Ring of Fire 31 December 2020 update on Zee world

Ring of Fire 31 December 2020 update: On Ring of Fire Thursday update 31 December 2020, Anurag picks his books and sees Ragini’s I am sarry note. He angrily tries to throw it in dustbin, but stops and keeps it back.

He takes file and walks out. Ragini fumes that Anurag is going to London, let him stay happy in his western culture and even she has to be happy at any cost. She wears her goggles and leaves.

Anurag meets Purshotam who gives property papers and says he can submit them in VDO’s office. Anurag says he even needs NOC. Purshotam says he is going for some court hearing but will get it done by some other lawyer today. Shekhar comes and says he and Shristi had gone for some case and she is in his cabin. Purshotam praises him and asks to help Anurag. Anurag walks with him. Anurag enters Shekhar’s cabin and chats with Shristi. Shekhar asks Shristi to prepare Anurag’s affidavit as he is going to meet client. Anurag sits and says Vishu misses her a lot. She prepares affidavit silently. She hands it to him. He shakes hand with her and thanks. She says all the best for his contract.

Ragini on the other side reaches court and asks Narad lawyer’s name. He says Shekhar. She asks someone where is Shekhar’s and walks into cabin and gets angry Anurag and Shristi shaking hands, thinks her misterji is busy here. Shristi sees her and asks what is she doing here. Ragini asks if she should not be here. They chat. Ragini says she achieved what she wanted to. Shristi says Anurag was here, if she met him. Ragini says she saw him in lift, but does not want to meet him. She walks away. Shekhar returns and asks who was she. Shristi says Anurag’s wife. They both walk into cabin and Shekhar discusses his case where a goon has illegally occupied his client’s land. Shristi asks who is it. He says Vikral Singh. Shristi says he is Ragini’s father. Shekhar says interesting.

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Ragini walks angrily reminisces Anurag insulting him repeatedly. She sees a woman complaining police about her drunkard husband who tortures her for his educated girlfriend. She beats husband brutally. Wife asks why is she beating her husband so brutally. Ragini says even she is a wife and will not tolerate any husband insulting his wife.

Vishu packs sari to gift Shristi once she passes her exam. Dulari hears that and runs to inform Revati. Shristi travels with Shekhar and thinks how to inform everyone that she is fighting case against Vikral. Shekhar says once she passes exam, he will take her for a candlelight dinner.

Anurag looks at Ragini’s belongings and smiles, then looks at her gun holding portrait and fumes that she does not look good holding gun. He keeps portrait in store room. Ragini at home fumes seeing Anurag with Shristi and thinks it is better he go back to London to stay away from Shristi and she will do something to send him back.

Shristi nervously searches her exam results on laptop. Poonam says Shristi will get distinction, but she is worried about herself. Shristi says page is just browsing. Vishu asks Anurag to check Shristi’s results and gives her roll number. Anurag checks and says Shristi came in top 10. Vishu happily runs all around house and informs that Shristi passed her exam and came under top 10. Daadi gets happy and Vidhvan says they will distribute sweets in whole village. Revati scolds no need for that.

At Vikral’s house, Ragini tells Vikral that she will go and frighten VDO again as he may not do their work. Vikral praises that she has learnt to judge people well. He then asks if she spoke to damadji/Anjurag. She nervously says yes. He asks to call him and speak again. She says he is very busy in his project. He insists again. She calls Anurg and hopes he does not pick call. He picks seeing her number. She says he must be busy. He asks if her father is around. She says yes and says she will inform babuji that he is busy. Anurag thinks she used to pester him to talk, but is hesitating now, something is wrong. He calls back. She speaks nervously and disconnects.

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Vishu packs gift for Shirsti and thinks of congratulating her personally for passing exam. Shekhar on the other side gives gifts to Shristi and Poonam and congratulates them. Shristi starts weeping in emotionally. Poonam says she should be happy instead to come under 10th rank. Shekhar makes Shristi cut cake. Shirsti feeds Poonam, and Poonam takes Shristi and Shekhar’s pics. Shekhar opens her gift and gets happy seeing apron.. Shekhar says it is the best lawyer in making. She wears apron.

Ragini with Narad goes to meet VDO. Narad says VDO that he did not take Ragini seriously, she is famous in whole area. Ragini scolds VDO and asks how dare he is to not pass her babuji’s tender. VDO says a man challenged her father’s tender and got it. Ragini asks who dared to challenge her babuji. He says Anurag Singh. She stands shocked. She warns VDO to cancel Anurag’s contract, else he will face dire consequences. VDO calls Anurag and says since he does not have a few required documents, his contact is being canceled. Anruag thinks then he has to return back to London. He tells VDO that he got another offer from London and was about to inform him to cancel contract. VDO thanks him and informs Ragini that her work is done as Anurag told he is going to London and asked to cancel his contract. Narad thinks something is wrong, Ragini is hiding something. Ragini thinks she wanted same, but why she is feeling bad.


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