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Ring of Fire Monday 3 February 2020: Shristi looks at Anurag’s photo lying on bed. Poonam enters and taunts her.

Ring of Fire Monday 3 February 2020: Shristi shyingly asks why did she come at night, she would have phoned her. Poonam says she has to talk about her alliance. Vikral speaks to minister over phone to minister and orders to concentrate on tender, if they get it, they will get a lot of wealth. Ragini enters with money bag. Vikral returns it to her and asks to keep it for her marriage expenses.

A man comes to Vidhvan’s house hurriedly and asks Daadi where is Vidhvan. She says he went to court and asks what happened. He says he had opened a grocery shop with Vidhvan’s donation money and now goons want to take over the land. Daadi says even Birju is not at home, so he should go to police. Man gets disheartened and says he will wait till Vidhvan comes. Revati comes out and says Anurag will help her. Daadi says Anurag does not know anything about village rules. Revati says after so many days someone came seeking help and it is their duty to help. She sends Anurag with him.

Vikral’s goons wait for man to return with his help before breaking his shop. Parag comes there and orders to break shop soon as he took money from land owner. Bulldozer heads towards shop. Anurag enters and stops it. Parag sees Anurag and tries to call goon from a distance. Revati calls Birju and informs that Anurag has gone to help someone and he should go and make sure people praise Anurag. He reaches for help. Goon picks call and Parag says it is Anurag, their jija. Goon gets afraid, apologizes Anurag and leaves. Birjju notices everything. People praise Anurag and lift him.


Vidhvan returns home and tries to call Birju and Anurag, but they both don’t pick calls. He gets tensed. People bring Anurag on their shoulder chanting his name. Vidhvan asks Birju what is all this. He explains whole incident and says it is all because of Vikral’s support. Anurag says he does not want to be associated with a goon and they can cancel his marriage even with Shristi. Vidhvan shouts and orders Birju to return Vikral’s money.

Shhristi changes Anurag’s mobile contact to Jeevan Saathi/life partner and thinks when they used to study in school, she did not know they would be life partners soon. She continues dreaming about Anurag.

Shristi’s brother gifts chocs, toys and other childhood items and emotionally says since she is getting married soon, he thought of returning her items which he snatched in childhood. Mother comments brother and sister’s relationship is unique and gift exchange will continue who life. Bother says he will give gift his whole life.

A businessman comes to meet Vikral with protection money. Vikral frightens him that he is above law and nobody dares to go against him, only he can protect businessmen in this area. His goons trash another businessman in an ambulance. Ragini orders clothes for Anurag and store manager makes models wear clothes and shows them to Ragini. Rangini says where is sherwani. He says he could not get model. She asks to become a model himself and sends to change behind tree. He comes out wearing sherwani. Ragini imagines Anurag in each model. Brij enters with money bag and is shocked to see goons trashing businessman and another businessman standing shivering. Vidhvan greets him and introduces as his samdhi. He boasts that he just orders. Ragini comes and says she selected these clothes for Anurag. Vidhvan gives one more money bag and asks to start marriage preparations.

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Vidhvan with Purshotam asks pandit to find Anurag and Shristi’s marriage dae. Pandit says it is after 4 months. Brij enters with 2 bags. Vidhvan fumes seeing it and angrily asks to find near date. Pandit says it is after 4 days. Vidhvan fixes marriage after 4 days. Brij informs Revati that Vidhvan is adamant about marriage and will not listen. Revati says it is good and asks to take care of money bags.

Purshotam informs Surekha and son about marriage after 4 days. Surekha says she feels something is fishy. Purshotam says nothing is fishy and asks to start marriage arrangements. Shristi hears their conversation.

Anurag goes to daadi and says what was the need for such a hurry, he is settling on one issue and papa starts another. He just came from London and needs time to settle down. Daadi asks him to relax as he is marrying the girl he likes.

Shristi writes all her fears on laptop. Her mother comes and says she can write good things instead of bad ones on her laptop. Shristi says she hopes so. Mother says she has a good news for her and says her marriage is after 4 days. Shristi says she does not know if it is good news or bad. Mom cheers her up.

Vidhvan gets ready well and tells Revati that he is going to meet a special person today. She asks who is it. He walks out of room and says Vikral. He calls Brij and asks to get Vikral’s money bags as he does not want to be associated with a goon. Brij says Vikral is very dangerous and he will not let him go. Vidhvan shouts if he respects his words, he should just back off. Revati asks why he is getting too adamant. Vidhvan continues shouting. Brij pleads to let him handle this. Vidhvan finally agrees.

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Ragini hires English teacher to learn English and impress Anurag. She asks teacher how to tell Anurag babu she likes him. Teacher repeats. She asks where is babu in it. Teacher says there is no word for that. She scolds him. A poor man with is wife and daughter meets her net and pleads that a boy betrayed her daughter and does not want to marry her as his parents want more dowry. His daughter and boy used to study in a college and like each other, but he is marrying other girl for dowry. Ragini takes boy’s photo and asks his name. Father says Pavan and offers money. She says she does not do business in laxmi’s case and says his work will be done.
Shristi’s friend Poonam comes to meet her and feeds sweets. She says her marriage is after 2 days and she heard her marriage is after 4 days. Shristi says yes. Poonam shows her fiance’s photo. Shristi says he is Pavan then. Poonam says she has to help her in wedding arrangements.

Poonam’s marriage starts. All friends gather. They discuss about Shristi’s wedding next with Anurag. Anurag calls Shristi. Shristi leaves phone with Poonam. Poonam picks call and talks in village language. Anurag identifies her and asks who is she. She says Poonam, Shristi’s friend. He says he remembers. She says it is her marriage today. He congratulates her. Shrisi comes and speaks to Anurag. Poonam’s mother comes and asks her to give phone to her husband. Shristi goes phone to Poonam’s father. Father speaks to Pavan’s father who says Pavan eloped and baraat will not come. Everyone present are shocked hearing that. Ring of Fire 3 February 2020


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