Perfect husband update Thursday 2nd December 2021

Perfect husband 2 December 2021 update:   Pushkar coming to meet Rajshri and Meera. He says mom got much lean, did Meera not take care of her. A man collides with him and says sorry. Pushkar asks him to be careful. Pushkar says I have left my wife inside. He gets Vidhi’s portrait. Meera says I m proud of you and hugs im. Rajshri doesn’t hold his hand and goes. Kabeer asks doctor is Vidhi’s memory loss possible. Doctor says she is mentally broken, good news is she can get her memory soon, bad news is we can’t say the time, this may take much time. He says how will I manage her, I thought I will send her to her family by asking her. Maasa, Rangeela and Bela wait for Pushkar with garlands. Rajshri gets Pushkar home. Pushkar says all this isn’t needed.

He says I m not doing any madness. Rajshri goes and gets Vidhi’s ashes. Pushkar hugs the ashes and steps inside the house. Doctor says you have paid all the bills, we will discharge her and send her with you. Kabeer says I did this for humanity, it doesn’t mean you send her with me, its police case, sorry I can’t handle her, send her with police. Vidhi is in hospital. Pushkar talks to Vidhi’s pic and smiles. He says I was never ill, I didn’t get myself treated. He recalls skipping the medicines and pasting all the medicines on the wall. He says you have secretly given me medicines, I have tortured you on your face. Ward boy sees Vidhi’s pic made by Pushkar. He thinks so Pushkar has taken my name, if I tell doctor that Pushkar didn’t take any medicine, I will lose my job. He peels off all the medicines from the wall. Pushkar says you know that you can’t force me for anything. He behaves mad again. Rangeela comes there.

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Pushkar asks him to come in. He says I want to fulfill all my duties, being a husband, I will immerse my wife’s ashes. Rangeela says but its not Vidhi’s ashes. Pushkar asks what are you saying, I have changed now, I m not old Pushkar now, I did any mistakes, its time for repentance. He switches on the fan. The ashes fly in Rangeela’s eyes. Rangeela screams. Vidhi takes the ashes from him and says maybe Vidhi’s soul is angry on you. He ties back the kalash. Rajshri is coming there. Rangeela says I was scared that Vidhi will come back. Pushkar says I had gone to jungle. Rajshri asks jungle? When did you go there Pushkar? Pushkar asks Rangeela to go out, he has to talk to mom. He says I couldn’t separate myself from Vidhi, I couldn’t come out of my guilt. He acts and says we have to bid final bye to Vidhi forever, but I want to keep some part of her with her, we will go for ashes immersion for her soul peace. Rajshri cries and says you are right.

 Kabeer saying nurse is saying I have to take Payal with me, I can’t do this, I have given my life’s two months to her and paid all the bills. Pushkar does puja for Vidhi. Kabeer gets fed up when nurse calls him. He sees Vidhi and asks her to have food, she has to get fine soon. He feeds her food. Nurse gives her medicines. Kabeer checks her reports and says my Biji used to say, married girls gain weight. Vidhi asks am I married. Ashwin stops Pushkar from doing rituals. Rajshri asks what are you saying. Ashwin says enough, I trusted Pushkar more than Vidhi, I left Vidhi here and lost her. He takes their class and says you have got Pushkar treated after losing Vidhi, Pushkar has killed her, you want to do her ashes immersion. Maasa defends Pushkar. Ashwin scolds her. He says Pushkar has done something with Vidhi, which made her feel he is mentally unstable, Maasa is also a culprit, how did Rangeela and Bela stay quiet after knowing this, what if this happened with Bela. Maasa recalls Vidhi’s words.

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Bela says I swear I didn’t know anything. Ashwin asks Pushkar to say the truth, she didn’t write that letter, who has written that. Pushkar tries to say. Ashwin slaps him. Kabeer jokes that he is Vidhi’s husband. He gets clothes for her. Charu shouts on Ashwin. Pushkar stops her. Vidhi tries a dress. Kabeer smiles seeing her. He compliments her. She says I feel Payal isn’t my name. He says I don’t have any name to call you, Payal name is nice, it has a story. Pushkar gets a gun and asks Rajshri to let him do this. He asks Ashwin to take the gun and kill him. He asks him to end his doubts by killing him. Ashwin recalls Vidhi’s words.

Pushkar says shoot me. Ashwin says this drama of repentance of wrong, I feel that marriage was also fake, I was mad to get Vidhi married to you, I thought rich people have big heart. He says sorry, you people are rich, but your hearts are small, you killed Vidhi, Pushkar you won’t get rid of the burden of killing Vidhi, this entire family will be burdened by guilt. He scolds Maasa for being part of this plan. He ends ties with Maasa and asks her not to come to his home. He sees Vidhi’s pic and cries. Kabeer gives anklet to Vidhi. She says this is also incomplete like my fate. Kabeer cheers her up and asks her to wear it, it will seem like fashion. He makes her sit and makes her wear anklet. He asks her to come. She asks where will you take me, I don’t know my family, where shal I go.

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