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Ring of Fire 24 December 2020 update: On Ring of Fire Thursday update 24 December 2020, Ragini trashes a man for flirting with her. She turns and sees Anurag with friends. She asks that man was misbehaving with her, why did not he come to his rescue.

Anurag thinks her drama started again. He tells his friends they will discuss further during dinner. He thinks he will trouble Ragini so much, she will accept she is incapable of anything.

Anurag with his friends and Ragini enjoys dinner in hotel’s restaurant and discusses his business plans with his friends. Ragini gets tempted seeing them having kabab with knife and fork. Anurag signals her to hold knife and fork properly. She tries to cut kabab with great difficult and it flies and falls on a lady sitting on next table Lady and her partner fume. Ragini says sorry. Anurag also apologizes. Ragini bites kabab in to small pieces. Anurag scolds her not to embarrass him. Anurag’s friends mix alcohol in his drink and think of knowing what is in his mind. They serve him spiked juice. Ragini drinks it and starts creating drama. Friends inform Anurag that they spiked his juice, but bhabi drank it. Ragini starts dancing and creating drama on Zarasa jhoom loon mai…song…Anurag tries to take her to room and she continues her drama all they way. He drops her on bed. She kisses his cheek. He angrily gets up and throws water on her and asks if she needs more water and angrily walks out.

Shristi tries to study for her exams. Revati calls neighbors for mata ke bhajan to disturb Sristi’s studies. Chutki asks Shristi to go and study while others attend bhajan. Revati fumes. Shristi tries to study in her room, but cannot. Vishu walks in and says he found a solution for her and takes her to animal shed and shows his arrangements for her studies with table, chair and fan. Shristi starts studying. Fan stops. She feels hot. Vishu fixes fan.

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Next morning, Ragini wakes up with hangover and asks Anurag to order some coffee, she is having severe headache. Anurag says she drank liquor last night by mistake. He asks her to be in room as he is going to meet investor and leaves. She sits in room alone bored. Anurag meets his friends and they insists for a coffee. Investor comes and they introduce themselves. Investor says let us sign the deal and have party. Anurag and his friends follow him. Parag comes there with Narad and asks Narad to not let Ragini and Anurag know that they have come to help them. They notice Anurag going with investor and think of finding out who he is.

Ragini gets hungry and looks at menu, she cannot understand English, so orders to bring #9 dish, her favorite number. She imagines halwa poori in front of her and gets tempted. Waiter brings lemon juice. She says where is food. He says she ordered this. She scolds him and asks to bring something to eat, halwa puri. He says special request will take time. She says she will have only halwa poori. She then goes to bathroom fills bathtub thinking of immersing in it. She then sees flush gun and thinks it is used to wash face, thinks western things are weird but very pleasurable. Door gets locked. She knocks door and requests someone to open it. She gets tired and sits on commode waiting for waiter to return

Dulari goes to Shristi’s room happily thinking it is good Vishu took Shristi to cow shed for studies. She picks hall ticket from Shristi’s wallet and thinks if Chutki comes here, she will create trouble. Chutki comes and Dulari acts as cleaning floor and says Shristi is busy in her studies, so she thought of cleaning floor. She drops hall ticket in dustbin and walks out. Chutki thinks why Dulari is coming to Vishu’s room often.

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Ragini panics getting locked in bathroom. She knocks door for help unsuccessfully. Anurag comes and knocks door. She shouts mister ji, she is here, but Anurag does not hear her. He calls hotel staff for help and opens door. Ragini knocks door she is inside bathroom. He breaks door open and falls on Ragini. Ragini falls into bathtub and gets totally wet Anurag gets her out holding her and nervous seeing her wet. He sees Ragini shivering and gives towel to her. He then scolds hotel staff for not checking doors properly. Ragini gets shy that mister ji hugged her first time. Waiter delivers halwa puri. Ragini says she ordered it. Anurag takes it and informs Ragini that is meeting with investor went well and investor has thrown party for them. Ragini says it is really good then. Anurag says still 2 hours are left for party, she can finish halwa puri and wear his brought dress for party. Anurag smirs thinking he will prove tha Ragini is unfit for their society.

Dulari tells Revati that she will get Shristi’s hall ticket today and make her happy. Revati gets happy that she will not let Shristi write exam.

Ragini sees short dress and thinks whether to wear it or not. Anurag gets ready and says he is going to party venue, she can get ready and come down. Anurag gets busy with his friends enjoying drinks. Ragini comes. His friends get mesmerized and says wow. Anurag asks if the saw a wonder, turns and is surprised to see Ragini in his gifted dress looking stunning. Anurag’s college girl friends come and hug him. Anurag mingles and kisses them. Ragini fumes thinking that kind of friendship is this, kissing anyone. Girls ask Anurag who is the girl staring at him. Anurag says she is…she is…she is..Ragini says she is his wife and he is her mister. Anurag jokes he is her mister. Girls asks her to join them and have drinks. Anurag taunts she cannot handle liquor, lime juice is better for her. He goes to dance floor with girls. Ragini fumes and seeing one of girl’s bare back tries to hide it, girl shouts this is fashion and leaves yelling. Waiter gives her lime juice. She scolds to bring wine. He brings wine and snacks. She sees toothpick and uses to clean her teeth. Anurag scolds her and says it is to eat snacks. Ragini says she knows. Anurag joins his friends and dances sensuously with them on Nashe si chadhgayi re…song…Ragini fumes seeing that and thinks she will prove she can also dance.

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Anurag friends sees Ragini fuming seeing Anurag dancing with girls and says Anurag is doing injustice to his wife, though she is illiterate, she is beautiful. Another friend says let us enjoy her. They invite Ragini for a dance, drop drinks on her legs and try to wipe it. Ragini feels weird.

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