Sacred Relationship Update Friday 9th July 2021

Sacred Relationship 9 July 2021 starife Update: starts with Mishti asking doctor about Kuhu. Doctor says she is fine, nurse is doing her dressing, you can get your checkup done, you had stomach ache, its not good to get pain often. Mishti says I felt the pain before, maybe cramps. Doctor asks her to get ultra sound done. Abir worries and says you should get the tests done. Mishti agrees and asks him not to tell anything to Vishwamber. Rajshri calls Meenakshi. She tells everything. Meenakshi gets shocked. Rajshri says Kuhu is hurt, we are at hospital, we will bring them home. Meenakshi asks is Kuhu fine, are Abir and Kunal returning home. Rajshri says yes, I have seen change in the girls, Mishti got Kuhu to hospital and took care of her, I think a tough moment has done the work. Meenakshi says I can see hope, but sorry I have to see them, no need to apologize. Rajshri says but its mistake of my daughters. Meenakshi says even my sons didn’t do right, I will end this matter here, we shall meet soon. Parul says Mishti and Kuhu fight any problem, congrats, your sons are coming home. Meenakshi says congrats to you also, my sons and my rules will return, everything will be fine. She smiles.

Varsha says I will talk to her. Kuhu says Mishti is with me, I m not scared. Varsha says you are not a kid now. Kuhu jokes. Jasmeet says listen carefully. Varsha says person has to get mature. Kuhu asks do you want to tell about baby. Varsha says when baby comes, Kunal and your relation will get strong. Abir says I spoke to you about baby. Mishti says you said I m a kid. He says I told that you are so pretty, sorry I was angry that time. She asks what’s the use for costly scan. He says you mean I should save money for babies. She jokes. He says it got reminded me of Mehul, he actually blackmailed mum for money, this won’t happen with our children. She says I promise. He says it means you are ready. Mishti says we will go home and talk. She goes for scan. He smiles.

Kuhu says I m not interested. Jasmeet says you should give a child to Kunal. Kuhu says so tacky. Varsha says becoming a mother is the world’s best feeling, I want you to experience it. Mishti thinks Abir and my pain is same, our fathers were not good, we will be good parents, does it mean I m ready for baby. Parul welcomes them home. Abir says Parul is talking about me. She asks how are you Kuhu. Kunal says its just a little sprain. Kuhu says I can’t even walk, Mishti.. Mishti asks Kunal to take Kuhu. Kunal says so childish. Kuhu says I m lighter than cotton. He takes her. Meenakshi comes. Mishti says sorry. Kuhu says I promise we won’t fight again. Meenakshi says you both are fine, its big thing, I was scared when Rajshri called. Kunal says its a small sprain. Kuhu says doctor asked me to rest. Parul says I will take care of you. Meenakshi says Mishti, you didn’t call me. Kuhu says because of your fear. Mishti says actually, nurse informed Kunal. Abir says relax, we should be thankful that Kuhu is fine. He goes to touch Meenakshi’s feet. Meenakshi says let it be. She goes.

Kunal asks what happened to her. Parul says you both left the house, so she is angry. Abir says both or just me. Kunal says she spoke to me well, thank God. Abir says its time to face her. Mishti says good luck. Rajshri says everything got fine, we should keep Ganesh puja and invite everyone. Vishwamber agrees. Kunal gets food for Kuhu. Kunal teases her. They argue. She asks him to say sorry. She says Mishti and I were coming to meet you, I couldn’t talk to Maa. Kunal says she is Maa, fine. Kuhu says you got sensible, you are ready to plan baby. He asks what, are you serious. She asks what do you think. He says nothing, changing diapers, feeding, managing baby, you will do all this, I will chill. She says we never spoke about it, I m not ready for this responsibility. He says its fine, have food. He eats food. He asks her not to be shy. She says you feed me. He asks why, have it on your own, fine I will do, I missed you. She says I missed you too. Bekhudi….plays…

Abir comes to Meenakshi. She says when mum showed rights, why did son say that I m not related to that matter. He says you are annoyed with this. She reminds the childhood incidents. Mishti looks on. Meenakshi says I m your mum, I understand your sorrow, you don’t understand my sorrow. He says you think my life is also yours, you felt bad that I didn’t come to you to solve the problem. She says you couldn’t understand me, you went to Rajshri, you have hurt me, you will not understand this, I wish you and your children don’t see this day.

Rajshri saying the tensions between the families got over, we kept a Ganesh puja at home. She invites the family. Meenakshi says we will surely come. She says Abir, Rajshri called and invited us for puja. Abir goes to Mishti and says Meenakshi isn’t happy after everything got fine. Mishti asks if baby has anger like his Dadi, I will manage, his smile should be like yours. Abir asks are you ready. She says I was just saying.

Abir comes home. He sees red balloons decorations. He smiles. He goes to his room He sees Mishti like he had seen in his dream. Dheere dheere…plays… She says I don’t know doing poetry, who said just poets can make the moment romantic, this rope of hope kept us together and didn’t let break, now the baby will make our relation strong. Abir smiles and says it means you are ready. She says we have much love, it will be selfish to not share with the baby, I have thought a lot, my answer is the one you want to hear. They get romantic. Ek dil hai….plays…. Abir gets close to her.

Its morning, Meenakshi says maybe they have come. Kuhu says Ganpati is arriving. Abir and Kunal get Vishwamber get the idol. Rajshri asks Abir to help in decorations. Abir stops Mishti. He goes. Kuhu calls Mishti. She feels hurt. Abir asks her to be careful. Rajshri asks did you talk to Mishti, what did she say. Kuhu shows the modak. Mishti says I get craving for modak, we will have it after puja. Rajshri says Mishti becomes a kid every time on festivals. Abir says it means I have to take care of two kids, she is ready and wants the same. Rajshri asks really. Nidhi sees Mishti and Kuhu. Abir says I think if we are hurrying. Rajshri says everyone defines their right, the child will bring a big change in Mishti and your life, don’t think of others, think of your and Mishti’s lives. He thanks her. She says you and Mishti will become best parents. He says you are be world’s best Nani. Vishwamber asks Abir and Kunal to place the idol. They do it. Doctor calls Abir and asks did Mishti had any accident, she has internal injuries. Abir asks why are you saying so. Mishti gets her finger burnt. Kuhu cares for her. Doctor says sorry Abir, Mishti’s conceiving chances are like nil.

Abir gets shocked and sees Mishti. Meenakshi comes to call him. Everyone does the aarti. Abir takes the rope of hope. It gets stuck and falls there. Abir cries. Rajshri says puja is done, we shall have food now. Kuhu stumbles. Abir holds her. Kuhu says if you help me now, I will help you in future. Abir goes to make a call. He says relax, Mishti can’t become a mum. I m overreacting. He calls doctor. He throws the phone. Kunal catches the phone. Jasmeet says Mishti will become Meenakshi’s fav by giving a grandchild. Mishti gives medicines to Meenakshi. Jasmeet asks Kuhu to plan a baby soon. Kuhu asks her to stop it. Varsha says Jasmeet is right, Parul is Kunal’s mum, think of it. Abir says sorry, it slipped by my hand. Kunal says Mishti has hidden all the modak, explain her. Abir says what shall I explain, there is NGO license problem. Kunal asks what. Abir says NGO women wanted to start a new program. Kunal says I m sure you will find some way. Abir says sometimes all the ways get shut. Kunal says we will make our way ourselves, come. Mishti asks Kuhu are you fine. Nidhi asks her to listen. Kuhu asks do you also want to talk about baby. Nidhi says yes, you know it, I have seen heart balloons in Mishti’s room, why did Abir tell about baby to Rajshri, not Meenakshi.

Meenakshi asks her to say it clear. Nidhi says I heard Abir saying that Mishti is pregnant. Everyone smiles. Kuhu asks is it a joke. Meenakshi asks Rajshri. Rajshri says I don’t know, they will say. Kunal says we will ask Abir and Mishti. Nidhi says how can Mishti say, she would be feeling shy, I have seen romantic decorations in their bedroom. Mishti smiles. Kuhu says so many details, you are embarrassing them. Meenakshi says Mishti you tell me. Mishti says Nidhi has come confusion, I m not pregnant, but we are ready for the baby. Abir recalls doctor’s words.

everyone getting happy and excited to welcome Abir’s baby. Mishti says I have hurt everyone, see they are so happy because of me, are you happy. Abir gets a call. He says I have to go NGO for some work, I will come. Mishti stumbles. Meenakshi holds her. Abir shouts Mishti… be careful, I will come. Mishti says I m fine. He thinks nothing is fine, how shall I tell you. He gets sad and goes. He calls the doctor. Meenakshi says I married Mehul by my wish, dad broke relation with me, I have hurt his heart, I got punished, I couldn’t stay happy with Mehul, he was not a right man, he used to stay in the village on the excuse of factory, I was alone when Abir was born, I didn’t had my husband and dad with me, just Kaushal was with me. She cries. Rajshri consoles her.

Meenakshi says when baby is born, baby doesn’t know anything, a new mum also needs time to learn, I had no time, I learnt that Mehul did a scam in the business, if I did a wife’s duty, I would have left my dad, so I did a daughter’s duty, but I regret that Abir was left behind, I always explained myself that Abir’s child will give me a chance to rectify my mistake, I will give him Dadi and mum’s love, which I couldn’t give Abir. Mishti hugs her.

Abir asks how can you be sure. Doctor says if Mishti conceives, there are chances of miscarriage, the trauma will be hard to overcome, really sorry. He cries. Rajshri says Meenakshi’s secret will come out when she becomes Dadi, that she is so soft-hearted, when the grandchild comes, he will make him dance. Meenakshi says yes, I will spoil him. Rajshri says I will become strict Nani. Vishwamber says when you came home for the first time, I asked you for a chance to become your Bade papa. Mishti says I said yes, it was my life’s best decision. Vishwamber says she became my world, she got much light and colours in my life, I thank for getting a daughter like her. Kuhu looks on. Mishti hugs him. She says I would have felt that all the parents are like my parents, thanks for giving me this life, thanks. Jasmeet says Meenakshi is showering so much love on Mishti, ask Kuhu to do something, else Mishti will win. Abir says how shall I fight with fate. Choti choti baat….plays…. He sees a baby in danger and runs to save. He gives the baby to his mum. Mishti waits for him. She gets the rope of hope.

Kuhu says you won’t judge mum and Jasmeet, then I will tell you. Kunal says okay, I won’t judge or joke. She says everyone told me that Mishti is my sister, not competition, now mum made pregnancy a race, Jasmeet wants me to get pregnant, she is making mum negative. Kunal asks what, Varsha is concerned for you, I want to be honest, mum and business needs me, I m not ready for baby’s responsibility, you are my first responsibility, I want to be fair, if you are ready, I m with you. She praises him. Parul comes and says Meenakshi is calling you. Kunal goes. Parul asks what happened to him. Kuhu says he is emotional.

Meenakshi says I want to promise Mishti in front of both the families, I promise to give my business share to Abir and Mishti’s first baby. Kunal says well done. Everyone smiles. Meenakshi says Dadi can give life for grandchild, I m promising to give my business share. Abir comes and says you are thinking ahead so soon. Meenakshi says why not. Abir says its not good to think of it, you are happy, we are happy, we don’t want to take stress, give stress to Kunal. Everyone laughs. Kunal says no. Jasmeet signs Kuhu.

Abir recalls Mishti’s words. He says how will she face this truth. Meenakshi comes. He says sorry Mishti, Maa… I felt its…. She asks the matter. He says license issue. She says lie, what’s the matter, tell me, we are not different, I know you have faced all problems without me, I never asked your problems, but you also didn’t tell me, this won’t happen again, don’t cry, tell me. He says I don’t know how it feels if a child doesn’t take his problem to his mum and someone else, I can never know it. She says I told that in anger. He says I got Mishti’s check up done, she can never conceive, I can’t tell this to her.

She gets shocked. He hugs her and cries. She asks him to say everything. He says she was having stomach ache, when we went to hospital for Kuhu, doctor asked Mishti to get checkup done, she had some serious injury. She asks when did she get hurt. He says when I wasn’t with her. She says Mishti can never become a mother. He says life cheated me. She says life cheated me also, but I didn’t get sad, I faced all problems, we will find some way, Mishti will become a mum. Abir says doctor said if she conceives, then her life will have risk, its my mistake. She says enough, we won’t lose, I will find a way, Mishti will become a mum, give me 24 hours, if I can’t do anything, then you tell this to Mishti. He asks how will I hide it. She says you can my son, you can hide sorrow in your heart, its about your Mishti.

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