Perfect husband update Sunday 21st November 2021

Perfect husband 21 November 2021 zee world: Pushkar imagining to hurt the guy. He sees the people enjoying. He sees Vidhi smiling with the guy. He gets angry. He goes. Meera comes and says we have to leave, I have seen Pushkar’s car. Vidhi worries that he may have seen her with Damini. They rush. Pushkar sees the guy and says Vidhi is not with her, so they have planned secretly to meet. The guy leaves. Pushkar goes to hit him with car. He says you got saved, I will find you soon, you will know the result of cheating me.

Rangeela tells Bela that Pushkar doesn’t serve Vidhi with love, they will get Meera married in rich house. Bela says I feel Meera has some affair. He agrees. Maasa hears them and thinks sometimes they are right. She goes to Charu. Charu scolds her. Maasa says I have come to tell you something imp, its a big thing. Charu asks her to say. Maasa says Meera is having an affair with someone. Charu asks what nonsense, think well and speak. Maasa says I know this well, I thought to tell you, its your wish. Charu says Rajshri has no idea about this, come with me. Maasa says Rajshri won’t like this if I say, you are most responsible person and close to Rajshri, you tell this to her. Charu agrees and goes to tell Rajshri. Meera says now you would be sure that Max is a nice guy. Vidhi says he is nice. Meera says you can help me, talk to mom once.

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Vidhi says you talk to Pushkar. Meera says no way, once you convince mom, you and mom can talk to Pushkar. Meera says thanks, I love you. Vidhi says I will get some medicines as we lied at house. Rajshri gets Pushkar and Vidhi’s pic fixed. She prays that they stay happy. Charu comes to her. She asks for her rights. Rajshri asks what rights are you talking. Charu says you didn’t ask me and Randhir before choosing Vidhi, I want to choose an alliance for Meera. Rajshri says there is still time. Charu says you said the same and got Vidhi home, I know you are upset about your decision, give me responsibility to settle Meera, else she may make a choice on own. Rajshri says Meera is not such. Charu promises to get best alliance for Meera. Rajshri agrees and says I hope you take the best decision for Meera.

Pushkar sends away Meera. He asks Vidhi where did she go getting decked up, she looks very pretty. Vidhi says I have to deck up, being bahu of rich household. He asks really, then who was with you. She says who, I went to meet doctor. He confronts her and says I have seen you with a guy. She thinks he didn’t see me with Damini. She says Meera went to meet the guy, you are mistaken. He says you mean that guy is Meera’s BF. She says yes, I had to talk to you. He hurts her for putting her mistake on someone else. He asks her not to lie and have some shame. He pulls her hair. She says leave me, I m not lying. He says be ready for punishment, you won’t step out of this house without my permission. She worries. He goes. She says I have to tolerate this, patient doesn’t know his state. Rajshri goes to see Pushkar.

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Pushkar arranging a surprise for Rajshri. Everyone gets glad. They have dinner. They thank Pushkar. Pushkar says kesar milk is still left. Vidhi recalls Damini’s words. Bela and Rangeela suggest that they will play antakshari. Pushkar says I have arranged for this as well, we will play passing the pillow, we will pass this pillow and sing a song.

Randhir plays music. Everyone plays the game. Vidhi tries to add the medicine in kesar milk. He asks what are you doing. Bela and Rangeela dance. Meera imagines dancing with Max. Pushkar sings a song for Vidhi. Main tenu samjhawan….plays…. Maasa sings Sasural genda phool. Everyone dances. Vidhi adds pill and gives milk glass to Pushkar. Pushkar drops the hot candle wax on Vidhi’s foot and smiles. Vidhi bears the pain. The game continues. Rajshri sings Yashoda ka nandlal…. Vidhi cries. Pushkar asks her to sing. She sings Ajeeb dastaan….. Pushkar feels sleepy. Everyone goes to sleep.

Vidhi sits crying. Pushkar wakes up. He says you should have not done this. She thinks does he know what I have done. She makes him sleep. She thinks I love you a lot, I want you to change and get fine, these medicines are the last hope of our relation. Vidhi calls Damini and tells what Pushkar did. Damini worries for her. Vidhi says I will do anything to return Pushkar to this family. Maasa and Charu try to hear. Maasa says something is wrong, I was trying to find it.

Charu asks her to find out. Its morning, Vidhi irons Pushkar’s clothes. He wakes up and goes to her. He says strange, you made food for me and I got drugged, I slept for long time, what did you add in food. Vidhi gets tensed. He starts his scary talk and shows the hot iron. Vidhi says no Pushkar. He says I will forgive your mistake, but don’t expect me to pity next time. Pushkar and Rajshri discuss work. Rangeela says I will also come for meeting. Bela smiles. Pushkar says you are confident, but you have to learn the way to work. Charu says I have a good news, there is a good alliance for Meera. Meera gets shocked.

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