Our Perfect place Tuesday 26 May 2020: Hetal asks Prachi and other friends to not inform Sam that goons had come searching him. They agree. She opens Sam’s studio door. He comes out and sits on table. She shouts to go back to his studio. He says he will not until she removes papers from studio glass. She says she will not and tells goon had come and she did not tell where he is, else goon would have crushed his bones. Sam fumes and goes to his studio saying he will be in cafeteria itself and will se who will come. Hetal goes to Rahul’s cabin. Prachi comments their love is unique, Hetal’s concern for Sam, her hatred, yelling, etc.

Rahul reminisces doctor telling his condition is critical and he cannot be treated now. He cries and prays god to give him some time to spend quality time with Tanu. He reaches home. Tanu hugs him and cries why did he leave her without informing. He consoles her.

Before closing cafeteria, Prachi goes to Sam’s studi and says she is closing cafeteria and he can go out with the key he has. He asks where is Hetal. She says Hetal is in Rahul’s cabin and leaves. Sam comes out of his studio. Goons return. Sam gets Hetal from Rahul’s cabin into his studio, ties his mouth and extremities and walks out locking studio. Goon asks his friend not to switch on lights, else they will be caught in CCTV camera.


Sam comes out of studio and switches on light. He trashes goon. Goon’s puppet hits him from behind and he collapses. Goon ties him and throws water on his face. Sam wakes up. Hetal frees herself and shouts at Sam to open door. Goon hears her, gets her out and ties even her. He drops hot coffee on Sam and warns not to shout, else he will drop hot coffee on Hetal. Sam silently bears torture. Prachi with her friends and Uday returns to party and sees lights on. She says she left lights off. Uday says that means chachu and Hetal are in cafeteria and chachu will scold him. They peep in and see goons torturing Sam. Prachi shouts. Uday shuts her mouth.

Ronnie continues torturing Sam and pouring hot coffee on his hand and warns not to shout, else he will trouble Hetal. Uday tells Pranav let us go in. Prachi says Ronnie is very dangerous and tells him whole incident happened in the morning. He asks if they can get into store room somehow. She says yes. He and Pranav get into store room.

Ronnie asks Sam why he is bearing trouble for Hetal. He then starts misbehaving with Hetal and asks to tell where is CCTV camera. She says there is no camera and she just lied to send him away. He asks his friend to bring salt and drops it on Sam’s wound. Sam shouts in pain. Uday gets marbles from store room and drops them on floor. He then downloads police siren and plays it. Ronnie and his friend run out hearing police siren and fall on marbles. Uday and his friends throw gunny bags on them and start beating them. Prachi rushes in and frees Hetal. Hetal gets worried for Sam and asks if he is fine. He reminisces Hetal taunting that he is weaker than Ronnie and will be crushed by him, so she saved him from Ronnie.

Ronnie’s friend throws mud on Pranav and runs. Ronnie overpowers Uday and strangulates his neck. Sam angrily walks out and holds Ronnie’s neck. Hetal shouts to leave him, they will hand him over to police. Sam takes Ronnie in and says Hetal he will prove he is not weak. Ronnie overpowers and beats him. Hetal gets worried. Sam says she taunted him that he is weak and di not trust him, he has trust on himself. Hetal says he is not weak, he can beat Ronnie. Sam gets up and trashes Ronnie.


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