to temple, I hope you regretted with devotion. She says yes. He says I have meeting at 8m, do the arrangements, I hate to be late. He asks why does Astha not be busy, it looks she spends her time in talking to my son Shlok, increase her work so that she can’t give him time. She says fine, I will make her busy from tomorrow. He says fine, else you know me. He goes to sleep. Anjali thinks she has to be careful that Astha does not do any work that Niranjan sees her, I can’t see anything bad happening to her, Astha did not tell me anything about my parents.

Shlok getting ready. Astha brings tea for him and asks what is he doing, is he going somewhere. He says not me, we are going. She asks where. He asks her to get ready as they will go on a romantic dinner date. She says fine, I will tell Anjali. He stops her and asks her to get ready fast. She thinks she will shock him with her beauty. Shlok waits for her. Astha comes back having a bath and dries her hair. He looks at her. He gets closer to her. She says what are you doing, let me get ready. He kisses her. Mahiya………….plays………….

She smiles and makes him sit. Maine khudko tujhme……….. plays………….. Astha gets ready. Shlok smiles seeing her. He holds her and her Kajal goes wrong. He laughs and says you are looking a ghost and really shocked me. She says I won’t talk to you, I m looking so bad. He says I like you in every look. She asks even like this. He says yes and corrects her Kajal. Tu hi mera hosh bhi……………plays…………

Its morning, Astha acts like Anjali and says I feel she will come and say this. Anjali comes and says the same. Astha laughs. Anjali asks why are you laughing. Astha says as you say saying what I thought. Anjali says Niranjan has to go to office soon. Astha says what are you trying to say, ask me what you want to ask. Anjali says stay away from Niranjan, its not easy to win over him. Astha says do you have any other fear. Anjali says if you understand this, then beware. I love you and Shlok a lot, I know he does not talk to me, but I don’t want to lose him and you, I fear…….. Astha asks what. Anjali asks where are my parents.

Astha smiles and says why do you want to know, do you want to know. Anjali says no. Astha says then don’t ask, your husband will be late, I will give him food. Astha comes in the kitchen. Sojal thinks to ask her why did she go in the temple and asks about puja. Astha says I felt like going, so I went, the puja was good. Astha thinks everyone is after me, I have many secrets. Sojal says I understand, you are not like you look, there is something, as you went after Anjali, what was there.

Niranjan asks about Shlok. Astha says he is sleeping, if you say, I will wake him up. He says did he not tell he has a meeting. Astha says no, he did not. Niranjan gets a call and says I m coming, I will come on time. Anjali asks him to have food. He says I had enough, don’t force me, tell Shlok that I called to office immediately. He leaves. Anjali asks how did you not know about Shlok’s meeting. Astha says Shlok did not tell me. Anjali says wake him up soon, he has to go, its first time Shlok did not go with Niranjan. Astha goes to the room. Niranjan thinks this is not right, it’s a big thing, I have to stop this, Astha you are just air, which wants to fight with wind, you don’t know wind ruins everything.

Astha comes to wake up Shlok and says he is sleeping so cutely that I don’t wish to wake him up, but have to. She asks Shlok to wake up. He says do you want to romance in morning, I have to sleep. She says you had a meeting with Niranjan, he got angry and left. Shlok gets up stunned and asks why did you not wake me up. She says did you tell me anything. He says I had to go with him, I did not even make the presentation. She says relax, I will make, you get ready. He says who can you make it. She says I used to come office, I will make it. He says fine. Astha makes the presentation.

He says don’t put I love Astha in it, its embarrassing. She says I did not write it, its ready. He says thanks, love you and leaves. Niranjan says if Shlok does not come on time….. The meeting starts. He says Shlok will be coming now, he is busy these days. Shlok comes and says sorry Baba. He starts the presentation. They like it and praise Shlok. Everyone leave. Niranjan says you know I respect time, you came late and I did not like this, what would I say if you came more late. Shlok apologizes and says I don’t know how did I forget this meeting, its good Astha woke me up on time, she did the presentation, else what would I do here, I m sorry. Niranjan is shocked.

Shlok says everyone liked Astha’s presentation, what else do we need. Niranjan says if you made this, I would have been more happy. Shlok says I will make it next time. Niranjan leaves. Anjali comes to Astha and asks about her parents. Astha says if you want to meet them, come with me. Anjali says no, I was just asking. Astha says then you should not worry, they are not your parents, leave everything on Lord. She says you said they are begging but alive, so you don’t worry. Anjali gets angry. Astha says Shlok went on you. Anjali says answer me. Astha says you have to come with me, else forget it. Anjali says I m not so weak as you think, I spend many years without meeting them, so let it be. Astha thinks to do something that Anjali runs to meet her parents.

Sid calls Jyoti and she cuts the call. Sid wonders why. Jyoti says I don’t want to give any hope to him. He calls again. She scolds him. He asks what happened, I called to know how are you, I m feeling to talk to you. She says I will cut the call if you say this. He says don’t stop me from worrying about you. She says this is wrong. He says I wrote a poem for your daughter and says it. She says the next lines. She laughs and says its someone else, you lied that you wrote it. Sid says keep smiling atleast for yourself. I want to see you happy, whats wrong in this. Sojal comes to Jyoti and she ends the call. She asks whose call was it. Jyoti lies to her.

Sojal thinks everyone is speaking a lot in this house, don’t know whats happening. Astha acts like Anjali’s parents got unwell. Anjali hears this. Astha says the address Virdh Ashram, fine I m coming. Anjali runs hearing it. Astha smiles and says now Anjali will go to meet them, I will also go to see them.

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