Ring of Fire 5 December 2020 update: On Ring of Fire Saturday update 5 December 2020, Anurag sleeps on floor while Ragini sadly looks at him and sleeps on bed. Shristi on the other side sleeps on floor and Vishu sleeps on bed. Title song Rishto ki…agnifera..song..plays in the background. Anua reminisces Ragini punishing, her mother telling Ragini has a heart of gold, etc. Shristi reminisces about Vishu’s immaturity. Gun falls from Ragini’s bed. Anurag thinks she does not sleep without gun. Vishu wakes up and calls kaaki/Brij’s wife. Shristi asks what happened. Vishu says he needs to go to washroom. She shows direction and he runs in.

At Vidhvan’s house, daadi tells Brij’s wife let us start arrangements to greet Anurag/Ragini and Vishu/Shristi after they return from pagh phera rituals. Revati asks Divya and Dulari to call village women for bahu’s muh dikhai/face watching ritual. Dulari comments when she went home after muh dikhayi,, she took so many gifts that her in-laws had to call village women next day for muh dikhayi ritual, she is sure Ragini will bring lots of gifts, but Shristi may not. Revati yells broke lawyer trapped Vidhvan and got his daughter married to Anurag. Brij asks what happened. She fumes that Shristi will not get any gifts at all. Brij says not to worry, Ragini will bring truck load full of gifts and Vikral will send lots of gifts.

Ragini returns to her room after a bath and sees Anurag still sleeping and sunrays falling on him. She stands in front of him, playing hide and seek with sunrays. Anurag wakes up. Ragini shows him tea tray and says she brought green tea, masala tea, normal tea, etc., which one he wants to have. Her mother comes in and asks if Anurag did not have tea yet. Ragini says Anurag wakes up late. Mom sees bed on floor. Ragini picks it hurriedly and says Anurag rolls all around. Mom asks them to get ready and come down soon.

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Shristi wakes up and sees Vishu standing with tea and biscuits. She shouts why did he bring tea. He says daadi asked to take care of her. Mom enters and asks them to get ready and come out.

Anurag goes down getting ready and sees Vikral ordering Narad to load house full of gifts in truck. He says Anurag that he is sending these gifts for her daughter. Ragini says even he can use them. Anurag thinks he hates all this, but has no other option. Vikral asks Narad where is Parag. Narad says he left with armed guard. Vikral asks to find out where he is. Parag reaches outside Purshotam’s house and waits for Shirsti to come out. Sumer brings lots of gifts for Shristi and tells he will load them in tempo. Shristi says she will not take anything. Purshotam says let her do whatever she things right. Shristi walks out holding kalash. Ragini walks near door. Her friend taunts not to forget them if she goes to London with her English husband. Ragini goes to take Vikral’s blessing. Vikral gives her moral gyaan to win Anurag’s heart. Parag points gun at her hiding and thinks Anurag is comparing this girl to his sister, he will kill her and give best gift to his sister, but then stops when Vishu stands before her.

Parag points gun on Shristi hiding behind tree, but stops seeing Vishu coming in front of her. Vishu’s uncle and aunt enter. Parag thinks what is he doing here. Vishu touches uncle’s feet and hugs aunt. Parag sits confused. Vikral calls him and asks to return. Parag thinks Shristi’s fate saved her, he will give gift to Ragini some other day. Uncle and aunt introduce themselves. Aunt tells Shristi can consider her as aunt and not mother-in-law. She gives gold necklace gift. Shristi says she told to consider her aunt, then she should bless her and not give gift. Aunt says her blessings with them always. Vishu insists them to come home with them. Uncle says they will drop them till village door. They all get in car and leave.

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Ragini’s pagh phera starts. Babul jo tune sikhaya..song starts in background. Mom says her daughter grew up so much that she can hide her tears. Ragini hugs and then hugs Vikral. Vikral emotionally pampers her. He tells Anurag that Ragini is his responsibility and he should not let her cry. They both leave in car.

Revati praises Chutki devrani for making good arrangements for bahus’ muh dikhayi. Brijbhan says Chutki is very intelligent. Revati says Chutki knows everything, but Vidhvan knows nothing. He asks Brijbhan to go and do fire ritual outside village and only then let bahus inside village. He leaves. Revati calls Ragini and informs about the ritual and tells she should reach outside village s

Vishu’s uncle and aunt take Shristi and Vishu outside village. Uncle takes Vishu aside. Aunt tells Shristi that she sensed her wounds and pain, but she should accept life as it comes, she will be happy soon. She tells her husband and Brijbhan don’t like each other and she could not oppose Brijbhan during her marriage. She calls husband and he comes and they both leave while Brijbhan enters with pandit. He stops Shristi and Vishu’s car and says he will do lit fight and do ritual. Vishu says he is afraid of fire. Brijbhan asks to sit in car and look at fire. He tries to lit fight and thinks when will Ragini come. Ragini’s car comes just then. Shristi and Ragini look at each other angrily from car windows. After ritual, they both head towards home.

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Revati eagerly waits for bahus to return. Shristi returns first. Chutki tries to do her aarti, but Revati takes thali and says elder bahu should be greeted first and does Ragini’s aarti.


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