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Ring of Fire 10 February 2021 update: Anurag’s birthday celebrations continue. Revathi and Dulari smell perfume and ask each other who applied it. Brij walks singing song wearing party wear and perfume.

Seeing them, he says it is Anurag’s birthday, so he always got ready well and leaves. Revathi hopes he does not do any mistake.

Party starts. Revathi wears a beautiful sari. Vikral with Vani and Parag walks in. Ragnini gets happy seeing them. They greet Anurag. Parag asks what is his age now. He says he does not know. Vani says Anurag and Ragini are looking like Ram and Seeta’s Jodi. Vikral reminds they even went to vanvas. Vani greets Vidhvan and Revathi and says they did good by arranging Anurag’s birthday. Revathi boasts they used to throw much bigger parties before Anurag’s marriage.

Anurag’s friends enter and greet Shrisit. Shrsti asks if they brought what she ordered. Manoj says says, he has apologized Ragini many times before. Ragnii sees them and gets angry, but Shristi handles situation. Vishu comes down wearing blazer. Ragini praises him. Shristi gets surprised seeing him as gentleman. Vishu says he is Vishweshwar Singh and she is Mrs. Vishweshwwar Singh. She says he knows who made him Vishweshwar Singh and thanks Ragini.

Shristi goes on stage and says she wants to show something special and shows clips of Manoj misbehaving with Ragini. Ragini thinks why she is sprinkling salt on her wounds. Manoj apologizes Ragini again. Ragini says she forgot him already. Anurag sees clips and shouts at friends to get out. Ragini says she already forgot them. Shristi handles situation. Anurag takes Ragini on stage and proposes her. They both dance on Janam Janam Saath Chalna Vishu and Shristi also dance. Everyone enjoy party when Revathi in her typical creepy voice shouts to stop and then says let us cut cake. Anurag cuts cake and everyone clap. Brij walks in inebriated. Vidhvan fumes seeing him. Brij wishes happy birthday and pulls out gun to fire bullet in air. Vidhvan stops him. Seeing this, Anurag reminisces Shekhar’s incident and collapses.

Inebriated Brij pulls gun to shoot bullets in air during Anurag’s birthday. Anurag remembers Shekhar trying to shoot Ragini and runs in front of Ragini trying to protect her and shouts to escape. He then collapses. Family rushes to him. Revathi as usual yells at Ragini to stay away and blames her for Anurag’s condition. He wakes up and scolds Ragini why did she take such a big risk, what if Shekhar had killed her, if Shekhar is caught by police or not. He collapses again. Family rushes him to room. Shristi calls doctor. Revathi asks all guests to leave. Vikral congratulates Vidhvan for getting back son’s memory and leaves with his family. Doctor checks and says Anurag got back his memory. Shristi asks if he will forget the incidents happened between the period of losing memory and now regaining it. Doc says he cannot say anything.

Ragini takes care of Anurag while he is asleep. Dulari congratulates Revathi that Ragini will leave house now as per her promise and tries to feed laddo. Revathi says she will not until Ragini really goes. Ragini comes and asks her to have laddo as she will leave tomorrow before dawn.

In Vishu’s room, he tells Shristi that he is worried for Ragini and afraid she will leave home. Shristi says she really will as she has made up her mind. Vishu says he will sit outside Ragini’s room. They both set up a tent outside Ragini’s room and wait. Ragini leaves with her bag before they wake up. Anurag wakes up and searches Ragini. Shristi with Vishu entes and says she is gone and tells him howmuch Ragini took his care and sacrificed for him and says it is up to him if he wants to stop her or not. Anurag leaves room. Ragini walks holding her bag sadly reminiscing her misterji. She reaches her parent’s house. Veena asks why did she come with bags, where is dadamji/Anurag.


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