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Ring of Fire 29 January 2021 update: Anurag asks Ragini where they were going for honeymoon. She says Shimla. He shows London tickets and asks then what are these. She says Parag brought these on same day, but they had to cancel due to his contract commitment. She nervously says she has a lot of work and walks away leaving Anurag confused.

Shirsti teaches Vishu how to act bold. Vishu enacts and asks when will he get his money. She says that is good. He she was looking like Ragini in goggles. She laughs. Ragini calls her and asks if she had called. Shrisi says union leader is not letting workers to work. Ragini asks to break him. Anurag enters and asks if she speaks like this in her village. She says she is talking to her aunt. Shristi asks what aunt. Ragini says her misterji is around and speaks in code language again. Shristi understands and disconnects call. Ragini asks Anurag if he wants to have his favorite roti and aloo sabji. He asks if aloo is his favorite and asks if he can get pickle. She says. He asks if she has to break bottle for pickle. She says it is full and no need to break it.

Shristi thinks she taught Vishu how to act confidently, now she will test him. She goes to him and says tonight she and Ragini are going to meet union leader and he should keep it a secret. He agrees. Ragini waits for Anurag to sleep, but he continues reading book. She thinks if he will sleep or not today. Anurag asks if she needs anything. She says she has to go to her aunt’s house. He asks pickle aunt? Shristi brings sleeping pill mixed milk and asks Ragini to feed it to Anurag and once she signals her come out. She greets Anurag and leaves. Ragini pampers Anurag and forces him to drink milk. He takes glass. She says he will go to washroom and leaves. She returns and sees him asleep, thinks once aunt/Shristi will signal her, she will go out. She keeps his book aside and waits. Shristi shows torch. Ragini checks Anurag and tries to get up. He sleeps holding her hand. She thinks she has to struggle a lot and leaves freeing her hadn silently.

Shristi picks gun and silently leaves from her room. Anurag opens eyes and thinks he will find out Ragini’s truth, so he did not drink milk. Ragini points gun into union leader’s mouth and warns that she is Vikral’s daughter Ragini Singh and is stil same, if he lets workers work, she will spare him, else he will shoot h er. Anurag comes there. Shristi sees him and hurriedly takes gun from Ragini and warns union leader if he will not work after taking money, she will file police complaint against him, it is better they work together. Ragini asks why she is requesting him, but stops seeing Anurag. Anurag praises them and says he will withdraw money from bank tomorrow, he would have done same, continues praising them.

Anurag praises Ragini and Shristi’s braveness. He says that is why Ragini forced him to drink sleeping pill mixed milk. Shristi says they tried, but he is so intelligent and caught them. Anurag says he lost him memory and not his intelligence. He praises them again.

Next morning during breakfast, Daadi says she is happy that her both bahus have taken their responsibilities well. Revathi fumes hearing that. Shristi feeds breakfast to Vishu. Ragini thinks why should she be behind and tries to feed Anurag. Food falls on him. He cleans from her palllu. She gets nervous. Daadi says this year both bahus will prepare lamps for pooja. Revathi yells there would be a lot of cleaning work, so Shristi and Ragini will clean house. Ragini says she will after coming from construction work.

Vishu stands thinking something in his room. Shristi enters and asks what is he thinking. He says he gets inspiration from her. They praise each other. Shristi picks broom to clean. Vishu insists to help her and takes broom from her. Revathi enters and yells that her son came from site and Shristi is forcing him to work. Vish says he insisted to work as he was taught that Gandhiji used to do his chores himself. Revathi leaves yelling. Shristi cheers up Vishu and says according to her, whoever does both external and internal work is complete man. She tickles his bones and even he does. Their bonding continues.

Ragini cleans her room yelling. Anurag entes and dust falls on him. Ragini apologizes. Shrist and Vishu enter and laugh seeing dirt on Anurag’s face. Ragini helps clean it. Shristi gives cheque to Anurag and asks him to and withdraw it with Vishu . They both help each other and clean room. Dulari and Revathi’s jokergiri start. Revathi scolds Dulari for not helping her properly. Vishu returns and gives money bag to Shristi informing what he learnt in bank. Shristi asks Vishu to keep money bag in cupboard. Dulari watches hiding.

Daaadi calls Shristi and Ragini and says she had a dream of gifting bangles to her Anurag and Vishu’s wives. Dulari says let us start with Shrisit. Revathi fumes in jealousy Daadi gives bangle to Shristi and then ragini. Ragini says she cannot take it as she is not capable of wearing it for now. She walks away. Shristi follows her and asks why she di not accept bangle. Ragini says she has a lot of bangles. Shristi says it is daadi’s bangle, she is hiding something. Ragini says Anurag does not remember their fights as he lost memory, once he gets back memory, he wll fight again. Shristi asks her not to stop living today worrying for future.

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