Perfect husband update Wednesday 1st December 2021

Perfect husband 1 December 2021 update:   Pushkar attempting suicide. Rajshri stops him. He cries and says Vidhi is dead, I have broken down, I m in much pain, I m not able to bear this, I want to get free, I couldn’t understand Vidhi, this is my punishment. She asks him not to be mad. She slaps him. He begs her to forgive him. He says I have hurt you. She says you have mental problem, get yourself treated in hospital, don’t come back home until you get fine. He gets shocked. He agrees if she wants this. She says I will prepare your departure. Pushkar meditates like before. Vidhi’s surgery happens. Doctor says good Pushkar, yoga shows results soon. Pushkar recalls the old time. He says I have done many mistakes, mom made right decision to send me here. Doctor tells Kabeer that Vidhi will get fine. She says I don’t even know patient’s name. Kabeer says even I don’t know her name, I have seen her anklet and named her Payal. Pari looks on. Kabeer says I just know she can hear and see, she reacted on few things. Doctor says much bad happened with her, you are doing good to help a stranger, you gave her a life, keep it up.

Pari thinks when will Kabeer think about me. She gives him coffee and asks what’s all this, who is she, why do you want to do this for her. He says wow, our thinking matches so much, everyone thanks me, I get peace by helping her selflessly. Pari says you are cheating me by not paying me attention, you cancelled our marriage, what else do you want to do. He says why shall I leave this incomplete. She says you left our marriage incomplete, we don’t exist for you. He asks her not to shout and relax. She argues with him and asks is she more imp than me. He says I don’t know why I met her, she needs me the most, I m trying to keep responsibilities given by Lord. She says I don’t want to know your silly excuses, you make a family here, don’t dare to call me, I will not talk to you. She goes.

Rajshri hugs Vidhi’s pic and cries. Nivedita says its two months since Vidhi left us, you are still angry. Ashwin says its parents’ responsibility, Vidhi told me what is happening with her, I didn’t believe her, I left her in trouble and came back on Maasa’s command, I feel terrible like I killed her, she had trusted me a lot. Pushkar looks at himself in mirror. Kabeer prays for Vidhi/Payal. He says when Payal knows what this incident has snatched from her, I don’t know what will happen. Rangeela comes to Pushkar. He asks why are you doing this work. Pushkar says everyone has to do own work. He says I trust you completely, you don’t come often to disturb me for signatures, take signs from mom. He signs the papers. He says I want to focus on my treatment. Rangeela says don’t worry. Vidhi’s facial bandages are removed. Kabeer looks on.

doctor saying your Payal is recovering now, you did a lot for her since last two months. Kabeer says once I get her family, my responsibility will be over, don’t know if anyone is worried after losing her. Rajshri hugs the ashes and says I m missing you and can’t believe that you are gone. Maasa asks Charu to do the work. Rangeela and Bela dress up like rich people. Bela says I m going to parlor now. Maasa gets glad. Rangeela says we are enjoying since two months, the devil Pushkar is coming back today, go and get Rajshri’s sign on these papers. She checks papers. Kabeer says what happened to me now, I m worried when Payal is recovering, I wanted her to get fine and tell me everything, that I free from all responsibilities. Saint meets him and asks why is he confused, that he got what he didn’t wish. Kabeer gives him money and asks him to pray for Payal. Saint asks him to take chunri and make her wear it, she will never leave him, their souls will unite. Kabeer asks what do you mean, she is a stranger, my GF is angry on me, return the money and give discount blessings.

Saint laughs and says nothing works in front of Lord’s planning. He goes. Rajshri says suhaagan gets soul peace when her husband immerses the ashes. Maasa says this won’t delay much, Pushkar is coming back today, take care. She asks her to sign on papers, Rangeela has to pay some bills. Rajshri signs. Maasa goes. Vidhi stays tensed. Doctor comes to remove her bandages. Kabeer comes there with the chunri. The chunri flies to Vidhi and gets on her face. She removes the chunri from her face. Kabeer looks at her. She looks at her face and gets shocked. Rajshri and Meera come to pick Pushkar. Meera says you think Pushkar has got fine. Rajshri says Rangeela said he is better than before. Doctor says I hope you have taken the medicine and didn’t miss any dose, you are an inspiration for everyone.

Pushkar says I didn’t miss any dose, all thanks to the ward boy. He thanks them for taking good care. Doctor says very good, come, your family is waiting for you outside. Pushkar thanks the doctor. Vidhi says this isn’t my face, I feel like a stranger, what’s happening. Kabeer asks how can a beautiful face be a stranger. She says I have heard your voice, who are you. He says Kabeer. She asks do you know me, what’s my name. He says Payal. She asks what’s your relation with me, I don’t remember anything, why are you hesitant to answer me. Doctor says Kabeer found you in an injured state near the riverside, he got you here and your treatment was happening since two months. Vidhi says I don’t remember anything. Kabeer says relax, try to recall. She says I have lost my memory, who am I, what happened with me.

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