Ring of Fire 18 February 2020: Goons attack Vishu and Shristi. Vishu hits goon with stone and pushes them all. Shristi runs with him.

Ring of Fire 18 February 2020: Goons discuss if they don’t kill these 2, mukhiyayan/village head will kill them all. Ragini on the other side tries to romance Anurag on Gazab ka hai din, socho zara…song…He gets irritated,but she continues dancing around him. She acts as getting leg sprain. He lifts her and walks singing with her. She comes out of imagination and sees him not paying attention at all. They both reach lake. Anurag shouts what is it. Vishu and Shristi hide under bushes. Vishu sees Shristi’s injured hand. They both shut their mouths. Goons search them all around. Vishu consoles Shristi that nothing will happen to her. Goons leave. Shristi looks at Vishu’s face.

Ragini insists Anurag to come and play in water with her. He says he will not remove his shoes, she can fill water. Vishu and Shristi get out of bushes and continue running. Shristi gets tired. Vishu holds her. Ragini throws water on Anurag. He yells what nonsense is this. She says it is love. He shouts to stop her nonsense, love cannot happen between them. Vishu on the other side ties his kherchief on Shristi’s wound and says let us go before goons come. Shristi sees his hand injury and asks when did he get it. He says he does not know at all when he got injured. She washes his wound, tears her sari and ties it on his hand. Vishu says let us go before goons come.

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At haveli, Dulari enjoys mangoes. Brij says he should have gone with Anurag, Ragini, Vishu, Shristi go alone to Ichapurti mandir, they don’t know route and it is very dangerous. Daadi says if they face troubles, their bonding will increase. Chutki bahu prays good for their safety

Vishu and Shristi reach next stop. Vishu says looks like bhai bhabi did not come here yet, they will wait for them. Shristi says they will write their name here as clue and go from there. They both write their names. Shristi thinks her name is associated with Vishu even here. They move furher. Anurag net writes name on stone and clicks photo.

Parag with Narad reaches near Ragini’s car and sees their car. He tries to call Ragini, but in vain. Narad says they have gone to ichapurti mandir, let us go and save them from goons.

Ragini walks searching network in jungle and thinks if she finds network, she will tell sasuma how Anurag left her alone for Shristi. Goons surround her and provoke to show her gun. She says she pulls her gun at men and not eunuchs, asks them to run away, else she will trash them Goon walks with knife boasting he will cut her tongue first. Anurag comes and asks who are they , what did they do to her. Ragini thinks with Anurag coming, she cannot fight, how to save themselves.

Ragini warns goons to tell who sent them, she will pay them double money. Goon laughs that she is very intelligent. Another goon says mukhyayan told she was very sharp and insulted her a lot. Anurag warns them to go away. They laugh. Ragini tricks and says Parag don’t shoot them, just break their bones. They turn. Ragini picks stone and hits goon. She fights with them picking wooden stick. Anurag also fights. She hits Anurag’s heaad instead by mistake and apologizes him. Goon holds Anurag. She hits Anurag again by mistake. Goons run away. She hits Anurag again and collapses. She gets worried. Ragini’s mother gets worried when she does not pick call and tells Vikral that something is wrong, he should call Brijbhan and find out. Vikral says nothing is wrong, problem is in her mind. Even if something happens, he has trained his daughter well and she can handle any situation, problem is with son who is incapable of anything. On the other side, Surekha gets worried for Shristi. Purshotam consoles her and says their daughter is fine and asks her to get some tea.

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Ragini throws water on Anurag’s face and he wakes up. She asks if he is fine and tries to touch him. He shouts to stay away, she will check where he is not hurt and will hit him again. She says why will she. They start walking again. He says if goons attacked them, even Vishu and Shristi must have been attacked. He runs searching them. Ragini thinks even now her husband is worried about kanoon ki devi/Shristi and not her.

Vishu and Shristi continue walking. Shristi gets very tired. Anurag carries lifting her. Parag and Nard continue searching Ragini and Anurag and find umbrella and all 4’s names on stones. Narad says they must have definitely gone that side.

Ragini continues walking behind Anurag and sits after getting leg sprain. Anurag says he will correct her sprain and asks to lift her sari. She shyingly lifts sari a bit. He corrects sprain. They both reach Ichapurti temple. Goons wait for them hiding and discuss they knew they would come here. Vishu also reaches with Shristi. Anurag asks Vishu if he is fine. Vishu says goon had attacked them and tells whole story, says Shristi is injured, even he is but not much. Anurag checks his wound and says he is severely injured and hugs him. Ragini feels something is more fishy. Ring of Fire Tuesday 18 February 2020:


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