Ring of Fire update Monday 1st March 2021

Ring of Fire 1 March 2021 update: Ragini rescues Shristi from being given electric shock by Revathi and her team and makes her sleep. She guards Shristi while Shristi is asleep. Anurag comes and takes her along.

Ragini asks him why he is not supporting Shristi. Anurag says he cares for Shristi, but treatment is necessary seeing her mental condition. Ragini is not convinced.

Shristi sits in her room crying. Vishu walks in holding ruler and asks her to punish him for not trusting her. Revathi walks in and scolds him if he has gone mad that he is asking punishment from a lady who tried to kill him. She orders him to go from there. Vishu walks out sadly and seeing Ragini says he could not save Shristi as goons held him. Ragini says he tried his best, consoles him and sends. Revathi sees food in her hand and yells if she
mixed poison or not. Ragini says Revathi’s tongue is more poisonous than anything else. Revathi walks away angrily. Ragini then feeds Shristi.
Next morning, Revathi gives water to Vishu and asks him to do tulsi pooja. Vishu leaves without talking to her. Revathi feels sad. Vidhvan walks down and touches Daadis feet. Revathi calls Divya. Vishu walks towards tulsi plant and passes via big pickle jars kept in balcony. Ragini is sound asleep next to Shristi, guarding her when Shristi wakes up with bipolar disorder and walks holding pickle jar. Rajjo and Brij’s nok jhok continues while reading news paper. Vishu walks to backyard and does pooja when Ragini walks to him.
Shristi walks to terrace and throws jar on Vishu. Ragini rescues Vishu on time. Whole family hears sound and rushes out. They see Shristi on terrace. Shristi gets back to her normal self and stands worried. Ragini walks to her. Shristi asks what happened, she heard loud sound and pickle jar is broken, if she tried to kill Vishu again. Ragini slaps her and holding her hand drags her down. She tells Revathi that she knows she is angry and wants to question Shristi, but before her, she will question Shrisit. She scolds Shristi that she made a mistake trusting her, she attacked Vishu again, she is unfit to be in his house and does not deserve mercy. She apologizes Revathi for mistrusting her and says she cannot repay the losses but can do one thing. She drags Shristi to her room holding steel chains. Shristi says even Ragini lost trust on her. Ragini says she went against whole world for her, but Shristi broke trust again. She ties Shristi to a pillar with steel chains. Dulari gives her lock. Anurag asks Ragini what is she doing, she felt bad till yesterday and today herself tied Shristi.
Ragini ties Shristi to a pillar. Anurag opposes and says it is better she sends Shristi to her parent’s house. Ragini says even she wants to, but risk on Vishu will increase more.
Revatghi says Ragini is doing right and let her do whatever she wants to to protect Vishu. She hugs Ragini and praises her. Ragini says there is no other way than confining Shristin in chains. Rajjo says Ragini did right, now she can shop for her marriage well. Dulari yells Dulari is still worried about marriage while others are worried for their lives.
Rajjo applies nail polish to her nails and tells Brij that she is tension-free now and can concentrate on her wedding arrangements well. She asks Brij to apply nail polish on her nails. He happily obliges and then asks her to continue while he finishes some work.
Rajjo excitedly asks him to finish her list then, she will DJ from Patna and will rock the event. Brij says he loves seeing her talking.
Ragini takes food for Anurag and asks him to have it. Anruag says he did not her to be so rude on Shristi, whatever she is doing is wrong. Ragini asks again to have food. Vidhvan walks in and asks Anurag to drop Shristi to her parent’s home as he cannot see Shristi like this. Ragini says if they send Shristi away in mentally ill condition, her illness will worsen and they will feel guilty and blame themselves. Vidhvan says she is right, but he does not know what to do.
Dulari brings peacock feathers for Revathi and tells she will bring tea for her. Revathi asks from where did she get it. Dulari says she will ward off evil from it. Revathi says if Ragini has one more steel chain, she will tie Dulari. They both go to Shristi’s room and give her chilli smoke. Shristi coughs and suffocates. Vishu walks in and gets concerned, but they both hold him. Ragini walks in and says sasumaa is doing right, evil is ward off same way. She takes Vishu out. Vishu walks to home temple and prays god holding his hand on lamp. Ragini rushes in and tries to stop him followed by Anurag. Vishu says he can tolerate physical pain, but what about mental agony Shristi is going through. He reminisces Shrisit being given electric shock.
Vishu silently walks into Shristi’s room wearing shawl and frees Shristi. Shristi says he should not be here. Vishu says where he should go. Shristi asks to go away from him, she attacked him repeatedly. Vishu says he is her sinner and instead of protecting her, he ran away from his responsibility. Shristi says what Ragini did is right, she can kill him. Vishu says he is not worried about his life. Ragini walks in and asks Vishu to go to his room. Shristi says Ragini is right, Vishu loves her so much even after all this. Ragini ties chains to Shristi and does not find keys. She walks to Vishu and asks keys. He returns keys. She says she can understand his anger, but she is doing what is good for everyone. Vishu says Shristi and he are same and her problem is his problem, he still trust Shristi. Ragini asks him to go and rest.

Shristi tells Ragini that she is unfit for Vishu and is trying to kill him. Ragini says she also feels pain tying her with steels, but she is helpless. She says her mental disorder is different and she changes her expressions when she get her schizophrenic attack, mental disorder does not come suddenly and comes over times slowly. She is sure someone is behind her mental disorder and is using her brain to attack Vishu, so she will find out who the culprit is soon. Shristi says Anurag, Vidhvan, and Vishu are thinking her as wrong. Ragini says if they are doubting her, then her plan is working, soon she will expose the culprit. At night, someone is seen walking into Shristi’s room.

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In the morning, family sits for breakfast. Ragini brings Shristi. Revathi yells why did she bring Shristi down. Ragini says for breakfast at least, Shristi should come down. Revathi yells to take food to Shristi’s room. Family hears drum sound and walk out. They see drummers and Brij. Vidhvan asks Brij what is this. Brij says Rajjo wanted their wedding celebration to go in lavish way. Rajjo says only her saiyan ji understands her. Vidhvan angrily asks Brij to send drummers away. Brij pays them and sends them away.

Vidhvan walks in with family fuming. Brij stops them and tells Revathi that he cannot speak against Vidhvan and amma as he respects them, he respects even her. He calls drummers to celebrate his wedding as he did for Vishu, if his family joins in his happiness, why would he call outsiders. Revathi says she is with him. Vidhvan yells why she is supporting Brij, Vishu’s risk has not cleared yet. Ragini says risk is tied in cages and when sasumaa has taken decision, they should respect it. Rajjo happily says she knew they are good people, so she brought shagun for them. She distributes saris to each family member taunting them. She even gifts sari to Shristi and taunts she cares about everyone. Vishu throws sari and shouts Shristi does not need his sari.. Ragini says Sasumaiya is right, Shrisi is better tied in her room and takes Shristi to her room.

After sometime, Rajjo gets ready for function and asks family if they are all ready, how is she looking. Brij also comes wearing sherwani. Mehandi designers come. Rajjo greets them and asks Daadi if she will not join them. Revathi thinks she has to join in Devarji’s happiness. She dances with guests while Vidhvan and others fume. Rajjo also joins them and dances. Vishu peeps from window and sadly looks at Shristi. Shristi also looks at him crying.

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