Ring of Fire 25 November 2020 zee world: On Ring of Fire Wednesday update 25 November 2020, The Displays tarts with PWD engineer traveling on his scooter over a bridge singing Zindagi Ek Safar Hai Suhana Yahan Kal Kya Ho…Tune.

Equipped goons in cards along with a jeep encircle him. Their chief Ragini gets jeep in fashion and states they’d have defeated PWD engineer. She walks towards guy in fashion and states it’s harmful for engineers to journey . Engineer says that he was going to satisfy her daddy Vikral Sngh. Ragini’s supervisor warns him to lie Engineer says he enquired along with a brand new tender will come shortly. Ragini says that he took much time to receive advice and whined, so he must be penalized. She orders her goons to throw in ganga river. Engineer pleads to spare him. Supervisor says that he simply must clean his own sins in ganga. Goons thow him .

A couple party members protest facing Vikral Singh’s home. One of these threatens to burn himself and pours kerosene on himself. Vikral cries match rod on him then slaps, says that he poured water onto himnext time when he generates play he must use gasoline.
Vidhvan singh prepare for court hearing. His mom does his aarti and wish him great fortune. Vidhvan’s mad son Bablu plays kids and shake painter’s climber. Painter drops paint him. Daadi gets stressed. Vidhvan’s spouse comes along with scolds painter and defeats him. He apologizes. She orders her devar to receive brand new painter since Anurag is arriving from London along with also his room ought to be painted. She asks her devrani to advises Divya to wash Anurag’s room. Devrani goes into Divya’s area and sees her getting prepared with makeup and earrings, advises her to wash Anurag’s room. Divya maintains let her pick earring very first, after she becomes heroine she will retain her manger. Devrani asks to comply with her mother’s order . She asks where’s papa. Devrani states papa went to court .
Vidhvan comes from court with attorney and attorney says he tried his understanding, but judge gave judgment from rival party’s favor. Vidhvan says only wants to eliminate courtroom hearings because he’s lost his lands, he’s awaiting his son Anurag to return from London. Lawyer says that he understands Anurag, he’s quite mature, most parents should be awaiting their kid’s alliance to get him. Vidhvan states Anurag’s mum is excited to get him wed shortly. Lawyer says his wife is excited to acquire daughter Shristi wed.
Shristi is released in fashion. She assesses book in library and goes to meet her friend. Their conversation persists. Ragini’s car moves by speeding automobile and rushes only beside an elderly guy. Old guy falls down. Shristi rushes to assist guy.
Bablu roams in village announcing that his brother Anurag is arriving out of London, so he’ll disperse ladoos in entire village. Vikral’s automobile stops along with also his supervisor asks Bablu when he understands Vidhvan Singh’s home. Bablu states why should he tell where his home is. Vikral calls him and says that he wishes to fulfill Vidhvan Singh to chat about Anurag, therefore if he could present his property. Bablu says yes and asks him. He runs until residence and educates chacha Vikranth. Chacha greets him. Bablu asks who’s he. Chacha says he’s most effective individual of the field. Bablu inquires if he wrestles. Vidvhan says that he defeats his enemies without even entering into wrestling floor. Chacha greets him .
Shristi rushes old man . Doc says it’s police situation and authorities ought to be called. Shristi says she saw a jeep beating this guy and reminisces Ragini traveling inside. Ragini is observed traveling in jeep along with a biker stares at. Her jeep takes exorbitant turn forcing biker to wreck with plumbing. Ring of Fire 25 November 2020
Vikranth inquires Vidhvan motive for coming. Vidhvan says because his daughter is born, he became really wealthy and her daughter protects his 50% enterprise. He also heard a qualified mentor is in this home, so that he came up with alliance. Vidhvan informs lawyer which he’s looking alliance for Anurag. Lawyer says he’ll get briefcase filled with cash. Vidhvan says that he desires sanskari bahu. Lawyer says that he could consider his daughter Shristi. Vidhvan says that he forgot and fixes Anurag’s alliance with Shristi.

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Vikral takes Ragini’s alliance to Vivdhan’s house for Anurag. Vikranth tells his elder brother Vivdhan will take a decision about Anurag’s marriage. Vidhvan’s wife speaks and says Anurag is very talented and knows to care of business well, what Vikral can give as a shagun for him.

Anurag travels in a car from airport and stops seeing a people’s gathering. Driver says he should not fall in all this. He gets out and sees Ragini pushing a man and speaks in English, what is all this. She looks at him carefully, confused and asks what did he say. He says there is police for law and order and she cannot punish anyone like this. She continues looking at his face excitedly while he continues talking in English. He leaves and she just stares at him going. Her puppets comment he spoke a lot. Ragini says he spoke good though.

Vikral gives 10 lakhs as shagun. Vidhvan’s wife’s eyes widen in greed. Vikranth says there was no need for such a big shagun. Vikra’s manager tells him something and he leaves. Vidhvan’s wife look at money bag in greed.

Ragini reaches hospital and asks inspector who dared to complain against her. Shristi says she did as her driver rammed jeep over an old man and did not even stop to help him. Ragini says she ordered her driver to not stop as she did not feel it. Shristi asks inspector to arrest Ragini. Vikral reaches hospital. Inspector gets tensed and asks why did he come. Vikral says he had to come as he did handle situation well. Old man comes out and Vikral asks him what happened. Old man says he is very old and fell due to weakness. Vikral throws money bundles in front of him. Shristi sees that and tells her friend let us go now, case is closed. Vikral slaps inspector and leaves for home. Ring of Fire 25 November 2020

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Shristi reaches her father Purshotam’s office. Purshotam asks why did she come late. She says he helped an old injured man to a hospital. He introduces her to Vidhvan. She greets him. He blesses her and leaves. Purshotam with Shristi reach home and informs his wife and son that he fixed Shristi’s alliance with Anurag. Shristi says he did not inform her. He says he know she wants to ask why did not he take her opion first, she knows Anurag well as he studied with her and Vidhvan’s family is very sanskari, so he fixed alliance. Whole Zilla is eager for Anurag’s alliance, but Vidhvan liked Shristi.

Vikral reaches home and informs his wife about Ragini’s alliance with Anurag. Wife says he should have asked Ragini once. He says his daughter will accept his decision and he does not need anyone’s permission.

Vidhvan reaches home and his wife informs that she fixed Anurag’s alliance with Vikral’s daughter Ragini. He is shocked and says he has already fixed Anurag’s alliance with Purshotam’s daughter Shristi and his decision is final.

Ring of Fire 25 November 2020 Vidvhan Singh reaches home after fixing Anurag’s alliance with Advocate Purshotam’s daughter Shristi. His wife tells she fixed Anurag’s alliance with Vikral Singh’s daughter Ragini. Vidhvan is shocked and says even he fixed Anurag’s alliance with Purhotam’s daughter Shristi. Wife says Vikranth is a rich man and Purshotam is a broke, he even gave 10 lakhs shagun. Vidhvan shouts she sold her son for money, he needs sanskari bahu and not criminal’s money. Arugment continues. Bablu sees Anurag coming and claps shoutoing Anurag bhaiya came.

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Purshotam is busy on laptop, looking confused. Shristi serves him tea. He asks how does she know he was craving for tea. She says she understands her papa and knows he is confused how to use paste function, she teaches him ctrl C and ctrl V.

Ragini drags contract to her room and orders her goons to hold him. He pleads to spare him. She says she will target practice on him for his mistake of troubling innocent women. Vikral’s wife tells him that he should have asked Ragini’s opinion and if boy will like Ragini. Vikral shouts he has enquired a lot and bought a best boy for Ragini with his money, there is no question of rejection. Ragini target practices by keeping pots on contractor and shoots pots correctly. Everyone praise her skills and contractor panics in fear.

Anurag distributes gifts to whole family. Vivdhan tells him about Shristi’s alliance for him. Wife tells about Ragini’s and how much money she will bring. Argument starts. Anurag says he is not yet ready for marriage and if he marries, he will marry a sanskari girl and not a criminal rich girl. His mother gets very angry and walks to her room. He goes to her room and consoles her.

Ragini walks back into home after punishing contractor. Her mother scolds her to mend her ways and behave like a girl. Vikral tells he has fixed her alliance. Ragini says boy will run away like always. Vikral says this time, he found a best boy for her and he studied in London. Ragini says that means he knows English. Vikral says he behaves like an Englishman. Ragini reminisces Anurag.

At night, Shristi goes to sleep. Purshotam enters and keeps Anurag’s photo on her bed and leaves. She wakes up and looks at photo, clicks one in her mobile and keeps back photo. She looks at her mobile pic and shyingly says Anurag has gone more handsome.

In the morning, Vidhvan tells his mother that Purshotam’s son is coming today with alliance. His wife hears that and gets tensed that even Vikral’s son is coming with shagun, what will she do now.


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