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Ring of Fire 12 February 2021 update: Revathi asks Anurag to come home soon as she got a surprise for him. He says even he got a surprise for her and asks if she needs fruits are anything.

Revathi asks him to just return home as she has even prepared English breakfast for him. Ragini says his mom warned not to come back home. Anurag asks her not to worry, he will handle situation.

Vishu in his room happily dances and asks Shristi to dance with him. Shristi dances with him and asks reason. He says mission hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye.

Anurag takes Ragini to Vikral’s house and they both take Vikral and Vani’s blessings. They both bless them. Ragini asks what next, she cannot return home after sasuma’s order. Anurag asks not to worry, he is on mission hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye mission. She asks waht is it. He says wait and watch.

Revathi prepares English breakfast with Dulari for Anurag and tells Dulari that she is very happy that Ragini is out of his house permanently. Vidhvan enters and asks why she is preparing English breakfast. Revathi says for Anurag. She walks and sees Anurag entering. Ragini enters behind him. Vishu says he is very happy seeing bhabhi and will bring aarti for her greeting. Revathi shouts why did Ragini come back. Anurag says she herself messaged to bring Ragini bahu and shows message. Revathi continues yelling and asks him to send Ragini back, he hates her. he says he does, but she is Vikral’s daughter and Vikral will shoot them. He leaves. Vishu does Ragini’s aarti and gets her in. Ragini tells Shristi that sasusma is irked seing her back. Shristi says once she called, she messaged Anurag from Revathi’s phone. Anurag says they cannot continue this drama soon and Ragini has to convince Revathi soon and sings hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liye….song… Shristi asks Ragini to remind Revathi how much she had liked her. Ragini says Revathi will kick out Shristi then. Drama continues…

Revathi tells Dulari that she knows who sent message to Anurag from her mobile, they think she is fool, but she is not. She burns Shrisit’s mobile and yells that she knows she is the one sent message to Anurag and warns that her plans will not work on her and soon she will be kicked out of this house.

Anurag gets romantic with Ragini and asks her to kiss him. She hesitates. He acts as angry. She tries to calm him down and agrees for a kiss. Revathi enters. They see her and start fighting verbally abusing each other. Ragini throws pillow him Anurag. Revathi thinks Ragini is still troubling her son. Anurag throws pillow on Ragini and acts. Revathi yells at Ragini, then acts as on her side and says from hereon Ragini will sleep in Dulari’s room. Anurag tries to convince her not to, but Revathi gets adamant. Ragini walks with her. Anurag gets frustrated that his mother is a big hurdle between his and Ragini’s romance.

Revathi takes Ragini to Dulari’s room and orders she will stay here from here. Ragini holds her. Revathi gets afraid and says she is not afraid of anyone. Ragini makes her sit on bed and apologizes her. Revathi asks if it is for breaking promise repeatedly and returning back. Ragini says for evertying and says she wants her old sasuma back. Revathi yells she is not convinced and Ragini will stay in Dulari’s room forever.

Revathi and Dulari’s drama continues. Revathi calls Shristi and asks where is today’s rent. Shriti says she will pay in the evening. Revathi says she does not have to pay today’s rent, she has to clean dirty clothes and asks Dulari to dump more clothes. Shristi picks dirty cloths. Ragini watches her sadly. Shristi tries to cheer her up. Ragini goes aside and orders washing machine via phone.

Vishu goes to help Shristi and says they are lie partners and should help each other. Shristi says sasuma will get angry. He says he has only 3 months left for divorce, so he wants to spend most time with her. They both wash clothes and enjoy quality time. Revathi comes and yells at Shristi and says she has to pay 20,000 per month as rent, then says she will give her concession and she has to pay 10,000 rs. Ragini returns happily announcing that washing machine has come. Family gatehrs. Vishu opens box. A woman comes out of it. They all look at her in surprise.

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