Perfect Husband Zee World: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Perfect Husband Zee World: Perfect Husband premieres on zee world on the 20th of October 2021, replacing Curse of the sands’ time slot, the story centers on how women suffer from abusive relationships.

Perfect Husband Zee World

Perfect Husband Zee World full story

Perfect Husband Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

The story is set in a place in Rajasthan, where Rajshree Rathod ( Jaya Prada ) keeps searching for a perfect wife for her ideal son, Pushkar Rathod (Ayush Anand). Vidhita (Saily Sanjeev) also wants a perfect husband for herself. After their marriage, there are many ups and downs in their relationship and after that the question arises that can an ideal son become an ideal husband?

Perfect Husband Zee World show has enjoyed an impressive start. It is the first TV appearance of the veteran model Jaya Prada. The story takes place in Rajasthan. It is about an average-income girl Vidhita who is married to a wealthy guynamed Pushkar Rathod. She is hoping that he will be an ideal husband. Her own hopes concerning her husband. She is drawn to Pushkar upon seeing his perfect appearance. She is completely different to Pushkar But she soon realizes her husband’s not as the perfect man she had hoped for. She has to deal with Pushkar’s harsh behaviour.

Vidhita’s journey through life has many highs and lows. She has a difficult relationship. The mother of Pushkar Rajshri assists her in helping the relationship last with hope. Rajshri thinks her son is perfect however, she realizes that he’s not the ideal husband. Rajshri desires the happiness of Vidhita equally. She is devoted and loves Vidhita like she is proud of her son. The show focuses on the traits a woman wants in her ideal husband.

Also, Ayush Anand is seen in the role of her son as Pushkar Rathod. Sayali Sanjeev is seen playing the role of a small-town girl named Vidhita Rajawat. The story revolves around the story of Vidhita and her ideal husband. Vidhita, like a normal girl wants an ideal husband and finds Pushkar.

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Later she realizes that Pushkar had a very different approach to life compared to her perspective. Also, Rajyshree is seen to control the role of mother as well as mother-in-law in good frame. The story is filled with ups and down of this not-so-idealistic married life.

Vidhita is portrayed as a warm and bubbly girl who lives with her twin sister Nivedita along with her father-in-law Ashwin. Ashwin’s mother isn’t fond of Vidhita very much. She’s concerned for Bela’s future as her daughter. Vidhita is Bela’s best friend. She never fails to keep Bela’s love in her heart. Bela is always confused about her clothes and makeup. She seems more childish and unthinking and this worries her mother. Vidhita is spoiled by Ashwin who is unhappy about her marriage break-up just two years back. Ashwin is determined to get Vidhita married to a reputable family. Vidhita goes to the fair. She meets the affluent and kind-hearted lady Rajshri. Vidhita participates at The Perfect Pati contest, which Rajshri is the judge.

Vihita places her life at danger to protect Rajshri. Vihita meets Rajshri at their first encounter. Rajshri believes that she is a good value. After hearing about Vidhita’s positive thoughts during the competition, Rajshri gets influenced and decides to go to Vidhita’s home to discuss Vidhita and Pushkar’s friendship. In contrast, Pushkar is introduced as Rajshri’s protective son. He is furious whenever his sibling Meera wears trendy clothes. He burns her trendy clothes and purchases a wide range of traditional clothing for her. Rajshri and Meera are both convinced that Pushkar too tender. Pushkar hides his threatening actions through his charming persona.

Pushkar declares his preference for the woman he will marry to and declines her offer. He criticizes the girl for having low values. Vidhita and Pushkar have differing opinions on the subject of marriage and life partners. Vidhita won the competition. Her family is satisfied. Rajshri calls the village’s priest and makes a request of having Pushkar engaged to Vidhita. The priest contacts Ashwin’s mom to let her know about the alliance for Vidhita. Ashwin’s mother is disappointed because Vidhita always gets the top spot. She lies to her family members that the alliance is in favor of Bela. Ashwin is still urging her family members to meet Pushkar and then continue with the discussion.

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Rajshri and Meera Rajshri and Meera Pushkar about Vidhita who was perfect for his personality. Pushkar is impressed by Vidhita’s picture. He is interested in meeting her. He informs Rajshri that his faith in her choice is strong. Pushkar is the one to take Rajshri along with Meera to a restaurant. The waiter is praised by Meera and this upsets Pushkar. Pushkar blasts chilli powder into the eyes of the waiter and is scolds him for being too friendlier with Meera. Pushkar is threatening the waiter. He conceals his behavior before Rajshri. Pushkar is impressed by Vidhita for having learned how she saved Rajshri’s lives. He is preparing to meet Vidhita and Ashwin’s mother would like Pushkar to get married Bela.

More information on Perfect Husband series.

  • Name: Perfect Husband
  • Start date:  20th October 2021
  • Network: Zee world
  • Replacing: Curse of the sands
  • Indian title: Perfect Pati

Perfect Husband Zee world Casts & Real names:

  • Sayali Sanjeev as Vidhita Rajawat:
    Sayali Sanjeev as Vidhita Rajawat

    Sayali Sanjeev as Vidhita Rajawat

    Vidhita is a beautiful, young beautiful, simple and charming woman. The family she lives in is her sister’s parents. Her education is high, she’s self-sufficient and optimistic. She has had a few hopes about her with her partner. Her roots are deeply embedded in the traditions and has a contemporary mentality. She would like as a partner who will support her and fulfills his obligation to her through loving her. She is hoping for Pushkar to be a kind and caring person. Vidhita is looking for a companion in her husband so she can discuss her issues with him. Vidhita believes that Pushkar has all the characteristics that make a great life partner. She is aware of how important relationships are. She is a good person and this is how she gets Rajshri’s affections. Vidhita receives a lot of respect and support from Rajshri. She also is awed by Pushkar by her honesty. Vidhita hopes to have the same freedom post marriage, as the way she was fostered by her older sister, Nivedita. Vidhita is in the love of Pushkar.

  • Ayush Anand as Pushkar Rathod:
    Ayush Anand as Pushkar Rathod

    Ayush Anand as Pushkar Rathod

    He is beautiful and wealthy, but also a shrewd, aggressive and overprotective person. He is a total threat and control freak. He would like to control everyone. The family consists of his parents and sister. He believes that women should remain within the limits that are set by the social norms. He does not want his wife to suffer resentment for his name. Pushkar would like everyone to become more like him however, he isn’t willing to change his own self. Pushkar believes that punishment is the best way to punish anyone who commit wrongs, according to his own standards. Pushkar retains his idealistic image before the world. He never leaves any trace to his crimes. He would like a wife that is aware of her spot in the world. He would like his wife to follow his commands and live according to the rules stipulated by him. Pushkar does not like sharing the details of his existence with any person. Pushkar believes that the perfect husbands mold his wife into an ideal wife. He believes that he holds all the rights with respect to his wife. The way he expresses his affection is unique. He’s very unpredictable.

  • Jaya Prada as Rajyashri Rathod
  • Samarth Shandilya as Rangeela

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