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Road to Destiny May Teasers 2020, Carlos and Fernanda swear to love each other forever. Fernando finds out that Carlos is Luis Montero’s son. READ FULL Road to Destiny Teasers  May 2020 Below;


Road to Destiny Friday 1 May 2020
(Episode 10)

Carlos visits Fernanda at school and asks her to be his girlfriend.

Road to Destiny Monday 4 May 2020
(Episode 11)

Amelia tells Mariana that Luis has always been the love of her life. Luis is sure that Mariana knows where Amelia lives.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 5 May 2020
(Episode 12)

Carlos and Fernanda swear to love each other forever. Fernando finds out that Carlos is Luis Montero’s son.

Road to Destiny Wednesday 6 May 2020
(Episode 13)

Camila suspects that Fernanda is dating Carlos.

Road to Destiny Thursday 7 May 2020
(Episode 14)

Marissa warns Isabel that Carlos wants to break up with her. When he visits her, she avoids the conversation to end their relationship.

Road to Destiny Friday 8 May 2020
(Episode 15)

Lupe tells Amelia to forget about Luis because he never loved her and is now married but Amelia is unwilling to give him up.

Road to Destiny Monday 11 May 2020
(Episode 16)

Amelia asks Pedro for a divorce and wants to start a new life.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 12 May 2020
(Episode 17)

Fernanda suspects Pedro and Amelia are getting a divorce.

Road to Destiny Wednesday 13 May 2020
(Episode 18)

Fernanda is having a hard time telling Camila the truth because she does not want to lose her friend, but she does not want to lose Carlos, either.

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Road to Destiny Thursday 14 May 2020
(Episode 19)

Mariana regrets her marriage with Hernan and is determined to find Fernanda in order not to lose her inheritance.

Road to Destiny Friday 15 May 2020
(Episode 20)

Hernan plans to take all of Fernando’s money with his daughter’s help.

Road to Destiny Monday 18 May 2020
(Episode 21)

Mariana asks Hernan for the divorce because she can’t be by his side anymore.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 19 May 2020
(Episode 22)

Andrea lies to Luis by assuring him she didn’t tell Isabela about their relationship.

Road to Destiny Wednesday 20 May 2020
(Episode 23)

Luis helps Isabela with her pregnancy test. Fernanda is happy that Carlos is returning to Mexico.

Road to Destiny Thursday 21 May 2020
(Episode 24)

Mariana is determined not to share Fernando’s inheritance with Amelia and Fernanda. Carlos insists Isabela to have a pregnancy test done in front of him.

Road to Destiny Friday 22 May 2020
(Episode 25)

Carlos doesn’t know how to tell Fernanda that Isabela is pregnant. Carlos receives a call telling before the ceremony that Fernando got very sick.

Road to Destiny Monday 25 May 2020
(Episode 26)

Isabela arrives in the graduation ceremony and she plans to tell Fernanda that she’s expecting Carlos’s child.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 26 May 2020
(Episode 27)

Carlos surprises Fernanda that he will go to the graduation trip with her. Virginia speaks to Mariana because she was fired.

Road to Destiny Wednesday 27 May 2020
(Episode 28)

Carlos wants Isabela to have an ultrasound exam but she refuses. Felipe overhears that Isabela is pregnant and congratulates Carlos.

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Road to Destiny Thursday 28 May 2020
(Episode 29)

Isabela gets enraged when she finds out Carlos went on a trip with Fernanda.

Road to Destiny Friday 29 May 2020
(Episode 30)

Camila tells Felipe that they have to put an end to Fernanda and Carlos’ relationship.

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