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Ring of Fire 8 February 2021 update: Shristi and Vishu wait outside Ragini’s room hoping Anurag and Ragini’s differences will clear. Dulari spies them. Shristi notices her and asks Vishu behind her. Dulari escapes into room. Vishu searches her saying Dulari is seeing spy movies a lot. Anurag asks Ragnini even she brings food for him, what is wrong if he brings food for her. She says it is fine, but she is not hungry. She hears standing near door and thinks she will make Ragini feed at any cost. Vishu returns and says Dulari did is not found. Dualri comes out of hiding and says she is save this time.

Ragini walks to kitchen thinking Shristi helps them a lot and works hard, she also needs rest. Vishu walks in. Ragini says Shristi works hard, so he should help her. Vishu asks how. Ragini says he should massage Shristi’s head and feel her relaxed. Vishu agrees.

Vishu takes Shristi sit on living room sofa and massages her head. Dulari with Revathi comes and yells she cannot see this shameless act. Revathi yells Vishu is spoiling his father’s name and has become joru ka ghulam/wife’s servant. Vishu says when he pressed her feet last night, she praised him and when pappa presses her feet, she does not say anything. Dulari says bua rules over everyone and asks Revathi why did not she inform phupa presses her feet. Revathi stammers nervously and leaves. After sometime, Vishu decorates swinger with lights and making Shristi sit on it dorns crown on her head and dances on Sun Meri Rani They both dance and enjoy to the core. Revathi and Dulari spy as usual and fume in anger.

Next morning, Shristi and Vishu prepare breakfast. Dulari adds salt in sabji. Divya calls whole family and says Shristi told papa will sit with maa, Ragini with Anruag and Shristi with Vishu as couples and seat in same thali. Revathi yells as usual. Vidhvan says they should support children and it is a good idea. Daadi also likes idea. Dulari says sabji has more salt. Shristi asks how is she so sure. Anruag Anruag tastes food and says it is very tasty. Shristi thinks at last Ragini and Anurag are eating together. Shristi says really there was salt in sabji, but Ragini added boiled potatoes which sucked excess salt. She says there is a chudail in kitchen which adds excess chilies and salts. Dulari coughs hearing that. Revathi scolds and sends her and even herself walks away.

Ragini cleans dining table. Vishu comes and says Shristi’s idea was good . Ragini asks is it, that is why Divya asked all couples to sit together. She says he and Shristi are getting other’s love stories on track, what about them. Vishu says he massaged Shristi’s scalp and extremities and mom was fuming in anger. Ragini says she will give him one more idea, but for that he has to get up early in the morning. Vishu agrees.

Vishu wakes up early morning and reminisces Ragini suggesting him to make breakfast and tea for Shristi and surprise her. He rushes to kitchen while Shristi is still asleep. In another room, Anurag exercise practicing boxing on punching bag. Ragini wakes up. Anurag asks her to give something behind her. She asks if he is speaking to her. He says photo behind her, who else is in this room. She gives it. He laughs on her and asks to see her face. She asks how can she herself. He shows her mirror and says a black dot is on her face and if it fixes on her cheek, she will look like Daku Gabbar Singh instead of Ragini Singh. Their romantic nok jhok continues. Anurag then walks to kitchen to prepare tea for Ragini.

Revathi and Dulari and busy planning their usual conspiracies when Brij returns from outside. Revathi asks where is he coming from early morning. He says exercise to keep himself fit. Dulari says his eyes are red as if he did not sleep whole night, something is wrong.

Vishu prepares tea for Shrisit. Anurag also walks in and asks Vishu if he was intelligent from before or became after his memory loss. Vishu says he is learning and says bhabhi consumes more sugar and not like Anurag who drinks bland tea. He then tells how to carry tea and rose both. Anurag gives tea cups in his hands and asks to says cheers. Vishu does. Anruag cluthes rose in Vishu’s teeth and asks him to go and impress Shristi.

Vishu walks into room holding tea and shivering in shock seeing Shristi in only towel after bathe. Shristi feels shy seeing him and asks to turn. He continues shivering and drops tea on floor burning his hand. Shristi wears clothes and applies medicine to his hand and asks if it is hurting. He says no. Shristi asks him to remind Anurag and Ragini to recheck accounts. Vishu walks down and sees Dulari passing by murmuring nobody is beautiful than her in surrounding villages. He asks her if she has seen someone daily and then think he/she is different today. She says in her village a beggar used to be dirty and suddenly one day he was roaming clean. Vishu reminisces Shristi in towel again and says she will not understand. He goes and informs Ragini and Anurag to check accounts.

Ragini and Anurag start checking accounts. Anurag picks laptop. Ragini calculates spontaneously. Anurag says she is sharper than computer. They continue calculating whole day till 4 p.m. and forget to have lunch. Shristi thinks she will get them more closer and takes lunch for them. Anruag says Ragini did all calculation. Shristi says when you are with loved one, time flies. She asks them to have lunch now. Anurag by mistake drops curry on Ragini’s calculation papers and sari.

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