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Road to Destiny June Teasers 2020: Carlos blames Isabela for losing Fernanda. Marissa is determined to take Pedro to live in her house in spite of Luis’ opposition


Road to Destiny Monday 1 June 2020
(Episode 31)

Pedro argues with Amelia after she agrees to see Luis.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 2 June 2020
(Episode 32)

Luis blames Amelia for selling their newborn daughter to a foreign couple for ten thousand dollars.

Road to Destiny Wednesday 3 June 2020
(Episode 33)

Felipe tells Isabela that Fernanda was surprised to know that Carlos was cheating on her. The gynecologist tells Carlos Isabela’s pregnancy results.

Road to Destiny Thursday 4 June 2020
(Episode 34)

Pedro prepares a special lunch to celebrate that Fernanda is going to music school. Carlos asks the gynecologist not to call the police.

Road to Destiny Friday 5 June 2020
(Episode 35)

Carlos blames Isabela for losing Fernanda. Marissa is determined to take Pedro to live in her house in spite of Luis’ opposition.

Road to Destiny Monday 8 June 2020
(Episode 36)

Fernanda doesn’t dare tell Pedro that Isabela is expecting Carlos’ child. Isabela goes to the hospital to ask Carlos to forgive her. Carlos doesn’t forgive Isabela.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 9 June 2020
(Episode 37)

Fernanda has lost a lot of blood and Mr. Fernando is able to donate his blood, as they are compatible. Carlos knows that he must tell Pedro about what has happened to Amelia and Fernanda.

Road to Destiny Wednesday 10 June 2020
(Episode 38)

Pedro has a strange premonition about Amelia and Fernanda.  Pedro’s premonition is confirmed when Amelia and Fernanda are involved in a car accident.

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Road to Destiny Thursday 11 June 2020
(Episode 39)

Marissa realises the ring is not for her and confronts Luis . Mother Rosaura thinks that Mariana was too eagerly asking if Amelia and Fernanda had died.

Road to Destiny Friday 12 June 2020
(Episode 40)

Carlos asks Fernanda to forgive him. Marissa demands that Luis tells her the name of the other woman. Pedro suggests Marissa leave her relationship.

Road to Destiny Monday 15 June 2020
(Episode 41)

Luis and Marissa make up. Fernanda and Carlos start getting along well as friends. A house goes up in flames.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 16 June 2020
(Episode 42)

Fernanda’s house burns down. Isabela arrives at Rosario’s funeral and flirts with Carlos.

Road to Destiny Wednesday 17 June 2020
(Episode 43)

Mariana thinks that it’s Pedro and Fernanda who died. Marissa discovers Andrea’s ring on Luis’s desk.

Road to Destiny Thursday 18 June 2020
(Episode 44)

Luis lies to Marissa again, but she does not seem to believe him. Pedro is shocked to learn that Luis Montero is Marissa’s husband.

Road to Destiny Friday 19 June 2020
(Episode 45)

Amelia tells Mr. Fernando and Blanca the good news, with therapy and treatment, she will be able to walk again. Pedro insists that he is not suicidal.

Road to Destiny Monday 22 June 2020
(Episode 46)

Luis asks Marissa to trust him. Marissa throws him out of the house. Luis admits in front of Marissa that he married her for her money.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 23 June 2020
(Episode 47)

Pedro brutally beats up Luis. Fernanda is in pain over seeing Pedro so distraught and not being able to help him.

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Road to Destiny Wednesday 24 June 2020
(Episode 48

Fernando doesn’t recognise Carmela. Pedro fights against being taken to the psychiatric clinic, he gets sedated into submission.

Road to Destiny Thursday 25 June 2020
(Episode 49

Pedro wakes up and tries to escape. Carlos realizes that Javier has become interested in Fernanda.

Road to Destiny Friday 26 June 2020
(Episode 50

Andrea threatens to tell Marissa that she knew all along that she was Luis’ mistress. Carlos tries to get Marissa out of her depression.

Road to Destiny Monday 29 June 2020
(Episode 51

Amelia misses Pedro and realises she does love him. Carlos runs Paquito over with his car, and takes him to the hospital.

Road to Destiny Tuesday 30 June 2020
(Episode 52

Pedro is afraid that Carlos and Luis will take Fernanda away from him. Mariana is being blackmailed by Solorzano.

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