Ring of Fire 9 December 2020 update: On Ring of Fire Wednesday update 9 December 2020, Ragini tries to lure Anurag dancing around him sensuously. He pushes her on floor and leaves. Ragini thinks how to lure him. She watches herself in mirror and thinks she is beautiful, then why Anurag is running from her, how to convince him to go on honeymoon. Anurag goes down and sees Dulari, then Revati, Divya, Shristi and Vishu watching him. Vishu says Anurag that there was a loud sound from his room, so Shristi was unable to read and came out of room, even he did not like it, now music has stopped and he is happy. Anurag walks out of house.

Dulari walks into Ragini’s room and asks if she convinced Anurag for honeymoon trip. She sadly nods no. Dulari asks with whom Anurag’s marriage was fixed first. Ragini says Shristi. Dulari says when Shristi is in same house, it is obvious that Anurag will be looking at her and ignoring Ragini. She should try to keep Shrsiti away from Anurag somehow. Ragini asks how. She says Anurag is going out Hari Nagar tomorrow, she should accompany him and make sure he falls for her and looks only at her and not Shristi.

Shristi wakes up in the morning and does not find Vishu. She hurriedly opens cupboard and picks clothes thinking she has to rush for exam. Vishu comes out of bathroom wearing towel and turns seeing her. She also turns back shyingly and asks him to wear clothes. He says kaaki gets him clothes. She gives him clothes and he wears them. She asks him to correct his collar. He tries. She corrects it and goes to bathroom to change.


Ragini hurriedly wakes up thinking she has to go to Hari Nagar. She does not find Anurag and rushes to bathroom to get ready before he returns having breakfast. Anurag hurriedly finishes breakfast hurriedly and goes to his room. Ragini says she will accompany him to Hari nagar as she needs to shop. He yells he does not have time for her silly shopping and leaves. Shristi tells Vidhvan that she is going to Hari nagar for exam. Vidhvan asks Anurag to take her along. He agrees. Revati comments what will Shristi do studying so much when she cannot even handle house properly. Anurag shouts why she is objecting, what problem she has. Ragini enters and says she has problem, he is her husband and it is his duty to fulfill her demands, he denied taking her for shopping and is going with Shristi instead. Anurag says Shristi is going for important work and Ragini wants to shop, so he will not take her. Shristi comments not to lose family’s peace because of her, she will go alone. Vidhvan starts Anurag’s duty is to maintain peace at home. Ragini says why don’t they all 4 go out and asks Vishu also to accompany, they will shop while Shristi and Anurag finish their work. Revati happily nods yes. Vidhvan gives car keys to Anurag.

Anurag, Ragini, Shristi, and Vishu head towards Hari Nagar. Ragini tells car is old, but it does not matter to her as she is sitting next to her mister/Anurag. She would have driven fast, but she will sit next to her mister. Vishu says he will sit next to bhaiya. Dulari signals Ragini to stop o him. Ragini says Anurag is her husband and she has to sit next to him, Vishu can sit with his wife Shristi. Vishu agrees and sits next to Shristi while Ragini sits next to Anurag.

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Anurag drives car. Ragini continues commenting and looking at him. Anurag corrects mirror to look behind. Ragini sees Shristi in mirror, gets jealous thinking Anurag is watching Shristi and turns mirror. She plays FM radio and a romantic song plays. She changes channel and another romantic song plays. She nervously says comments and dreams of dancing with Anurag on a romantic song in 80s style. She comes out of flashback. Anurag takes steep turn and Ragini slips. He apologizes her and she says it is okay. Vishu asks Shristi if she is fine. She says yes.

Ragini sees dhaba and says Anurag she needs to eat something. He scolds her it is just 20 min they left and she wants to eat again. Vishu says Shristi did not have breakfast. Anurag applies brakes immediately and asks Shristi in English if she did not eat. She says yes, but it is okay. He takes car to dhaba. Ragini feels sad, but says this is same dhaba they met first time while she was trying to catch her debtor and fell in Anurag’s love.

They both walk into dhaba. Manager sees Ragini and greets her in. Ragini feels proud. They sit. Manager asks Anurag what they wants to have. He asks him to give menu to Shristi. Shristi reads menu and orders food in English. Ragini gets confused and jealous. She tries to order in English, then gets angry when manager does not understand. She orders juice with great difficulty. Anurag orders black coffee. Ragini orders same and scolds manager. Harihar Singh and his wife enter. Vishu touches their feet. Shristi greets them. Ragini touches their feet and says even she is intelligent. Anurag asks how do they know they are here. Harihar singh says he knows where ever they where are they heading to. Anurag says Hari nagar to meet some builder. Harihar Singh says builder is a thug and has many cases against him. Ragini thinks her mister is searching for a job and now she knows what he needs.


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