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Ring of Fire 27 January 2021 update: Dulari brainwashes Revathi that Shristi and Vishu are getting closer to each other. Revathi yells she should separate them. Anurag hears their conversation and thinks this woman calls herself as his and Vishu’s mother, then why she wants to separate husband and wife, if she is their stepmother.

Vishu gets confused checking accounts at office and thinks he will check it later. He finds Anurag’s watch and thinks let us see which machine is used. Shristi comes with tiffin. Vishu hides his face and asks what is she doing here. She says she prepared jiggery kheer for him. He searches his blindfold and wears goggles. Shristi also wears goggles and says now it is fine. Tenu kala chasma in the background. Vishu says he wants to work in Anruag’s absence, but she is disturbing him. She asks him to finish kheer first. Contractor comes and says laborers need payment and are threatening to stop work. Shristi asks him to not stop work, she will arrange payment. She calls Ragini and asks to get Anurag’s signatures on cheques.

Ragini walks into room and sees Anurag checking his certificate and album. Anurag asks who is he, who are these people with him. Ragini says they are his friends. Anurag asks what are their names. She says she knows, but forgot. He says she does not know anything. She asks him to relax as doc suggested him to rest. He asks if she is his wife, she must be knowing his favorite color. She says all colors are his favorite and he looks good in all colors. He asks what is his favorite season. She reminisces him dancing in rain and says monsoons, he becomes peacock in rain. He says even he feels so and asks to tell about birthmarks on his body. She says his back. He says she is confused, then their relationship is not deep. She says it is deep, but when he comes near her, she gets engrapsed in his big eyes. Jo baat kiya humne….song..plays in the background. They both look into each other’s eyes. Ragini thinks their relationship is not strong like he thinks.

Shristi enters and apologizes. Ragini says nothing wrong is happening, she can come in. Shristi says she needs Anurag signatures on cheques and needs 5 lakhs. Anurag says he does not remember his signature. Shristi says she will manage and leaves. Anurag then tells Ragini that he did not try his signature at all as he heard Revathi talking about separating Shristi and Vishu, either Revathi is wrong or Shristi is wrong, so he cannot risk money with Shristi,if Revati is his stepmom. Ragini says Revathi is his real mom and she cares for him. He says then why she was conspiring. He asks Ragini to promise her not to leave him. Ragini asks him to relax and rest.

Revathi shows her sari to Dulari and says hen worn it when Anurag was born and gets emotional thinking about Anurag’s present condition. Shristi enters and asks when she loves Anurag so much, then why she hurts his emotions. Revathi asks what does she mean. Shristi says Anurag heard Revathi talking about separating Shristi and Vishu. Drama continues.

Shristi tells Revathi that Anurag heard Revathi talking about separating Vishu and Shristi and is every distressed, she should stop troubling him. Revathi yells that she is doing this to stay back in this house. Shristi says she will leave this house if she stops her brain game, leaves. Dulari yells she became too courageous. Revathi says she is telling truth and goes to check Anurag.

Anurag tries his signature and shouts he does not know his signature, who is he. He gets severe headaches and collapses. Revathi walks in and shows concern. Family who was waiting for their turn outside rush in. Revathi yells at Ragini to spare her son and get out of his life. Ragini goes and stands out sadly. Shristi calls doctor who says it is common and they should rub Anurag’s extremities. She goes out and cheers up Ragini and asks to deep breathe. Ragini does. They walk in. Anurag wakes up and asks Ragini where did she go, she should not leave him alone. Raginii says she will not leave him alone from hereon.

Shristi goes to her room. Vishu searches blindfold and ties it around his eyes. Shristi pulls it and says he does not have to from hereon. Anurag gets back his memory and signs cheques. He sees no curtain between bed and fumes what Ragini is doing. He goes down and chats with family. He sees Shristi and asks how is she and how is Shekhar. He tells Vidhvan today is dussehra and they need to go to ramleela venue for ravan dahan. Family is surprised and get worried. Revathi cries and Daadi consoles her. Anurag goes back to his room and whole family follows. He remembers whole ravan dahan incident. He scolds Ragini like before. Shristi sees signed cheques and picks them. Anurag asks why she needs so much money. She says she will tell later.

Shristi goes to Vishu and asks him to withdraw cheque and give money to contractor. He says he cannot. She says with blindfold off he can and teaches him how to check note denominations and calculations. Drama continues.


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