Reach For the Stars 4 June 2020 Update: kamla and kalpi are in café. kamla says looks there are so many costumers. Our café has started working. Kalpi serves the guests.

Later she thinks about Pakhi’s challenge. She says I would have given yoy my life pakhi but I can’t give you love.
There pakhi says everything is in my control now. My husband and my hosue. I feel bad for you kalpi. Me and Ragahv are same rich people. We have same class and you are poor girl. How you saw this dream that’s never gonna fulfill.

Scene 2
At night, kalpi is arranging the seats in café. She sees Raghav there. ‘Tu hi ho’ plays in background. Vitthal calls kalpi, Ragahv leaves. Vitthal comes and sasy come upstairs its about to rain.
Pakhi says why is Ragahv not home yet ? She calls him but he is not receiving. She says is he with kalpi ? It won’t be good for you kalpi.


At morning, Kalpi says I have to leave for café ai. She says the pamphlets we distributed will help a lot. Vitthal prays for her. Kamla says it was good yesterday. Kalpi says it will be even better today. Vitthal also leaves for his work. Kamla says I will be in café as well.

Ragahv comes downstairs. His newspaper drops the pamphlet of Kalpi;s café. Pakhi sees it. she comes with the breakfast. She hides the pamphlet.
Sammy calls him and says we can’t book any hotel for delegates. Ragahv says I have to leave.
Kamla calls pakhi but she doesn’t receive it, Pakhi says how can I receive your call your daughter is my opponent. You didn’t even stop her. She calls at different restaurants and books a table for Ragahv so it can help him. SHe says he will feel good.
Nettu comes out and calls pakhi. Palhi receives it. Nettu says how are you ? Pakhi says why have you called ? Nettu says I am your mom I am worried about you. WHy don’t you leave Ragahv. Pakhi says disconnect the call. Kamla is over hearing her. nettu pretends like pakhi is being nice to her.

Scene 3
Downstairs everyone is busy in decorating the café. Nettu says kamla and kalpi are spending the money on all this. You people are just fool.
Ragahv is on his way. He gets a call from the hotel where pakhi booked. The asked who booked it ? They tell him pakhi’s name. the guests says we want to have some indian food. Do you know some good indian cuisine place ? Ragahv stops his car by kalpi’s café. He opens the door and smiles at kalpi. Everyone is shocked to see Ragahv with his guests. Nettu says this was left. Raghav comes forward. kamal says you shouldn’t have come here. There are a lot of miseries in our life already. We don’t nee your help. Ragahv says I know you don’t need anyone’s help. Actually right now I want your help. There are some foreign delegates with me who want to eat traditional indian food. I know you won’t keep your guests hungry. I hope that you will serve them well. Nettu says in heart I will serve them. First I will see Kamla’s action. Kamla says welcome to the delegates. Kamla says to the women we have to serve the guests. They do the arthi of the guests. Manda says to nettu aren’t here too many cockroaches. Nettu says there are so many that they can come in plate as well. kalpi asks for order. Ragahv orders one plater of each dish. vitthal calls kamla and asks how is everything going ? She says there are so many costumers here. He says I have left the factory. Manda says to kamla all the costumers will be happy today. She takes out a cockroach and places it in t a dish. kalpi goes and serves it. kamla asks will you like some souldkari ? Its the Marathi drink. They serve it. Kalpi gives the glass to Ragahv. Song, ‘tum hi ho’ plays in the background. They both gaze and smile at each other.

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Scene 4
There pakhi says I am sure Ragahv will be so impressed that I arranged the lunch for him. SHe gets a call from restaurant and they inform her that Ragahv is not there for lunch.
Pakhi calls Raghv and asks where are you ? he says we changed the plan in mid way. The delegates wanted some indian food so we came to kalpi;s café. Kalpi is standing there. She sees the cockroach in the plate. Kamla comes there she sees it as well. They are dazed and don’t know what to do.

Kamla serves the drinks to the guets.
kamla and kalpi see the cockroach in the plate. they are shocked and don’t know what to do. Kamla picks up the plate and says something in Marathi to kalpi. Kalpi takes the plate. Kamla says she forgot to put the sauce in it.

There pakhi is so angry on what Raghav old her on the call. SHe says kalpi must have called you. Why would anyone take delegates to such a low level restaurant. Kalpi if this is your trick then be prepared for what I do.
Kamla asks Ragahv did pakhi call you ? He says yes. Kamla says is she still angry with me ? Ragahv says no she was so happy to know that we are here. Ragahv says we have to leave now. Kamla serves them the pan.
The guests praise the food and say you people are so good. Ragahv translates it fore her. oen sasy we would like to take a photo with you. Kamla says why not. Ragahv takes the photo of the delegates with kamla. Ragahv looks at kalpi smiles and leaves. he leaves. Kalpi sends him a thank you written on a chit by a young guy. He writes I like it when you smile, keep smiling an returns it back to the kid.

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A lady says kamla Ragahv brought his guests here. We thought that these rich people are so proud but ragahv proved that everyone is not same. one of them gets a call from her madam. she says I won’t come to work now. We won’r be servants any more. One says thank you kamla you brought the hope in us. That we can believe in us. We will spend on this café to make it better. Nettu says kamla you know poki is so happy today. She talked to me for so long . Did she talk to you ? No ? Kamla says in heart pakhi is talking to everyone why not me ? I have to meet her once.

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Scene 2
Vitthal comes back. He asks pakiya how is everything ? Pakiya says going well Manda syas why you came late vitthal You should have come earlier. The café is going so good. You know Ragahv came today. He brought a his delegates here. They ate and praise us a lot. We are successful now. Vitthal place his lunch box down in anger. He goes to kamla and asks why Ragahv came here ? You told her about the café ? Kamla says he came by himself with his guests. Vitthal I don’t car even if he brings God. I ahte his name why he come her again. Kamla says this café is not only mine its belongs to everyone. Vitthal says I don’t know anyting . Ragahv should never come in front of kalpi. Kamla says kalpi has promised us and I trust her. We can’t deny to the costumers. Vitthal says I trust kalpi too but I can’t see her upset. I just want to be happy in life. Kamla says calm down now let me bring the food. Kalpi sees a file on the table Ragahv was siting. SHe says oh Ragahv forgot this file. I have to tell him. She isa bout to call him. kamla comes and says I have to go to home handle the café. Kalpi says I will. Vitthal comes and says I am going to café do I have to bring something ? Kalpi gives him the list. Manda asks kalpi to bring the orders.

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Scene 3
pakhi says because of you kalpi raghav even forgot that I did something for him. I will teach you today that I am Raghav’s wife not you.

kamla sits and looks at her phone. Nettu asks what happened why are you so worried / Kamla says I am worried for pakhi. Nettu says she must be busy. That gauri must be with her. Kamla says its not like that gauri is now good with her. Nettu says what are you saying? Kamla says I wanna go and meet pakhi. nettu says I will come with you. Kamla says maybe it will increase the tension among them. Cut these vegetables I will just go and meet her. Kamla leaves. Nettu says what was she saying. Pakhi and gauri is now friends how is that possible ?

Pakhi’s friend has come. She says you are busy with your husband. Your husband is so hot. Pakhi says he is my choice after all. She says lets go. Pakhi leaves with her and says you will be suffering all night Ragahv.

Kamla goes to vitthal and says I wanna go and meet pakhi. SHe is bugged I guess. He says or maybe she doesn’t need you anymore. Kamla syas please I wanna meet him. He says okay go.

Scene 4
Raghav comes home and asks the servant where is maa and pakhi ? He says gauri is at her friend’s place and don’t know about pakhi.He gets a call from Sammy. Sammy asks for a file ? He says I guess I forgot it in the café. I will bring it don’t worry.

kalpi says to vitthal baba you should make a dish too. Manda says yeah he used to do all the work when your ai used to go on work. Kalpi says yeah my baba is so amazing. Even he can do your work but you will never do anything for him, Vithal says leave her why are you even talking to her.
A guy comes to buy some ‘wara paos’. Manda says I will give you 12 instead of 6 on the same rates you just have to put what I give you in the bin. He agrees.
kalpi has left her phone on table and is busy in serving the costumers. Ragahv is calling her, vitthal is around near her phone.


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