Ring of Fire 17 March 2021 update: Vishu searches Shristi and finds a broken bottle outside washroom. He continues searching her all around hotel. In party venue, inebriated Anurag dances sensuously with Sangini thinking her as Ragini. Revathi gets happy seeing her plan succeeding. Anurag tries to kiss Sangini.

Sangini pushes him and gives him a tight slap. Dulari says Anurag babu has lost it. Revathi says he came to senses now and will realize what she was trying to show him since so long. Anurag continues that he loves her and collapses.

Psycho insurance agent puts Shristi into dustbin and drags it. Vishu continues searching Shristi and finds psycho insurance agent wearing mask and walking with dustbin. Psycho insurance agent escapes. Vishu continues searching him. At home, Daadi gets worried for children and prays god. Rohini asks her not to worry, they are fine, she will connect to them. She tries their numbers, but nobody picks. Divya walks in and says she saw news about psycho contract killer killing people in disguise, he is the one who came here as insurance agent and she saw her behind family when she was on skype with them. Rohini asks not to worry, they are all fine.


Sangini takes inebriated Anurag to their hotel room and thinks Anurag does not love Ragini. Anurag wakes up and seeing himsmelf with Sagini asks what is she doing here, where is his family and Ragini. Sangini says he said her I love you and kissed her. He does not believe. She shows video clip. He says he loves Ragini and not her. She says he is lying and removes her wig. Anurag is shocked to see Ragini. Ragini says she is both Ragini and Sangini.

Psycho insurance agent drags dustbin and puts Shristi into his car, calls his aide and says he did his job. Vishu continues searching Shristi, takes someone’s phone, and calls her. Psycho insurance agent picks call. Vishu hears temple bell and asks man where is this temple. Man says nearby mountain. Vishu rushes towards temple.

Ragini shows her skin and confronts Anurag that he ditched her love for Sangini’s skin.

Ragini confronts Anurag and asks if he needs only skin and not soul. Anurag says she has mistaken her. She says she found out what he needs, she always tolerated his mother’s taunts and went through so much pain, she is capable of breaking people’s bone and never felt the pain she is feeling emotionally now. Anurag says there is a huge barrier between her thinking now and she will not understand his feelings now. She says he wants a woman who can wear short clothes and lure men, but she will never become that. She tries to leave. Anurag holds her hand and says he will always be loyal to her and she is her only dream girl. She asks to leave his hand.

Vishu continues searching Shristi and runs towards temple on hill. Psycho serial killer hangs Shristi to a tree and is about to kill her when Vishu reaches and rescues her. He then trashes Psycho serial killer. Psycho serial killer frees himself and hits Vishu with temple bell. Vishu collapses injured. Psycho serial killer then boasts that Vishu troubled him a lot, now he has to die before his wife. He walks towards Vishu when Shirsti stabs trishul into him from behind. He overpower her yelling he found someone of his caliber for the first time and drags Shristi away. Vishu wakes up and shouts leave my Shirsti and kicks him away. Psycho serial killer stabs Vishu and pushes him from cliff. Vishu hangs holding edge. Shristi picks trishul and stabs Psycho serial killer repeatedly until he dies. She then rushes to Vishu and holds his hand. She tries to push Vishu up asking him not to leave her hand, she will not let anything happen to him. Bhuladena mujhe..hai alvida tujhe, tujhe jeena hai mere bina…song…plays in the background. She tries to pull him up with great difficulty. Vishu says take care Shristi ji and leaves hand falling into deep forest. Shristi shouts Vishuji….and standsd in a shock.


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