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Ring of Fire 18 January 2021 update: Ragini tells Shristi that she can understand her pain. Shristi says she did not lose anything in life, so she will does not understand her pain, but now she will lose a lot.

She throws Ragini’s sindhoor and throws sindhoor box. Ragini picks it and asks if she has gone mad. Shristi says she is worried about her sindhoor, she stole it from her. Ragini says she is going through wrong phase, that does not mean she will speak wrong. Shristi says she snatched her husband and snatched even her dignity, why did she bring papa. Ragini says she is thinking wrong, she brought her papa because. Shristi shouts enough, she is insecure that Anurag is still interested in her, so she plotted plans against her. Ragini says Shekhar plotted against her. Shristi shouts to shut up and says she snatched Anurag, then made Vishu against her, her family against her, her sasural against her, now she wants to snatch Shekhar, who gave her that right. She challenges Ragini that she will snatch all her relationships, she will snatch Aurag first. Ragini warns to stop crossing her limits. Shristi challenges that she crossed all her limits and came here, now it is Ragini’s turn to lose.

Dulari prepares halwi and tells Ragini that she prepared tasty halwa in her sasural and her sasur gave her 100 rs gift, let her see how much gift phuphaji will give. Shristi comes and starts preparing her breakfast. Revati comes ands shouts she cannot come to her kitchen. Shristi ignores her and says she has equal right on this house. Revathi asks to show her right in court and not here. Shristi says she came to prepare food, will have food and only then will go. Revath says she learnt misbehaving. Dulari takes Revathi from there. Ragini tells she is using wrong way to prove herself innocent, she should change it. Shristi says she herself went on same dabang path and now giving her moral gyaan to change it. Ragini leaves saying she is doing wrong.

Vishu sits in his tent sadly when Revathi serves food and yells Shristi is creating havoc here. Ragini convinces Vishu to have breakfast. Anurag asks where is Shristi. Revathi fumes. Shristi comes and tries to take seat, but Vishu pulls chair and warns her to get out. Anurag asks Vishu to behave. Dulari drops Shristi’s plate and apologizes. Anurag scolds her and asks Shristi to take another plate. Shristi says she is full now and leaves. Anurag yells at Revathi that she did wrong and leaves. Revathi continues that Shristi is shattering their family.

Sumer sits next to Purshotam and while Purshotam is asleep. Surekha comes and asks Sumer to go and check Shristi as she is worried about her. Sumer says she should be worried about papa instead, whole court is talking bad about Shristi and laughing on them, papa got low BP and he brought papa home, even then she is worried about Shristi, he cannot obey her and leaves.

Shristi cries in her room reminisces recent incidents. Anurag brings her food and consoles her. Ragini also brings good, sees that and thinks Shristi started executing her plan. She thinks wrong happened to Shristi and she is trying to get her justice, but she is doing wrong trying to break Anruag and her relationship and will lose a lot because of that.

Anurag is busy working on his laptop when Ragini brings him milk and says if he can get solution by starving, even she would have tried, but it is not possible, he should have milk. Anurag says loving words don’t suit her, she ate nicely and is showing fake love. Ragini asks him to be specific. Anurag yells to stop her dual face, she was boasting to help Shristi, what happened now. Ragini says she saw how Revathi was yelling, it is better to expose Shekhar instead of helping Shristi. Anurag as usual yells not to show old grudge on Shekhar and stop her plans. He continues yelling. Ragini drinks milk and sleeps and in dreams beats Shekhar. Anurag yells that she is shooting even in dream, she will never change. Ragini fumes that Anurag will never change.

In the morning, Shristi does pooja in temple. Revathi pushes her away and warns not to touch temple with her dirty hands. Shristi yells that she sold her sons and is dirty instead. Dulari confronts and warns how dare she is to call bua dirty. Shristi twists her hand and warns she will file cases against her. Ragini thinks kanoon ki devi has become chandi, let it go. Surekha comes and is shocked to see Shristi’s misbehavior and says she came to support her daughter, but is shocked to see her misbehaving with elders. Shristi says she is fighting for her right and knows how to behave with others, she can go. Surekha says how can she go seeing her misbehaving with others. Shristi says she knows what she is doing and asks her to never come back. Surekha leaves. Dulari tells Revati that Shristi’s misbehavior is increasing, she has to do something. Shristi walks to her room feeling guilty for insulting her mother. Ragini thinks Shristi did not spare her mother and is going away from everyone.

Shekhar in his cabin fumes how can Shristi go away from him, he even defamed her, but she went back to her in-laws, now he will make her a widow to get her back. Ragini working in kitchen thinks Shristi’s misbehavior is increasing, reminisces Shristi’s challenge to snatch Anurag and thinks of doing something. She thinks amma told way to husband’s heart is via his stomach. She prepares kheer and keeps it on dining table. Anurag comes and she praising her kheer herself. Anurag munches bread. Ragini asks to have kheer. He says no thanks. She says she made it specially for him. He says really and asks why, if she is fine. She says she felt to feed him sweet. Shristi joins and munches bread. Revati and Dulari fume.

Mukhyayan comes and starts taunting Revathi that she has great tolerance to tolerate her characterless bahu. Anurag scolds that she does not have any other work peeping in some other’s house. Mukhyayan says everyone like seeing drama. Ragini warns she will break her mouth. Shristi says she will and kick her out. Revathi yells how dare she is to misbehave with her guest. Ragini says she is befriending her enemy, she is really great. She knows how to punish wrongdoers and asks Mukhyayan which jail she wants to go. Revathi yells at Shristi. Anurag takes Shristi’s side and asks Mukhyayan to get out. Mukhyayan asks Revathi tot ake care of herself and leaves. Revathi says her family is being insulted because of characterless Shristi, she will kick her out. Shristi says she will see who will touch her. Anurag interferes and scolds Revati again and leaves with Shristi. Revati says Shristi not to think she won, she will see Vishu’s second marriage and will be helpless.

Revathi challenges Shristi that she will get Vishu remarried. Shristi warns if she dare tries, she will file case against her and make her repent. Revathi says she will do whatever she wants to and Shristi and her law will just watch drama.

Shekhar hires goon to kill Vishu and asks to kill Vishu slowly as Shristi has not divorced Vishu, so if Vishu dies, people will doubt him. He tells he wants Vishu’s death as accident, Vishu and his brother are into construction business and goon can do something there and nobody should doubt him. Goon leaves. Shekhar praises himself that he is too good.

Surekha returns home. Sumer asks where did she go. Surekha says she had gone to Shristi’s sasural and she has changed. Purshotam says good even she saw Shristi’s changed form. Surekha says they are responsible for her change and she is worried fr Shristi.

Ragini packs kheer for Anurag and thinks how to go. Anurag calls Vidhvan and says he forgot file and asks to bring it. Ragini hearsand thinks of accompanying him to go and convince Anurag. She tells Vidhvan that she prepared kheer for Vishu and wants to give it to him personally. Vidhvan agrees and takes her along. Vishu at office tells Anrurag that 2 cement bags are missing. Anruag says he told labors to take cement bags. Vishu says he will note it down then. Anurag thinks his brother is so dedicated even after his personal problems. Ragini enters calling Vishu and says she brought him kheer. Anurag thinks why did this problem came here. Vidhvan comes behind. Vishu gets happy seeing kheer. Ragini asks if he hired more labors as there is a crowd outside. Vishu says it is next site’s labors. Ragini says he should be careful as labors can steal. Vidhvan says Anurag he should be careful. Vishu takes Vidhvan to show site. Ragini sits and turns fan towards her. Anurag yells it is for boss. Ragini says she is born boss and is habituated to luxuries. She plays radio and Jabse Hui hai Shaadi aansoon baha raha hoon….song..plays in the background. Anrug imagines serving Ragihi as a servant and singing song. He cries. Ragini asks what happened to him. He says even superman cannot stay with her and leaves.

Shekhar calls Shristi and asks her to return. She says she cannot return before poving her innocent and asks him to understand her situation as a friend. Shekhar asks her to attend office at least. She says she will after situation normalizes. Shekhar fumes and calls goon next and asks about his progress. Gons says he will get a news tonight.

Chauhan’s wife comes to Revathi with gifts again. Revathi promises Shanti’s wedding with Vishu. Shristi enters and says she is Vishu’s wife and they dare think of Vishu’s second marriage, they will go to jail. Revathi warns her to shut her mouth. Shristi argues with her. Vishu enters and warns Shristi to dare not misbehave with his mother.

Vishu sees Shristi misbehaving with Revathi and warns her to lower her voice I front of his mother. Shristi asks Mrs. Chauhan to go, else she will face dire consequences. Anruag asks Mrs. Chauhan to go now. Shristi asks Anurag to explain his mother not to create problems, else she will be in trouble. Vishu gets more angry, pulls gun from Narad’s pocket and points at Shristi to stop, else he will shoot. Shekhar’s goon shoots at Vishu from outside and it hits vase. Vishu panics. Ragini says bullet was from outside. Anurag and Brij run out and see goon speeding on his bike. Ragini consoles Vishu and makes him relax in his tent. Anurag blames Narad and Ragini that their enemy attacked them. Narad says his gun is empty. Ragini says it is because of his construction site rivalry. Anruag shouts again. Vidhvan asks not stop fighting, it is time to keep themselves united and says goon will attack them again. Ragini consoles Vishu again and says he did not shoot bullet.

Goon meets Shekhar and informs that he frightened Vishu’s family. Shekhar sipping alcohol praises him and asks to continue frightening Vishu’s family and asks him to go now. He praises himself next.

Vidhvan tells family it is a serious concern that their family is attacked. Brij says he knows bahubalis of this area and will find out who dared to attacked their family. Anruag stops him and says he should not contact goons to find out about another goon, they should find some other way.

Shristi reminisces Vishu pointing gun at him. She goes to Anurag and tells he needs to suggest him something and says they should file police complaint. Anurag says she is right and any suggestion from her is welcome. She says only he understands her and says she will ask Shekhar to start formalities. Ragini sees that and reminisces Shristi challenging her that she will snatch Anurag from her and thinks Shristi already started her moves.

Revati fumes in front of Brij and tells him that Shristi’s is troubling a lot and they should find a bigger lawyer than hr to tackle her judicially.

Ragini calls Narad and says after attack, family has panicked, he should find out who this ew enemy is and keep a close eye on Shekar. Shristi hears that and thinks why Ragini is behind Shekhar, she needs to find out.

Revati with Brij try to walk out of house when Dulari stops them and starst starts her drama. She tells she will on Revathi’s phone and take instructions. Revathi asks if she forgot that she lost phone last week. Shristi hears that and thinks then who called her from Revathi’s number.


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