Our Perfect place 19 April 2020: On Our Perfect place 19 April 2020, PArimal and gayatri come out to speak to ila, and find niranjan and rita there too, outside the door.

they eye each other tensedly. gayatri goes inside to check and finds that she is fast asleep and tells them the same. they are about to return when the lights go off. they are boggled. niranjan goes to check the fuse. parimal asks them to check on ila, while he goes to help niranjan.

Outside, niranjan is careless, and as a big brother, parimal comes to assistance and keeps guiding him, and niranjan starts getting irritated. he says that he isnt

scolding, but is concerned. niranjan fumes and still continues to point out, how gayatri continues to misunderstand him. Parimal asks him to say the truth, niranjan

maintains that he didnt betray rita and asks him to believe. they then together light the fuse back on. parimal explains that he shall make gayatri understand but he

too shouldnt talk to her like that. parimal apologises, for the severe wounds, and finally, after much reluctance, he forgives, and they smile and hug each other.

parimal shows that he got hurt too, and animatedly banter.

The doorbell rings, and gayatri opens the door, to find rahul and sameer. she is tensed and awkward as she finds him with a bottle of wine. she begs him not to bother

ila as she is already tensed, and then explains what happened. they both are tensed.

In her room, ila is extremely tensed remembering what happened earlier. rahul and sameer get food and juice for her, while she looks away. they got to her, as tears

stream down her cheeks. they hug her, while she is tensed still. niranjan and parimal too come,m and beg her to stop crying, and forgive them, as they wont fight ever

again. she sulks still. they hug and show that everything is okay, promising that they shall never fight again. after much reluctance, she finally complies in. then

they together feed her food, and amusedly banter. then they give her meds for a peaceful sleep. she complies. they get into bed with her, saying that they shall sleep

like childhood. amidst amusing incidents from childhood, they ask her to sing their favourite lullaby. she starts singing caressing everyone and puts them to sleep.

In her room, gayatri is still tensed about parimal’s reaction after the incident. just then, rita comes and asks if she can sleep with her today. gayatri readily

complies. they both get to talking. rita comments as to how good it is, that all brothers came together for the sake of the mother. she then hesitatingly brings up how

gayatri is still tensed with niranjan about the maya incident, and feels good, as she cares for her just like an elder sister, but she asks her to get it out of her

system as its proven now that there was nothing. gayatri asks rita if the truth is p[roven. rita reminds how ila had vouched in the temple, and asks if she doesnt

trust ila, as she is always talking about how ila considers them as daughters, then why doesnt she believe her. gayatri is tensed and upset. she says that ila is very

nice, and does love them like daughters, but after all being a human being, and a mother, desperately trying to keep the family together, would naturally and

automatically try to keep them all together, and in that case, they would never be preferred over the sons. she reminds how rita had threatened to leave the house, and

any mother wouldnt have been able to tell the truth about her son. rita hurriedly asks her if ila is lying and begs her to be clear. Gayatri asks rita not to trust anyone just by talks without having solid evidence regarding the same. she asks how could rita simply believe, what ila told without any logic and that she never even understood nor realised that when niranjan didnt have maya’s number, how did ila get it, how she managed to meet maya, and get it disproven that she and niranjan are linked and asks if she has any proof. rita is set to thinking.

The next morning, ila freshens up and then eyes the four sons sleeping lovingly in her bed, and talks to govardhan how all of them got together to wipe her tears, after long years, and feels that his prayers are being answered. she pulls down the shutters so that they keep sleeping.

In the temple, Gayatri says that she didnt want to bad mouth ila, but wanted rita to find the truth, hence planted the seed of doubt in her mind, so that she can save rita’s house. she turns around to find ila there. gayatri asks how is her health. ila tells gayatri that she was a small girl when she first saw her, and she raised her up like a daughter and then she did this with her. gayatri feels hurt, and then asks her why she chose only niranjan. she begins to go, but ila asks her whats the matter. she asks ila why she lied. ila says that this is the truth, that there is nothing, and she hasnt lied at all. gayatri is tensed. ila says that she told the half truth, and the remaining she hid only for rita’s sake, and had she knows this, she wouldnt have thought like this.

Location: Gharaunda
While the sons wake up the next morning, with a renewed sense of brotherhood, they animatedly chat about how it feels good to bond again after so many years. the topic shifts to bravado and niranjan and parimal start quibbing about who is stronger. they suggest a duel to find out. Meanwhile, at the temple, ila tells the entire truth to gayatri, and laments that had she only asked her about it, she would have told. she walks off. gayatri is tensed about the doubt that she has raised in rita’s min unnecessarily.

In her room, rita is worried about gayatri’s statements, when niranjan comes and talks about the duel. she resignedly complies, but is still lost whether or not to believe gayatri or niranjan. niranjan goes out. sameer and rahul make him exercise enough. when parimal doesnt return back, niranjan decides to take use of the advantage, and then decides to declare himself the winner by parimal’s forfeit. in his glaoting, he doesnt realise parimal is descending and starts talking about how parimal got scared, while rahul and sameer are amused, as he stands right behind niranjan, who is petrified when he sees parimal, while others are amused. the duel of pushups begin amidst much cheering and animated talkls. gayatri and ila watch from the balcony, and are happy to see them all united, as they have a good brotherly time.

In her room, rita is extremely upset and decides to go and ask ila everything clearly. Rita confronts ila in the kitchen, about where she got maya’s number, when niranjan didnt have it. she is speechless. gayatri comes and says that she shall tell her. ila eyes her tensedly. gayatri says that, it was from niranjan’s old friend, rohan that she got maya’s number. rita is boggled, as gayatri tells her not to mistrust ila. rita wonders why is she behaving diabolical in front of ila, and wonders whether what niranjan tells about gayatri, being b*t*hy is actually true. she goes to her room. in her room, she is torn thinking what to believe and what not. she decides to look up rohan’s numbver, but doesnt find it in niranjan’s cell. she realsies that they again lied to her. niranjan returns talking about how stressed out he is, and she suggests him to take a steam bath to relax. he complies, and is about to go in, when she is unable to resist herself and asks about rohan. he says that he has no such friend. the screen freezes on her shocked face.


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