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Ring of Fire 28 January 2021 update: Dulari asks Revathi where did she send Ragini. Revathi says to bring soup for Anruag and says she and Shristi are troubling her a lot, she will separate Shristi and Vishu soon.

Anurag silently hears their conversation. Shristi walks in and Revathi walks out fuming. Dulari asks Shristi if it is 8 p.m., she needs to watch her favorite serial. She leaves. Anurag sits and asks Shristi why his mom hates her and wants to separate her and Vishu. Ragini brings soup and thinks why Shristi is looking tensed. Anruag repeats his question. Shristi asks which saas likes her bahu, even Revathi does not like her and wants her to go back to her maika. Ragini acts and asks if sasu maiya told this. Shristi says yes and says Vishu is waiting for her and leaves. Ragini tells Anurag that she is very tired and wants to sleep, even he should. He sleeps. Ragini feels sorry for Anurag and prays god to cure him soon.

Next morning, Anurag gets ready. Ragini asks where is he going. He says to meet Vishu. She says she will call him. He says he is getting bored in room and will go out and meet him. She asks to have tea and go. He says later. Ragini thinks something is wrong. Anurag walks thinking the way Revati spoke about Shristi, something is wrong.

Revathi calls fake baba again and pleads to save her son. Baba says he will, but needs fees in cash. Brij gives advance and asks if work is done, he will send remaining money to his house. Anurag goes to Vishu’s room and asks Shristi where is he. Dulari says Himalayan baba has come and Vishu went to meet him. Anurag asks Shristi if she did not go to meet baba.. Shristi says she does not believe in superstition. Anurag walks away with Dulari. Ragini meets Shristi next and says Anurag is insisting to meet Vishu, something is wrong. Shristi says she will not let them meet and asks Ragini to go check baba’s drama.

Baba starts his drama and asks Vishu if he saw his wife during fast. Vishu says once. Revathi pleads to save her son. Baba says he has solution and applies ash on everyone’s forehead. They all say it is feeling very cold as if ice block on their forehead. Baba puts ash in havan and fire increases. Vishu panics. Anurag consoles him and asks what is happening. Shristi says she will tell and says baba is fake and his assistant mixed something in ash. Assistant denies, but agrees when Shristi threatens to call police and says he mixed sandalwood and camphor in ash. Revathi changes tone and scolds baba to get out. Brij pays baba and warns not to open up, else he will be punished.

Ragini takes Anurag to room and asks him to sleep. Shristi takes panicked Vishu to room and consoles him. He drinks water and smiles.

Brij sees Revathi tensed and asks her not to as he bribed baba well and baba will not open his mouth. Dulari says bua is tensed as Shristi failed her plan and she has to bear Shristi for 6 months. Revathi yells to shut her mouth and says she does not know how to kick out Ragini and Shristi. Brij says Ragini is not her problem, Shristi is as she is very intelligent. Revathi yells she kept Ragini here thinking Anurag get well, but he is not, so she will kick Ragini and Shristi out somehow. Anurag hears that and angrily throws havan fire and other items. Revathi hears that and runs out of room towards him. Whole family gathers Anurag says whoever she is stay away from her. Revathi says she is his mother. He says she cannot be his and Vishu’s mother as he heard her telling she wants to kick out Ragini and Shristi. Ragini tells Shristi that she will inform Anurag everything. Revathi asks Brij to explain Vishu.

Shristi tries to speak. Anurag asks why is she taking Revathi’s support, she will lie again. She says she will not and takes him aside and tells him incident where Vishu makes inverter and Ragini organizes party, Vishu gets electrocuted, etc. She says his mother is angry because of their carelessness. Anurag says any mother cannot think of harming child. Shristi says maa is always worried about her child, she and Ragini will maa’s heart soon. Anurag tells Revathi that Shristi told her truth, it is his mistake, he should not have mistrusted her. Revathi asks him not to apologize, hugs him, and asks to go to his room and rest.

Ragini asks Shristi what did she tell misterji that he calmed down, she also needs to know to repeat same story. Shristi says she told truth about Vishu being electrocuted because of their ignorance. Ragini says their partnership will work well, she thinks by heart and Shristi by brain. She then tells union people are asking money. Shristi says she will meet them first and find out. Workers come and say they did not get money and cannot work. Shristi reminisces giving Vishu cheque to withdraw and asks if he did not go to bank. Vishu says he went to bank, but manager asked to bring his brother. Shristi says she will go to back. Vishu feels bad that he could not finish given task. Shristi gets union leader’s call who threatens to pay workers, else she will repent. She warns to behave with her and disconnects call. She thinks she needs to fill confidence in Vishu. Vishu returns and says he is fit for nothing. Shristi says even she could not get money and most of them time, she is afraid, that does not mean she will leave job. Vishu says she should not. She explains that everyone are afraid, but they should act as brave. He asks how. She says good question. Aisi dhakad hai… Teri akad ki rassi jal in the background. She wears goggles and walks towards him confidently and kicking chair keeps her foot on it. Vishu carefully watches and says she is and turns.

Ragini walks to her room. Anurag smiles at her and asks to come near her. She feels shy and thinks harmonium plays in her heart when he calls her. Anurag says he was thinking about their honeymoon. Ragini nervously says it did not happen, he should not pressurize his brain. He says where they were going. She anxiously says where everyone goes. He asks where. She says hill station. He asks name. She says Shimla. He asks is it. She says she even packed warm clothes, but then his contract order came. He shows London tickets and asks then what about these. She gets tensed.


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