Ring of Fire October 2020 Teasers: Anurag looses his memory after regaining consciousness. Coming up on Ring of Fire October 2020 Teasers.

Zee World Ring of Fire October 2020 Teasers

Episode 1

Anurag regains awareness and calls out to Ragini. However, when the family reaches Anurag, they recognize that Anurag has lost his memory. Ragini spends all her time functioning Anurag in the hospital. Afterwards, Shrishti decides to depart Vishu’s house now that she has rid herself of the false allegations.

Episode Two

Ragini prepares to bring Anurag home and Anurag, who’s lost his memory, pours countless questions regarding his marriage using Ragini and also his present condition. Afterwards, in her hatred towards Shrishti, Anurag’s mother arranges for a sage’s welcome to the home. The sage claims by getting Vishu and Shrishti to remain far from each other, Vishu will rid himself of all worries.

Episode 3

Ragini, tries to explain Anurag’s business to him ends up surprised when Anurag seems to recover his memory throughout the evening. The following day, the builders arrive to close the contract that they have with Anurag along with his construction company. Vishu’s mother isn’t happy as the sage’s orders to keep Vishu and Shrishti from each other has met failure.

Episode 4

Shrishti tells Revati that they should put their differences aside and concentrate on treating Anurag early as they’re currently only harming him more. Just as Anurag gets up in anger, he still feels light-headed and faints. Afterwards, Revati blames Ragini to get Anurag’s condition.

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Episode 5

Anurag queries Shrishti concerning the reason for such hatred that his family has . However, Shrishti speaks to Anurag and makes him think that his mom is simply mad with her daughters-in-law and isn’t wrong.

More Teasers and Date to be Available soon.


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