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Ring of Fire 5 January 2021 update: Ragini tells Vikral that she has to meet engineer. Vani asks Narad to meet engineer with Parag, Ragini will go with Anurag. At Vidhvan’s house, he is busy discussing business with Brij. Vishu comes holding corn. Vidhvan asks if he is fine now. Vishu nods yes and thinks he will meet Shiristi at any cost.

Shristi sees corn and says why did Vishu bring corn again. She turns and sees Shekhar who says nothing is better than corn in rainy season. She says one more thing is good and serves him samosas. He thanks her. She says this is nothing in front of what he did for her and counts his favors.

Ragini denies accompanying Anurag to VDO office and says she lied. He says he will inform babuji and walks in. Vikral points gun. Parag says it is jijaji. Vikral says he was cleaning gun and checking target. Anurag asks if Ragini told him something. Vikral asks what is it. Ragini stops him. He says he does not know to shoot and Ragini is scolding him. Vikral says what is a big deal in it. Anurag asks Ragini if she is coming to VDO’s office or not. Ragini agrees. They travel in car. He calls Brij who sees India number and asks if he did not go to London. Anurag says he could not go and is at Ragini’s house. Revati hears that and gets worried, asks if Vikral kidnapped him again. Vidhvan also hears and panics. Anurag says he is fine and came here to fulfill maa’s wish. Vidhvan asks what is it. Anurag says he is trying to convince Ragini and bring her back home. Revati says he did very good and saved their life, asks to bring bahu soon. Vishu thinks bhabhi is returning home, even Shristi should return.

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Anurag and Ragini reach VDO office. VDO gets afraid and asks if they are really married. Ragini shows mangalsutra and asks he needs any other proof. Anurag asks to approve his project. VDO reminisces Ragini ordering not to. Ragini asks to approve. He does. They both reach home. Anurag holds Ragini and thanks her. She fumes. Vikral sees them. Anurag says Ragini is angry that he took her help. Vikral says her husband has first right on her and asks whre is his project. Anurag says location. Vikral says their new house is built there. Vani comes and says graham pravesh has not yet happened. Vikral says new couple will do graha pravesh then. Vani says it is good. Anurag says he is hungry and asks Ragini to serve him food. Ragini thinks she will make him sleep hungry.

Shekhar speaks over phone and thanks. Shekhar asks whom she is thanking. She says tomorrow is Vishu’s doctor’s checkup and she reminded doc. Shekhar says she felt better to remind doctor instead of Vishu’s family. She says yes. He says boss is right and says let us go to restaurant soon.

Vikral returns home and seeing Anurag preparing dinner scolds Vani why he let damad babu prepare food. Ragini fumes that she did not give him lunch, so he is creating drama. Anurag says Ragini helped him in getting contract, so he is preparing special dishes for her. Vikral asks Ragini to help damad babu in kitchen. Ragini walks with Anruag and scolds. He flirts with her as usual. Anurag serves dinner and insists Vikral and Vani to sit next to each other and have candle light dinner. They both sit shyingly and feed each other. Anurag also feed Ragini, he feeds her angrily.

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Shekhar takes Shristi to a restaurant. Waiter serves food and drops it on Shirsti by mistake and cleans her hand apologizing. Shekhar fumes and excusing Shristi walks behind waiter and punishes him shouting how dare he touch his Shristi’s hand. He shows his pscho lover’s nature. He then walks backs and gives a gift box to Shristi. She fumes thinking it has a ring, but gets happy seeing devi maa’s coin. Shekhar says for her, education is important, so he gifted her this. She thanks him. He thinks he wants to spend whole life with her.

After dinner, Vikral tells Anurag that he made tastier food than Vani. Vani and Parag go to sleep. Ragini asks Anurag to come and sleep. Vikral says Anurag he did not speak to him properly since he came, so let us have a drink and chat. Anurag asks Ragini to go and sleep. Ragini walks to her room fuming. Anurag gets heavily inebriated. Vikral says he should show his machoism on Ragini. He walks to Ragini and flirts with her again, asks her to wear sari like true wife. She denies. He walks back down and drinks more with Vikral. He is about to start revealing secrets when Ragini comes down wearing red sari. Anurag thinks she is looking Ragini Anurag Singh now. Vikral asks Anurag to go and sleep and gifts his ring to him. Anurag walks with Ragini, but goes out seeing rain. He starts singing Aakhir tumhe aana hai zara der lagegi…dancing and luring Ragini. Vikral and Vani also get romantic seeing his romance. Anurag continues romancing Ragini, and Ragini continues get angry on him.

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