Reach for the Stars Zee World: Pot summery, Full Story And Cast

Reach for the Stars Zee World is an Indian family drama television show. The show starting by February 3rd on Zee World African Tv, from Monday to Friday in the evening.

Reach for the Stars indian Series is set to return back again on Zee world, It’s a story of Kamla a loving mother and wife who works hard for the well-being of her family. After her husband loses his job, she has to face the challenge to provide for the family on her own. While hiding her job from her husband, with a new family member on the way. How will Kamla navigate the roles of provider and get the respect she deserves?



Reach for the Stars Zee World Full Story:

Reach for Stars Zee world story is a story of Kalpana “Kalpi” Jadhav (Rachana Parulkar) and Raghav Singhania (Ashish Chaudhary), as their paths cross on a journey of self enchancment. Kalpi is the daughter of a maid, Kamla Jadhav (Shilpa Shirodkar), and a mill employee, Vitthal Jadhav (Mohit Dagga). Her mom’s dream is to become part of the middle class so she works tirelessly. Kalpana selflessly loves her mom, however is deprived of her love and a focus as a result of Kamla is always busy taking care of family members of her employers, mostly Pakhi Kapoor (Shirina Singh).

Raghav Singhania is a wealthy businessman whose mission is to take revenge from the Kapoors who murdered his father. Raghav has at all times been in debt to Kamla as she helped him escape from the Kapoors who wished to undertake him and take away all his wealth. He turns into attracted to Kalpi’s sweet, simple and caring nature and falls in love together with her. Eventually, Kalpana acknowledges Raghav’s emotions and reciprocates. Raghav and Kalpana fall in love, and with the blessing of their dad and mom, plan their wedding ceremony.

On the day of his wedding ceremony to Kalpi, Raghav gets married to Pakhi Kapoor as an alternative. Eventually, Raghav realizes his mistake but can not rectify it as a result of his mom, Gauri, wants him to make use of his marriage to Pakhi in her plans against the Kapoors. With a purpose to show his love for Kalpi, he gets married to her by placing the sindoor on her forehead in a temple.

Paakhi hires goons to kidnap Kalpi and preserve her in a distant location. Later, Raghav learns where Paakhi is hiding Kalpi and rescues her. A car chase ensues in which the car drives off a cliff and blows up. Some fishermen discover Kalpi within the river and take her to a hospital; Raghav continues to be missing. Whereas within the hospital, Dhiraj Diwan is depressed over his niece Suhana’s (Asha Negi) death. When he hears how Kalpi’s face has been burned and that she has lost her memory, he requests the doctor to carry out a plastic surgery process to make Kalpi seem like Suhana. The surgery is profitable. Suhana gets flashbacks of her real family, the accident and struggles to consider she is indeed Suhana Diwan.

On the day Suhana is about to get married to Aryan (Kunal Varma), she realizes that she is Kalpi and she or he gets married to Raghav as an alternative.

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