Ring of Fire 29 March 2021: Divya gets emotional seeing bhindi sabji in lunch and says Vishu loved bhindi roti. Shristi feeds her and asks to feed her now. Their emotional bonding and remembering Vishu continues. At Ragini’s house, Vikral shows shooting target to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu excitedly thanks him and asks Ragini to practice shooting with him. She says it is late night now, they will practice tomorrow. At night, Divya cries reminiscing Vishu and asks god why he takes good people like Vishu and not punish goons like Baiju. She calls Anurag. She speaks to him and asks to come home soon with bhabhi soon.

Next morning, Abhimanyu eagerly waits for Ragini and asks Vikral to show his shooting skills. Vikral asks him to show his talent instead. Abhimanyu target practices. Ragini enters. He asks to show her talent now. Anurag enters. Ragini takes position. Abhimanyu praises she is standing like professional, who is her coach. Vikral says who else than him. Ragini reminisces promising Anurag that she will not shoot first, but shoots. Abhimanyu says she missed a bit, let him teach her. He holds her and teaches. Anurag enters holding snacks and gets jealous that nobody can touch his Ragini, let him separate Abhimanyu first. He serves snacks and drops chutney on Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says looks like he is still not skilled at house work. Anurag says may be this house’s food likes his clothes. Vikral scolds him that he is incapable of anything.

Once they both leave, Anurag confronts Ragini and says he cannot see anyone else touching, only he has right on her. She reverts back and says only she has right on herself and only she can decide who can touch her, it is her life and she will marry the boy her father has chosen. Anurag angrily breaks glass. Ragini gets concerned and asks servant to nurse Anurag’s wound. Anurag asks what about his heart wound. Ragini says she is not concerned about his heart anymore. Vikral warns Anurag to mind his business and not interfere in Ragini’s life. Anurag says he is trying to save his life.

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Baiju goes to shopkeeper and forces him. Shristi enters and says Baiju is leach from drain and will always be same who sucks poor’s blood. Shopkeeper says Baiju is giving money instead. Baiju gives money and leaves. Shristi returns home and tells what happened in market. Dulari says Baiju changed like in Bhojpuri films. Revathi says evil cannot change and is acting. Daadi asks not to take evil’s name in this house

Abhimanyu excitedly watches football game on TV. Anurag comments he also likes football a lot and asks Parag which team he supports. Parag says he and Ragini/Guddi likes cricket. Abhimanyu says he was captain of his team. Anurag asks if his state? Abhimanyu says his college team. Anurag says even he was captain of his team and have kicked many goals. Ragini asks him to explain the game. Abhimanyu says it is easy. Ragini says she will bring juice for them all first. Anurag says he is manager and will bring juice. Ragini goes first to kitchen and prepares juice. Anurag enters and keeping her busy in his talks mixes alcohol in Abhimanyu’s glass and adds 2 ice cubes as a sign.

Anurag then serves juice to Abhimanyu and others. Abhimanyu says he will explain what football game is via these juice glasses and exchanges them. Anurag gets tensed who drank alcohol now. They all gulp juice in 1 go. Ragini gets inebriated and starts talking. Anurag realizes she drank alcohol instead and reminiscing her not able to handle alcohol once thinks what to do now. Ragini continues her drama. Parag asks her to calm down as babuji is outside and takes her to room.

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Daadi takes Shristi to temple and asks panditji to do special pooja. Pandita sks her to wait. Shristi sits under tree and seeing children fighting tries to stop them and falls on pooja thali. Pandit angrily shouts she did a big sin by dropping thali and should be punished by tonsuring her head. Shristi confronts and as if her punishment will correct everything, she does not believe in all this and is not ready to bear punishment. Arrogant pandit says this kind of widow is harmful to the society and sould be tonsured. Women around hold Shristi while Daadi pleads to leave her bahu. Women throw water on Shristi. PAndit brings shaver and is about to tonsure Srhsiti’s head when Baiju enters and stops Pandit.

Inebriated Ragini calls Anurag with his name. Anurag says she calls him Misterji. She asks if she should inform everyone who he is. Anurag asks to tell then. Abhimanyu comes. Ragini says she wants to tell him who Anurag is. Their relationship is like pumkin and knife’s..

In temple, Baiju warns pandit and his team to dare not touch Shristi, else they will repent. Pandit says he interfering in religious issues. Baiju says he did a mistake by insulting a woman and cannot looking into his own eyes and his mother’s, they are doing mistake by insulting woman. Puppet asks pandit to move ahead, Baiju is a local goon. Baiju asks to try then. Pandit and his goons attack Shrist. Baiju beats them all.

Ragini continues her drama and says she has a lot of sorrows in life. Anurag asks to tell what sorrows she has and who are the reason. Ragini asks why should she, her husband was a betrayer, she will tell truth to Abhimanyu and takes her mouth near his ears, says he should not hear, she will speak only to babuji. Parag stops her. Ragini asks Abhimanyu if he knows she is already married. He says he knows. She asks if he knows with whom. Parag asks to go to her room. Anurag asks to let her speak her mind and tell howmuch her husband loves her. She says again that her husband betrayed her.

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Abhimanyu takes Ragini to her room and says he will listen to her. Ragini asks to keep finger on his lips and says she used to all her husband as misterji, but he never loved her. He asks is it. She says he did, but fake love. Anurag hears her hiding near door and feels sad and thinks he loves Ragini a lot then and even now.

Baijju cuts Shristi’s hand and then his palm and says pandit that he called shristi as sinner, but she has same blood like his, if he removes pandit’s blood, even it is same. He ties kerchief on Shristi’s wound and says they all search god in idol, but not in a woman who is fighting for life and for her family. Pandit and his team feel guilty.

Ragini continues. Abhimanyu says she is so lovely, who will not love her. Ragini says love is of 2 type, 1 which fulfills each other’s deficiencies and other in which a couple travels together, but when someone comes, they change their partner, same happened with her, she tried to behave like her husband wanted, but she failed. Abhimanyu thinks she told truth, now he will do what he has to. Once he leaves, Anurag walks in and pampers sleeping Ragini and thinks he will clear Ragini’s misunderstanding and take her home.


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