Perfect husband update Friday 22 October 2021

Perfect husband 22 October 2021 update: Ashwin saying we accept this proposal. Rajshri and Meera get glad. Rajshri asks did Vidhi agree. Ashwin says yes, we took this decision together. Ashwin sees Pushkar and gives him sweets. Rajshri says we are lucky to get Vidhi, I want to make her bahu soon, I will talk to pandit. Ashwin says we are ready, I shall leave now. He goes. Rangeela dances and gets baraat to Vidhi’s home. Vidhi scolds him. He says Maasa came to me with sweets and said you agreed to marry me. Vidhi thinks I can’t let this misunderstanding go ahead. She sees Maasa.

She asks Rangeela to leave. He holds her hand and says matter didn’t end. She slaps him. He gets angry and raises hand. Ashwin comes and stops him. He scolds Rangeela. Rangeela says Asha kaki came to me with sweets and said Vidhi agreed for alliance. Ashwin asks did you decide by own wish to marry Rangeela. Vidhi sees Maasa. Ashwin says you got her answer, her silence means no. Rangeela says her silence can mean yes also. She says its my no. Ashwin says don’t trouble her again. Rangeela goes. Vidhi thanks Ashwin and says I lost my parents, but got a brother in law like you. He blesses her. She hugs Nivedita. He goes to Maasa and argues.

Maasa says Bela was crying so much because of rejection. Ashwin says you filled poison in Bela’s mind, Rajshri got alliance for Vidhi, you can think what you want, Rajshri didn’t reject Bela so that she doesn’t break her trust, I have taken decision, I went to Rajshri’s house, I gave approval for Vidhi’s alliance, they will get shagun soon. Maasa says you said you will find about Pushkar. They argue. He says I have enquired well. He says Vidhi, I didn’t ask your wish so that you don’t take any wrong decision, did I do any mistake, do you trust me. Vidhi nods. Maasa scolds them. He asks Maasa to stop it, marriage rasams will start soon. He warns Maasa and goes.

Pushkar hears Rajshri’s call. She comes and says I have seen you, you aren’t happy, what’s the matter. He says I m not sure about it, its happening in haste. Rajshri says you have seen Vidhi, didn’t you like her. He says I m confused. She says I m your mom and felt you both will be right for you, your happiness matters the most, I will refuse to them if you aren’t happy. He says no, I want some time to think. She says its happening for the first time. He says I trust you a lot, you can’t be wrong. She asks why this confusion. He says okay, no more confusion and doubt now. She says I want to see your happiness. She goes.

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Vidhi asks Bela to come and have dinner. Maasa stops Bela. Vidhi surprises them with candle light dinner. They all convince Maasa. Maasa agrees. Badri sees Pushkar and hides. Pushkar says I have to find answers regarding Vidhi. He takes a disguise and goes to Vidhi’s village.

Pushkar taking a disguise and coming to village. She talks to village men. Pandit says you should give shagun anytime as per mahurat. Rajshri thanks him. Bela signs Vidhi that Maasa is angry. Ashwin says Rajshri is getting shagun today. Maasa stays rude. Rangeela and his friends talk about Vidhi. Rangeela recalls insult and says my respect isn’t so cheap, I will teach her a lesson. Pushkar hears them. Maasa passes by. Rangeela asks Maasa did she get happy now. He says you said Vidhi agreed for alliance, then she rejected me. Maasa says Vidhi lied seeing rich alliance, Pushkar and Rajshri got alliance, so she changed.

Rangeela’s friend argues. Maasa goes. Rangeela gets angry on his friends and asks them go leave. He thinks Pushkar is mental, how shall I let Vidhi marry him. Rangeela calls Vidhi. Vidhi is on the way and talks to Suman. Pushkar follows Rangeela’s friends. His friends say we did so much for Rangeela, he has scolded us, he won’t get Vidhi, leave him, we won’t get between them. They go. Pushkar hears them and thinks so this is Rangeela’s one sided affair.

Meera says we should have done some shopping, I invited Urvashi. Rajshri says refuse to her. Urvashi comes. Rajshri says we are going to relatives. Urvashi says I will come later. She sees shagun and goes thinking to find out what’s happening. Rajshri says Pushkar doesn’t like her. Meera says I won’t call her. Rajshri and Meera leave. Pushkar calls Vidhi and says Rangeela loves you a lot, he talks about you all day, he isn’t so bad, I need to talk, can you meet me. She says I know who you are, you are Rangeela’s friend. She scolds him and says I will get you arrested this time. Pushkar says so Rangeela’s story is over, he was never in this story, but can there be anyone else. Vidhi gets another call from Rangeela. She blocks his number.

Rangeela says I tease her but I m better than that mental guy. He calls Ashwin. Ashwin scolds him. Rangeela says I m sorry, listen to me once. Ashwin says don’t talk rubbish. Rangeela says Pushkar is a mad guy, when he gets angry, he becomes a devil, save Vidhi’s life. Ashwin says you are the only trustworthy, Pushkar is mad, you are good right. Rangeela says I swear. Ashwin says stop it, get proof, why did you get quiet now. He scolds Rangeela and ends call. Rangeela says let them fall and then realize mistake.

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Pushkar collides with Vidhi. They fall down. She says sorry Kaka. He sees her phone and takes it. She thinks I heard this voice somewhere. Pushkar checks Vidhi’s phone and messages. Vidhi says my phone fell down. Pushkar says she just talks to Suman and family. Vidhi runs to him. He sees Nivedita’s call. She asks who are you, what are you doing with my phone. He says I don’t know, it just rang. He gives the phone. Suman scolds him. Vidhi says he is old man, talk well. Suman says people take old men’s disguise. Vidhi says sorry and goes. She talks to Nivedita. Pushkar says my doubts related to Vidhi got clear, I will leave from this village now. He goes.

Vidhi comes home. Maasa says you have done shopping yourself, go and get ready. She thinks of some plan. Nivedita says I don’t know Maasa. Vidhi says don’t know what is she thinking. Vidhi praises Ashwin. She asks are you happy with this alliance. Nivedita says yes, this alliance is best, you got a good family. Vidhi says I wish I could do something for you. Nivedita asks are you happy. Vidhi nods and hugs her. Pushkar goes to his car and takes his normal avatar.

Nivedita and Vidhi talking about Maasa’s planning. Maasa says I won’t let Vidhi succeed, let Rajshri come with shagun, I will see how she gives shagun. Rajshri asks Badri how much time come. Meera says Badri is more excited than you, he will get new madam. Pushkar thinks to keep info about them. He meets them. Rajshri says you here, you went for business meeting. He says I came here to see some site, Badri messaged me that you are taking shagun so I came to surprise, thanks Badri, I m waiting here for you. Meera asks did you fix secret meeting with Vidhi. Pushkar says actually, I lied to you, Vidhi wanted to go on long drive with me. He smiles. Rajshri says Vidhi is not such a girl, you can’t lie, come with us to give shagun. He says fine, I will follow you in my car. They leave.

Ashwin welcomes them home. Vidhi gets tea and serves them. Everyone smiles. Vidhi takes tea for Pushkar. Maasa smiles and makes her fall. Tea falls on Pushkar’s hand. Pushkar holds Vidhi. Maasa asks what did you do. Vidhi says sorry, you got hurt. Pushkar says its okay. Maasa says come with me, wash your hands with water. Rajshri asks Vidhi not to worry, he is fine. Maasa makes Pushkar wash hands. She says its not Vidhi’s mistake, she is worried, I know I shouldn’t say, but you can explain Vidhi, you can stop this disaster, refuse for this alliance. He gets shocked.

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She says Vidhi isn’t ready for this alliance, she isn’t able to say to Ashwin and Nivedita, I can’t see her tears, its about her life, Ashwin thinks he can get benefit from your family, Vidhi didn’t get happiness, I raised her like Bela, she should get freedom to decide for her life, you refuse for alliance, no one will ask you. He gets angry. Rajshri says we will get marriage mahurat today itself. Ashwin sys yes, but we need some time. Pushkar comes back and says I m fine. He sees Maasa. Bela cracks joke. Everyone laughs. Vidhi sees Pushkar. Rajshri says we shall start rasam. Pushkar says stop, don’t start rasam now. Ashwin asks did we do any mistake. Rajshri asks what’s the matter. Pushkar says I want to talk to Vidhi in private. He takes Ashwin’s permission. Ashwin signs Vidhi to go. Pushkar and Vidhi come out of the house for a talk. They come somewhere. She apologizes for making tea fall on him. He says don’t treat me like a stranger.

She tries to reply in english. He says good, I m impressed. He says I wanted to meet you so that we know each other, it would be better for us. She says I wanted to tell you something, our worlds are different, I will try my best to adjust in your world, I wanted to know if I will get a place in your world. Pushkar goes aside. She says sorry. He says I m happy, you have told this frankly, I believe this time will pass, I agree that marriage happens between two families, not two people, like you will try to adjust in my world, you can expect the same from me, rich and poor don’t matter to me, just the person related to me matters, I know our elders decided our alliance in haste, I trust my mom, I want to know if this is your decision or are you helpless, what happened, answer me.

She says like you trust your mum, I trust Ashwin, he gave me total freedom, I m not helpless. He recalls Rangeela and asks what were you doing outside home that day. Vidhi says I didn’t know this alliance came for me, Maasa told me…. He says Maasa has intentionally sent you out. She says no, she is good hearted, its her right to trouble her Bahu’s sister. He smiles and says you didn’t wish to go with me to doctor that day, today you are standing alone with me, can I believe that I have earned a bit of your trust. She gets shy and smiles. She asks are you happy with this alliance. He smiles. Pehli baar hai ji…..plays…. He asks shall we. He holds her hand. They go home.


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