Reach for the Stars Tuesday 4 February 2020: Kamla is working in the house and Meetu is continuously giving her orders. One after one.

Kamla falls on the floor when neetu’s mother-in-law asks her to clean pooja room. Raji asks her to make a cup of tea. Neetu says she is not here for cooking. Kamla prays to God that when you have given them so much, give them a little patience too.

The mill owner talks to the employees that they he has been pressurized to sell the mill. I will pay you even when the mill is closed. Mithal asked when will the man who has bought it, will start it? He says i don’t know.There Kamla is busy doing work in kitchen then she goes to Nettu. People tell mithal address of Sahil Kapoor, the man who has bought the mill. They plan to go and protest at his house. Mithal says we have worked so hard for this mill.

Kamla does massage on feet of nettu, she feels better.

Mithal along with his men goes to protest. Thw watchman call nettu and tells her what happening there. Nettu asks her to make them stay there. Nettu starts screaming. She shouts, Kamla. She asks her to take her to the hosiptal. Kamla with a lot of difficulty takes her down. When they both go downstairs they Kamla finds mithal there. Mithal asks what is she doing there? She tells that i work here. Kamla asks what is he doing here? They all say we will let him sit in peace. Kamla shouts saying what is the purpose of being at the house? Why don’t you go to office. This is not good. Mithal says i will come along you but nettu says don’t touch me. Nettu is screaming because of pain in all the way. The taxi stopped in the way.Kamla sends the driver to get another taxi. Kamla wander off all the road, looking for a taxi when driver tell her that he has found the taxi. kamla shifts nettu in the taxi.

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Kamla takes her to the hospital and is not feeling good her self. Sahil comes in Kamla tries to stop him but she can’t barely speak. He passes by. Kamla is in a lot of pain. A peon comes and asks her if she is okay. Kamla starts crying. Mithal comes in the hospital. After asking from hospital he talks to the peon who says she has gone.

Doctors tell sahil that her condition is serious we have to shift her to operation theater. Kamla is on road and so is Mithal looking for her. Kamla is in really bad condition and Mithal can not find her anywhere. She collapsed and fall on the road. People see her. Everyone on the other hand is celebratin gthe religious festival. Mithal is rumaging for her and praying for her.

Mithal is so worried about Kamla, rest of the people are busy celebrating the festival. Kmala has been taken to the room. She is in so much pain.
There in hospital Nettu is not in good condition too.
Kamla is screaming and every lady there is helping her out. Mithal can’t wait anymore he is moving back and forth worrying about his wife.
There in hospital the nurse informs Sahil and his family that there are facing difficulty in taking out the child.
Kamla’s condition is worsen too, Mithal can’t just sit for a moment. Jus when a lady comes out and tells Mithal that he has been blessed by a baby girl . Mithal is just dancing with happiness. He goes out with all other man and finds Pakiya there too. Mithal is extrermly gleeful. Pakiya looks happy as well. Mithal breaks the pot.

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There in hospital the doctor comes out holding a baby. Sahil and his family look happy. The doctor congratulates Sahil saying its a daughter. She hands over the baby to Sahil’s mom.

Kamla is lying beside her baby and girl and is really contended. She soothes her sofly with hand. Mithal is looking at the baby too. They both look really glad and satisfied. Kamla says the one we have been waiting for so long has come. Mithal smiles and takes he in front of God.

Eveyone is in Kamla’s house playing with the doll. They are telling what they have brought for them in lunch. Kama says i will eat later right now my Kalpana needs to have something. She must be hungry too. Mithal says i will eat with Kamla later on. Pakiya comes in he kisses his sister’s forehead.

In the hospital room Sahil’s mom congratulates Neetu that God has blessed us with a little princess. Nettu is not answering. Sahil asks if she is okay ? Nurse comes in and asks Nettu to feed her. Nettu is not saying anything Sahil’s mom asks her to turn. Nettu says i can barely breathe. Nettu can’t move. Sahil looks worried. She finally turns and feeds her, the baby is crying really hard. Everybody is worried

A woman tells mithal that Kamla is really worried about nettu? SHe is asking about her over and over again. Mital why is she? She took her to the hospital all alone and now in this condition she is still worried.

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Sahil is really worried when he heard that child is not accepting the outside field.
Mithal goes to hospital and asks in which room is Nettu? When Sahil asks what is he doing there? He says what have you bought the hospital too. Sahil says neetu is my wife and Mithal says Kamla is my wife they both recognize each other. Mithal makes him realize that nobody even noticed that she had fell on the floor. She came here for nettu mam and she is still worried about Nettu. Sahil tells him that he has also a daughter. Mithal offer him sweet and is leaving but he turn and says Kamla has don what she had to do. Kamla will not come on work now. Give Her two days pay to any poor guy.

Mithal tells Kamla that he has told them that Kamla wont work onwards. He tells Kamla that they have a daughter too. Kalpana is smiling and they are both playing with her. Kamla says what are you so proud of Mithal? He says of my poorness. He says thank God nobody knew where were you working. They here everybody talking about them outside. A woman is telling everybody where does kamla work. She asks mithal to come down stairs. She asks Mithal if his wife doesn’t work on Sahil’s house? Mithal is speechless.


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