Our Perfect place 6 April 2020: On Our Perfect place Monday 6 April 2020, Niranjan comes while rahul is speaking to the doctor. he asks who was he speaking to, and rahul lies.

They talk about going to ila to get her back. sameer comes in and ignores them when they talk him coming along too, saying that he isnt in the mood, and rushes in. they both resignedly leave with rita.

Rahul, rita and niranjan talk to ila and try and put sense into her, and ask her to come along, as govardhan is upset and sad and isnt eating anything. she says that she knows as she called ramesh and got to know whats going on. she sticks to her own ego, refusing to bow down earlier, playing victim in the scenario. gayatri says that she is worrying herself dead for him, and he too might be going through the same but isnt saying anything. Rita tells her that men are as it is emotionally stunted. ila says that he isnt like that. rahul asks why the complain then. she asks him to try and understand that she left the house for him, but he refuses to budge. he asks her to ask this directly to govardhan. he makes her sit down and tries to make her understand that govardhan misses her too. ila is tensed. he asks her to come along. Ila tells rahul, that if she goes back, she would get sad seeing him, and he shall get angry seeing her and what problem has happened, has already been done, and they cant do anything about it. rita says that he would be sad too. ila complies. she says that this decision was very difficult for her to take, but now that she has, she would stick to it. she says that after inder goes in a couple of days, she would come back, and see what happens. she apologises to all of them for keeping them tensed. rahul and others are tensed. she asks rita to send in some of her clothes, as she cant wear gayatri’s clothes forever. they get tensed. she goes inside. they are tensed.

Meanwhile, govardhan comes back to an empty home. he eyes the empty dining table, and remembers ila’s concern for him.

The next morning, govardhan gets to know what ila said, and vents out his frustration at niranjan. niranjan asks him to speak to her once. govardhan says that he wont as she has made the mistake, and he should call. niranjan says that he isnt asking him to apologise. govardhan asks if its his fault. niranjan says that they cant decide but they are sad. rita offers him tea. when govardhan complies, rita tries to talk sense into him, and says that they cant see him and her like this. he says that they arent putting each other down nor is it an ego issue, but its just a sentimentality difference. niranjan asks what shall happen when none of them gives up. govardhan says that atleast the children learnt the importance of relations. he then gets up and begins to go, when rita asks him to do something about it. govardhan asks her to let things be and let them simmer down, and then decide what to do. they leave. niranjan and rita are tensed. Later rita goes to sameer and asks why he didnt come yesterday as he should have supported her, when she supports him always. he apologises and says that he shall go today. she starts cheering him up, but then asks why is puja upset because of him. he tries to verify. she tries to make him realise the importance of him in her life, when she is being an unwed mother, and she is totally dependant on him, and if that faith waivers slightly, she is bound to get distraught. he understands and realises, then goes out calling puja. rita waits tensedly.

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Meanwhile, rahul and sameer talk about how they shall definitely sort it out, being lovebirds even at this stage. rahul again gets pangs of pain, when niranjan asks if its nothing alarming, as rahul clutches tightly at his stomach. rahul asks how did he know. niranjan says that he heard his entire talk with the doctor, which rahul didnt get to know. he is tensed. they both sit down. rahul takes his meds, and says that tests showed the liver has a wound. niranjan says that it wouldnt have been a secret had it been this normal. rahul distracts him, and asks him not to tell anyone, as they are already so tensed. niranjan complies tensedly.

Puja comes to sameer, in his room, and they start talking about the paradigms of their changed relationship. she tries to explain to him, while he behaves immature. she starts doubting whether he is ready to take the plunge. he says that he cares about her, but he needs time to change. he apologises for yesterday. she says that she was thinking the same thing last night, that if anything happens, then she would have to leave ila due to him. he says that he plans to go to ila, and invites her to come along. she complies.

Meanwhile, Inder is about to go outside, for official work, when ila asks where is he going. he says that he is going to meet investors, to finalise some deal. he says that he wont bother her for more than 4-5 days. she asks him not to bother as she isnt. she asks him to go or else he shall be late. he turns around and says that sometimes its his habit to get late. she asks what did he say, he distracts her and leaves.

When parimal comes home in the evening, and ila offers him tea. she tells how inder has gone out for business. parimal seems disconcerted by that. ila asks whats the matter. Parimal asks her not to worry. she asks him to clear up. he tells that his client in the bank is from the same place and told that the doll factory that inder is talking about for his business deal shut down six months ago. he says that the brother for whom she fought with her husband, is lying to her. Ila wonders why would inder lie. she turns around and finds inder standing listening to them talk. they both eye each other tensedly. she confrotns him, and asks why did he lie, to her, who fought with her husband for 45 years, and asks what and why he did it. inder says that he didnt lie, but kept the truth hidden. Parimal says that there isnt much difference. inder complies and says that when the truth hidden, makes up for the humiliation of the fact, that her brother id deep in debt. inder says that the factory is closed, and he is in debt, and the moneylenders took over his factory and shut it down. he says that this is true that he is searching for investors, to restart his business. she says that he should have said the truth. he asks what should he have told, that the brother she is meeting after so many years, is a failure, and he couldnt bear to see that on her face. she gets tensed. he eyes parimal and then goes inside.

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Niranjan talks rto his busines partner on the phone, and after cancelling vents out his frustration on the mobile. rita comes and finds him like this, while he tries to waive it off. she asks what happened. he says that what happens everytime, gets repeated again. he says that sanjay, his partner was planning to invest money, that he had to get from another source. she says that this means he didnt get the money back. he complies. she asks what shall he do now. he asks why is it happening to him all the time, and asks if he would stay like this, all his life, a big zero, a failure.

Location: Gharaunda and Parimal’s residence
Rita tries to calm and assure niranjan, while he feels defeated and lost. she says that she knows how he feels, but he did find a way out, and asks him to look out for more oppurtunities. he complies.

Puja and sameer come to meet ila and gayatri. she asks ila when would she come back, along with sameer. ila asks him to let her stay for sometime with gayatri. gayatri says that govardhan needs her more right now. ila says that they both did what they felt was right, and noone is at fault right now, but its just a clash of opinions. she is distraught as she tries to control her tears.

Back home, rita, niranjan and govardhan sit for dinner, where niranjan is still lost. govardhan tries to cheer him up, while he thanks govardhan for this, and rita too for her encouragement. govardhan talks about marital compatibility and is reminded of ila. rita asks him to have food. govardhan says that he has had food. niranjan asks about ramesh. govardhan says that ramesh is going to haridwar for asthi visarjan, and shall go to ashram too, and he decided to go too. they are tensed. rita suggests that he should talk to ila once before going. he says that they have nothing to talk about right now, and shall talk when its needed. he goes in. they both are tensed.

The next morning, rahul, niranjan and sameer sit and discuss as to how the house seems lonely without the parents. niranjan is tensed as to why ila didnt return, even after rahul called her up, and told her about govardhan’s travel. Rahul asks why would she come here now, that govardhan isnt here. they all sit tensedly.

At gayatri’s place, all sit down tensedly to have food, while they all notice that ila is tensed. gayatri asks if she called and found out. ila refuses. inder tries to cheer them up. they compliment on his sense of humour. ila and parimal ask about his son. inder says that his son, Sandeep is in London, working in the share market, and keeps calling them there, but he doesnt wish to go, leaving the country. ila asks him to go with children. inder says that he wishes to go to Essel World, and they are all amused at his childishness. parimal volunteers. gayatri asks if there are any other wishes. inder gets emotional but says that he wont say so easily. while all benter, inder gets a call, and he gets tensed. ila asks and he says that its his wife, and when ila is insistent to talk to her, he says that he shall give her, once he talks something important with her. ila and others are tensed at this weird behaviour as he steps aside.

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In the room, rita talks to puja about her long audition ahead, while having tea. they discuss as to how the house seems lonely. puja hesitantly says that she doesnt know what to make of sameer’s attitude. rita asks if he did anything again. puja says that overall, she is confused whether she should marry him. Later, rahul gets a call from sameer and puja, while he is on the road, and is asked to come along with them, to take clothes for ila. he asks them to pick him up. they comply. While waiting, Rahul finds a girl being abducted on the road, by some goons, as they come in a car, and rushes to save her. he starts fighting off the goons, and once he has captured them, he asks the girl to run away. she complies. they hit him in the liver and he winces in pain. Meanwhile sameer and puja arrive there too, and they are shocked to see him like that. they rush to his help, while the goons rush away.

While in their bedroom, gayatri and parimal, again fight in their bedroom, about his promotion that leads them to pune, shifting base from Mumbai, as he talks about how the property agent is calling them to check out flats this sunday. she tells him that uday too doesnt like it. she asks him to think about relations, while he asks her to stop this discussion once and for all, as he cant deny his success and promotion, for the sake of family. he says that he is taking a transfer and they are going to Pune. ila overhears it passing by, and they are apalled that she had to know it this way.

While rita and niranjan anxiously watch on, the doctor checks rahul, and suggests that it isnt good. sameer and puja wait tensedly. the doctor says that the liver is bruised and its aggravated since the injury and he needs to be admitted but rehul denies and asks for meds. rita insists, blackmailing him in parents’ name. rahul is worried of his phone. sameer rushes to check it out, but then gets a call from his number. After identifying himself, he gets tensed as to what he hears. he tells the the phone is with the police, as they filed an FIR against him. they are shocked. the doctor asks them to focus on the situation, as rahul winces in pain. they give him a painkiller injection. they wonder whether to tell ila or not.

The next day, ila is tensed about parimal’s tranfer. they try and ease her down, while she reprimands them for taking such drastic measures for going away. gayatri says that she too doesnt want it. ila asks him how long has it been going on. parimal says that its just some days back. ila asks why wasnt she told. parimal says that gayatri was asked not to tell her, fearing this reaction. ila gets dramatic about it, as to how can he even think about doing it. she says that those who leave, their mothers too cry like that. he says that he isnt doing this to go away from her. she asks him to face her, and tell that he isnt doing this to go away from them. he finally blurts out that he wishes to stay away from govardhan. ila asks why should she be punished for their strained relations. he walks off. gayatri and ila stand tensed.


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