Ring of Fire April Teasers 2021 Zee world

Ring of Fire April Teasers 2021:  Anurag’s family members then step in and calm things down between the duo. Later, a monk performs a ritual and asks Vidvaan and Revati to sprinkle holy water in the house to bring them good fortune.

Ring of Fire April Teasers 2021 Zee world

Ring of Fire April Teasers 2021 Zee world

Zee World Ring of Fire April 2021 Teasers

Thursday 1 April 2021

Episode 128

Anurag sees Abhimanyu with a suitcase and gets excited at the prospect of him leaving. Furthermore, Abhimanyu requests Anurag to get his suitcase fixed for him. When Divya calls Anurag, Parag receives the call and thinks that it is his brother on the other end. He then informs her that Anurag is out on some urgent work.

Friday 2 April 2021

Episode 129

Divya is suspicious of Baiju’s true intentions and questions his presence at the time when Revati was in a life-threatening situation. Further, Ragini is visited by Abhimanyu, who tries to make her understand that he truly loves her. Anurag is worried because he has a flashback of Abhimanyu complimenting Ragini and is afraid of losing her.

Saturday 3 April 2021

Episode 130

Ragini gets up and informs the woman posing as Anurag’s wife that it was she who was married to him. Meanwhile, Baiju locates the place where Shrishti is kept captive by her father’s enemies and reaches there. He fights the ruffians and saves Shrishti.  Abhimanyu blatantly asks Anurag why he decided to stay back at Ragini’s house despite the differences in their relationship. Anurag, unaffected by his question, tells him that he wants to pay his penance.

Sunday 4 April 2021

Episode 131

Anurag interferes when Abhimanyu is asked to select a ring for Ragini. When Ragini’s old ring, which was given by Anurag, doesn’t budge out of her finger, Abhimanyu applies some moisturiser and takes it out, which hurts Anurag.  Even after Baiju wins the competition, Shrishti refuses to make him his bodyguard and instead chooses Shankar for that position. Baiju tries to convince her to rethink her decision but she does not listen to him. Meanwhile, Parag asks Ragini to behave properly in front of Abhimanyu’s family before their dinner. At the same time, Anurag also asks Abhimanyu to handle Ragini with care. This makes him think and he decides to tweak his plans regarding his dinner with Ragini.


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