Perfect husband update Friday 3rd December 2021

Perfect husband 3 December 2021 update:  Vidhi asking where is my family. Pushkar says I killed Vidhi, why did you get me back, you should have left me here, send me back. Rajshri cries. Pushkar starts the guilt drama. Rajshri asks him to complete puja, they have to do ashes immersion of Vidhi. Pushkar agrees and lights a diya. Everyone claps for Vidhi. Kabeer says this is your family now, you are our Payal, I promise you friend, I will work hard to unite you with your family. She asks where will you take me. He gets thinking. Pari comes there and says so you are Payal, who has snatched my Kabeer, I m just joking. Vidhi cuts the cake. Kabeer says Pari, doctors are saying that they have handover Payal to me. Pari asks what do you mean, she will have some family. He says she has lost her family, she got a new face, police can’t help too, where will she go. Pari says I have an idea. She gets them to a girls hostel. Vidhi says I have to find my family. Kabeer says relax, where will you find them and how, handle yourself now, I have given my number, I will get info first, you will get your family tomorrow.

Pari asks Payal to take this in a positive way, just imagine, a new face and new identity, you can do anything freely, isn’t it beautiful, come with me, don’t think much. Vidhi sees her face. Rajshri thinks what happened with Vidhi, was Ashwin saying the truth. She sees Pushkar and thinks why do I feel truth is something else, I have to reach truth, I want all the answers about Vidhi’s death. Kabeer asks Vidhi to come and see her room. The strict warden stops them. Kabeer jokes on her. Kabeer says I don’t know Payal’s full name and family details. Warden says I can’t keep her here without any ID proof. Vidhi asks Pari why is she upset.
Pari says you don’t know whatever happened, you lost everything in this accident, your identity and family, Kabeer has changed a lot, he made you reach hospital and got you treated, I feel proud of you. Vidhi says he gave me a new life. Pari says I know him since childhood, his promise is imp than his happiness, he promised himself that he will not leave you until you recover, see you got fine today. Vidhi says he is an angel. Pari says I understand you respect him, he has a personal life, you can live your life independently, right, the day you met Kabeer, it was our marriage, he didn’t marry to make you reach hospital. Vidhi asks what, forgive me Pari, I had no idea about this.

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Pari says it was not your fault, things got fine now, why don’t we move ahead on our own paths, Kabeer and I will start our lives. Vidhi says sure, I promise I won’t trouble you and Kabeer, there is one problem, how will my family member find me. Pari says I will inform you if anyone comes from your family, its my promise. Kabeer tells Payal’s story and convinces warden.

Warden says Payal can stay here, she don’t need to give rent. Kabeer says I didn’t know where will I take Payal, you solved my problem, thanks. He jokes. She tells hostel rules. Kabeer agrees and thanks her. Kabeer says all tension got over, mam has allowed Payal to stay here. Pari says that’s amazing, Payal are you happy now. Vidhi nods. Kabeer asks Vidhi to go to her room. Pari gives her room keys. They leave. Vidhi looks on and waves to them. Warden sees Vidhi.

 Rajshri thinking of Vidhi and crying. Pushkar comes there. Vidhi’s pic falls and breaks. She picks the frame and cries recalling Vidhi. Pushkar lies in her lap and takes her sympathy. Rajshri thinks of Pushkar’s words. Matron comes to Vidhi and asks why are you sitting here, if you want to saty here, you have to follow the rules. Vidhi goes. Kabeer parties with his friends. He tells Jassi what all changed in the last two months. Pari looks on. Kabeer says I have to match the speed of life.

Kabeer thanks Pari for the support and says I feel that someone’s responsibility doesn’t become a burden for me. They hug. Vidhi writes her feelings in the diary and cries. She thinks to go near the lake, maybe she gets something that links her with her past. She hears some sound and goes to check. She gets scared seeing someone. She says don’t come in, I will shout. She sees Kabeer. He gets in and greets her. She asks what are you doing here, its girl’s hostel. He gives her medicines. He reads her diary. She stops him. Matron hears the sound. Vidhi asks him to leave. Kabeer says I have worked hard and came here, I will sleep. He falls down. Vidhi gets shocked and asks him to get up. Matron comes there and asks whom is she hiding. She says I heard a guy’s voice here. She hides Kabeer from matron. Matron says sorry, maybe the voices are coming from outside.

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Vidhi says yes. Matron says no guy should come to your room, else you will be out of this hostel. She asks don’t you remember anything. Vidhi signs no. Matron goes. Pushkar imagines Vidhi and gets scared. He wakes up and looks around. Its morning, Vidhi wakes up Kabeer and reminds him how he had come to give her medicines. He says oh, I think you have called me, I also have a personal life, don’t call me. She asks did you give me your number, you just left me here. He says sorry, I remember, I came to give medicines, I will go now. She says don’t go by this door, if matron sees you, she will make me out of here. She asks him to go by window. He agrees to leave. Matron comes and sees them. She asks Vidhi to pack her bags and leave, its a big lie.

Kabeer asks her to listen to him. Matron says the girl started lying, this won’t work here. He says I had come here to give her medicines. He also lies that he just came. Matron says you are also lying to me, you had come last night, you were with Payal in her room all night, I will take strict action. Pari comes and cries. She says right, you have to take strict action.

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