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Ring of Fire 9 February 2021 update: Shristi brings food for Anurag and Ragini. She silently pushes Anurag who drops curry on Ragini’s sari and her calculation paper. Anurag apologizes Ragini.

Shristi asks Ragini to go and change her sari, else stains will not go. Once Ragini walks in, Shristi tells Anurag how he scolded Ragini rudely when she closed his laptop once. Anurag starts feeling headache. Ragini returns after changing sari and scolds him that he gets headache breaking his head and makes him rest. Shristi smiles and thinks this is the beginning to rekindle Anurag and Ragini’s love.

Shristi returns to her room and sees Vishu standing nervously. She asks Vishu what did he plan for his brother’s birthday. Vishu shows her making a wooden mobile holder. Shristi says she will dance like sri devi. Vishu laughs. She says if he thinks she cannot. She plays Bijli girane main hooon aayi..song.. and dances on it. Vishu also dances with her. In Ragini’s room, she also dances and gets shy when Anurag watches and asks what is he looking at. He says he is staring at his beautiful wife. Their nok jhok continues. Ragini sees her cake recipe paste and throws it in dustbin.

Next morning, Ragini hears door knock and opens it. She sees whole family standing. Revathi yells at her to move aside. They all walk in and wish happy birthday to Anurag. Vishu gives him hand made mobile holder. Dulari gives him sweet . Anurag says he did not brush yet. She says tiger does not brushes. Revathi says she has prepared his favorite food and asks him to get ready and come down. When whole family leaves, Anurag asks Ragini what gif she got him. She says nothing, he can ask whatever he wants. He gets her closer. She gets nervous. He says he will ask when time comes. Ragini leaves. Anurag sees crimpled papers near dustbin and reads them.

Anurag and Ragini go down for breakfast. Shristi asks Vishu if he ordered cake. Vishu says Harinagar baker denied delivery. Shristi asks Ragini to prepare Anurag’s cake. Ragini says she does not know to prepare cake and walks to her room. Anurag says Ragini must be knowing to cook Indian sweets. Shristi says if she knows Indian sweets, she can cook even cake. .Anurag says he and Vishu will prepare cake today.

Revathi with Dulari sees Brij speaking to someone and then leaving home and says they have to stop devarji before he makes any mistake and bring problem home. Drama continues…

Anurag tells Ragini that she got his birthday gift and lied. Ragini says she did not. He shows crimpled paper in which she wrote birthday wishes with drawing and says this is the best gift one can give anyone, tough she made a small mistake. Ragini says she did, it is very bad gift. Anurag says he will frame it and keep it whole life.

Vishu and Shristi invite Vikral and his wife for Anurag’s birthday party. Vikral says he will not celebrate anything until Anurag regains his memory and accepts Ragini, it may even backfire. Shristi says he is right, but he should remember howmuch hard he worked to reach his present state, even Ragini is trying her best to get her life back on track and needs his blessings. Vishu also requests to attend as Ragini and they all will feel good.

Anurag passes by Briji and hears hi listening to a song, tries to remember that he heard this song someone and gets Ragini and his blur images, thinks Ragini must have sung this song for him. Vishu returns with Shirsit. Anurag tells Vishu that they will prepare cake. Ragini then asks Vishu to get ready well and look beautiful today. Vishu says it is handsome. She says same same, she does not understand English. Shrisit asks him what will she wear, not to wear green as she also is wearing green sari. Their discussion continues.

Anurag and Vishu prepare cake reading recipe and once they go out, cake burns. Ragini and Shristi smell smoke and rush in. Anurag says cake burnt even after he took so much care. Ragini corrects cake and asks him to now keep it in oven. Anurag says when Ragini knew preparing cake, then why did they lie. Shristi says to make him realize his past and know t hat receipes are in book, but experience is a lot.

Vishu wears sherwani and shows it to Ragini. Ragini says Shrisi will like him as gentleman and she has brought blazer for her. She brings gift box when Shristi inviting Anurag’s friends. Shristi sees her and asks what is she taking. Ragini says it is a surprise gift and does not show it. She asks whom she invited. Shristi says Anurag’s friends, since she does not know all friends, she asked Sam to bring everyone. Ragini reminisces Sam misbehaving with her in disco and she slapping him. She asks Shristi not to call Anurag’s friends. Shristi thinks why she does not want Anruag’s friends to attend party, calls Sam and finds out reasons, thinks she will get Ragini’s out of her humiliation.


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