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Ring of Fire 11 February 2021 update: Ragini reaches her parent’s house. Vani sees her and asks where is damadji. Ragini says she wanted to spent some time in babuji/father’s house, so she came here.

Vikral hugs her and says it is her house and asks her to go and rest while her mother prepares food for her. Ragini goes to her room. Vani notices her sad face and asks if something happened between her and Anurag. Ragini says nothing, she just came to spend time alone.

Anurag thinks of Ragini in his room. Revathi and Dualri walk in and ask him to come down for breakfast. He says he will come down in 2 hours. Ragini in her room reminisces time spent with Anur ag and their love for each other when Anurag had lost memory, their nok jhok, etc. A masked man enters and tries to kidnap her. She hits him, but he ties her hands and lifts her. Vikral walks towards her room, man hides. Vikral gets minister’s call and walks away. Kidnapper leaves carrying her.

Revati with Dulari thanks god for getting her rid of Ragini and says she will serve prasad if Shristi also goes out of house. She says she will reward Dulari and out of many 2000 and 500 rs notes take out 10 rs note and gives it to Dulari as shagun. Shristi claps and says they are trying to bribe god for their heinous act. Revati yells Ragini was a havoc for this house and she herself left house keeping her promise. She asks Shristi to move aside as she has to prepare breakfast for Anurag. Dulari says told not to disturb him for 2 hours. Revati walks away yelling.

Shristi walks to her room sadly thinking she could not stop Ragini. Vishu notices her sad face and thinks of cheering her up. He plays marbles and asks her to help him. She also plays marbles and says he is trying to cheer her up. Vishu smiles.

Kidnapper takes Ragini to a godown where he has already arranged pandit and mantap for their wedding. Ragini warns she is Ragini Singh, Vikral’s daughter and will smash him if he does not leave her. Pandit asks them to spare him first. Man orders to complete their marriage first and starts pheras forcefully. Drama continues.

Masked man forcefully dorns garlands into his and Ragini’s necks and starts pheras around fire while pandit chants wedding mantras. Ragini shouts in anger and warns she is Ragini Singh, Vikral’s daughter and will not spare him. Man forcefully finishes pheras and asks pandit to give sindhoor. Ragini shouts she is already married and it is a big sin. Man forcefully applies sindhoor on her forehead holding gun and walks to pandit to reward him. Ragini stands in a shock and removes his mask. She is shocked to see Anurag. Anurag says he wanted to prove how it feels when relationships are made at gunpoint. He asks if she is feeling bad, she did same with him and did not realize what he was feeling. Who gave her right to forcefully marry him. Ragini says she understands his condition and apologizes for that. He asks who gave her right to risk her life and save his brother, who gave her right to serve him and be with him always. Ragini stands motionless. Anruag asks how can she leave him for promise made to Revathi, did she think how he feels without her, he wants her to do as he says. She says she will do whatever he says.

Vishu and Shristi are busy chatting in living room. Revathi with Dulari walks to them and tells Vishu that Vidhvan is calling him. Vishu leaves. Revathi then taunts Shristi that she is eating food for free, so she has to leave this house. Vishu returns and tells babuji did not call him. Revathi gives envelope to Shristi and asks to read what is in it. Shristi opens envelope. Revathi says it is Anurag’s London ticket, his future is not here but in London.

Anurag continues expressing his love for Ragini and tells if she tries to leave him alone, he will shoot her. She asks how did he get gun. He says it is fake and shows her gift box and says someone gave it when his memory returned and he wants his wife open box. Ragini opens box and says it is a gift given by her father who told she will not get any trouble if it is with her, says she does not need it as her lucky charm her husband is with her. She says she wants to come with him, but is worried about his mother’s order. He says maa is worried about him ,so she misbehaved with Ragini and emotionally hugs her. She thinks he does not know how cruel his mom is.

Shristi gives money envelope to Revathi and says it is her today’s stay money. Revathi says she gives food for free in charity. Dulari says she will keep that money. Revathi says she does not need it and let us see howmany days Shristi will bear expenses. They both walk into Anurag’s room. Shristi and Vishu follow them. Revathi shows Anurag’s London ticket and says again his happiness is in London and asks Dulari to remove Ragini’s photo fro this room. She then calls Anurag and asks where is he, she is waiting for him for breakfast. Anurag says he went out for some fresh air. She says she got a surprise for him. He says even he got a surprise for her. Drama continues.


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