Ring of Fire 30 March 2021: Daaadi returns hoe with injured Shristi . Family asks her what happened. Daadi tells them whole situation happened in temple and Biju saving Shristi. Vidhvan fumes how can people do this, he will complain against them. Divya says how can evil change so soon, something is wrong. Dulari says in films it happens and villain changes to hero. Revathi says Divya is right, evil cannot change so soon. Vidhvan says whatever it is, Shristi is safe.

Vikral walks into Ragini’s room and asks if she wants to talk to her. Ragini reminisces last night’s drama and gets tensed. Servant informs Vikral that Abhimanyu walks to meet him.

Baiju’s amma applies medicine on his wounds. Baiju asks when he used to return home after doing goondagiri, she used to scold him, now she did not utter anything. Amma says he did a good job today by protecting a woman. Shristi looks at Baiju’s kerchief and reminiscing him protecting her thinks if her slap changed him really.


Abhimanyu walks down with suitcase. Anurag passes by and asks if he is going back. Whole family gathers. Vikral asks Abhimanyu not to go. Anurag says he must be having important work, so he himself will drop Abhimanyu and asks servant to bring car’s key. Abhimanyu says who is going, he in fact is thinking of sending Anurag away. Anurag gets tensed. Abhimanyu says his suitcase is not opening properly and he wants Anurag to go and repair it. Anurag says he doe snot now to repair it. Abhimanyu says he can get it repaired from shop if he does not mind. Vikral says Anurag does not have mind, so he will not mind and asks Anurag to go via auto. Anurag leaves. Ragini thinks Anurag must be up to something, goes to his room and searches it. She finds their picture first and then finds liquor bottle and realizes he mixed liquor in her juice and should expose him now. She turns and sees Anurag who asks if she is surprised to see their photo, he loves her a lot and wants her back in life. She says he mixed alcohol in her juice, she can expose him now.. Their confrontations continue.

Baiju walks to Shristi’s house. Vidhvan sees him and asks how dare he is to enter his house. Divya tongue lashes him followed by other family members. Daadi says she called him to give prasad. Revathi says as Divya told Baiju cannot change and must be acting to get Shristi’s forgiveness. Daadi says people can change with a mere incident, Shristi should forgive Baiju. Shristi gives him prasad and asks to go now as she does not want any tension in family because of him.

Parag hears Anurag’s mobile ringing and asks him to pick it. He does not see Anurag and picks call. Divya speaks thinking him as Anurag and then says she wanted to speak to Anurag. Parag says he has gone out. Divya asks how are bhaiya and bhabhi and says there is some misunderstanding between them and he should help them clear it, he should take care of them. Parag asks not to worry about jijaji, he will take care of jijaji and will inform him to talk to her once he returns. Diya gets emotional. Shristi hears her conversation and tells Divya that she does not understand elder’s issues, Anurag should apologize Ragini and convince her.

Ragini walks towards Abhimanyu’s room. Anurag passes by with Abhimanyu’s bag and calls her Radha. She asks what. He starts flirting with her and says he got Abhimanyu’s bag passcode reset and it is 420. She says she understands his trick. He continues flirting. She walks to Abhimanyu’s room door and knocks it. Abhimanyu says he is busy and will meet her later. Anurag knocks door next. Abhimanyu opens door. Anurag gives bag and says its password is 420. Abhimanyu says that is okay, tells Ragini he will meet her later and closes door again. Ragini thinks she spoke a lot last night heavily inebriated and should phone call him before he speaks to babuji about it.

Baiju returns to Shristi’s house and says he forgot his mobile here. Shristi lets him in. He sees snake in flower basket and Revathi standing near it. He alerts Revathi. She panics. Vidhvan runs from opposite side. Baiju picks snake and throws it away and asks if she is safe. She says she is fine, but snake bit him. Daadi panics and ties cloth on his hand and says poison should be removed with a slit on his snake bite. Vidhvan calls doctor. Baiju feels drowsy and himself self-inflicts slit on snake bite and sucks poisoned blood out. Doctor checks him and says people usually collapse after panicking, but this snake was really poisonous, he has given injection and they should take care of Baiju for sometime. Once doctor leaves, Revathi thanks Baiju for saving her life. He says he would have done same for anyone and is not bad. Vidhvan says he does not know that, but whatever he did with Shrhisti was wrong. He says he accepts his mistake and apologizes. Shristi leaves. Family searches him. Shristi returns and gives him her forgiveness letter, says she has taken back case against him. He smiles. Divya says Dulari that he was acting for this. Sristi says she can do anything for her sasuma and whatever he did for her, she wants to thank him. Baiju tears paper and says he did not do any favor, but just showed some humanity, if she thinks he is afraid of going to jail, she forgot he is a goon and jail is his temple. He changed because of his mother as he respects her most and she slapped him as he insulted Shristi, he realized what humanity is and wants to apologize whole family. Shristi says she did whatever she could. He says some enemy must have sent snake in fruit basket, they should be careful.

Vikral asks Parag where is Abhimanyu. Ragini says he wanted to go she thinks, so he even got his bag corrected. Power goes off. Vikral asks what happened to power. Power comes back and they see house decorated and Abhimanyu standing. He apologizes Ragini for not meeting her and says he took uncle’s blessing before this and after a long conversation he shows a heart shaped big photo frame with Ragini’s half photo in it and says he wants to marry her and wants to fix his photo in remaining frame.


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