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Our Perfect place May Teasers 2020 Zee world: Hetal takes care of the thugs in her own special way, unfortunately they come back for more. Read more… Read more Our Perfect place Teasers May 2020


Our Perfect Friday 1 May 2020
(Episode 35)

Niranjan visits his children unexpectedly, but this causes a vicious fight between him and Rita, so Ila gets involved. Hetal feels her coffee is much better than Rahuls, so it’s down to Hate Vs Love at Hetals café, who will win?

Saturday 2 May 2020
(Episode 36)

Niranjan won’t tell Rita what he did and its making their marriage suffer, so Rita hires a marriage therapist. However, the therapist looks exactly like Tanu, will Rahul recognize her as his beloved? What if it truly is her?

Sunday 3 May 2020
(Episode 37)

Hetal loses her bet to Pratchi and now she must kiss Samir, but will she do it? Will how she really feels about Samir finally come to light? Tanu, under her guise as “Shree” opens up to Samir about her relationship with Rahul…

Our Perfect Monday 4 May 2020
(Episode 38)

Samir feels the time is right to start expressing his feelings to Hetal, but is Hetal ready for this? Will she reject Samir? Niranjan wont stop obsessing over seeing his children but Rita is against him. Who will compromise their wishes?

Our Perfect Tuesday 5 May 2020
(Episode 39)

Parimal tries to get in between the decision that Rita has made about the children. Rita feels that she is lost as it seems her family isn’t supporting her. Samir resorts to a sick tactic to try and draw Hetals feelings out of her.

Our Perfect Wednesday 6 May 2020
(Episode 40)

Samirs plan seems to be working very well, Hetal is infuriated with Samir every time she sees him with Pratchi. Samir buys Hetal and Pratchi dresses for Valentine’s day. Under the circumstances will Hetal accept the gift?

Our Perfect Thursday 7 May 2020
(Episode 41)

Samir is trying his best to get a reaction out of Hetal, and even though she is jealous, it seems that Hetal will play a stronger game against Samir. However, Rahul can see what is going on and decides to speak with Hetal about it.

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Our Perfect Friday 8 May 2020
(Episode 42)

Hetal is moved to come face to face with her own emotions towards Samir, she is left with no other choice but to approach Samir. But will she be able to change how she feels about relationships? Ila helps Rita deal with her pain.

Saturday 9 May 2020
(Episode 43)

Ila feels that she isn’t doing enough for Rita, so she takes Rita to get a new look. How will the family respond when they see what Rita looks like afterwards? Meanwhile, Rahul has plans for the café that he isn’t sharing with anyone.

Sunday 10 May 2020
(Episode 44)

Samir feels that he needs to get Hetal to make peace with her sister, but how will Hetal react when she hears his idea? Niranjan has become heavily sick, will the family be able to save him in his moment of need?

Our Perfect Monday 11 May 2020
(Episode 45)

After Parimal has helped Niranjan, how will he cover up what has happened? It seems that no matter what he does he can’t hide what happened and this may have disastrous effects on the family, especially Ila.

Our Perfect Tuesday 12 May 2020
(Episode 46)

Samir is still upset with Hetal, and it seems he is not interested in patching things up. Hetal resorts to all sorts of methods to claim her mans’ affection back as well as his forgiveness. Palak and Bijal are struggling with Sangeeta.

Our Perfect Wednesday 13 May 2020
(Episode 47)

Samir finds out the truth about why “Shree” left without a word for Hetal and didn’t contact her for 3 years, will he tell Hetal the truth though? Sangeeta oversteps her authority with the children, but will it backfire on her?

Our Perfect Thursday 14 May 2020
(Episode 48)

Gayatri feels that now is the time to act against Sangeeta as she can see that she is abusing the children. But will Rita become even more upset when she sees Gayatri interfering in family affairs again?

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Our Perfect Friday 15 May 2020
(Episode 49)

“Shree” is worried over the fact that Samir may tell Hetal the truth, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. Rita gets hired to act in a commercial, but there may be a big problem with what the directors want from her.

Saturday 16 May 2020
(Episode 50)

No matter what Tanu says about her past, Hetal has worse moments to share. Will Tanu ever be able to make peace with her sister? Niranjan is told about Rita’s decision with the commercial, will he be the one who tries fight this?

Sunday 17 May 2020
(Episode 51)

Rahuls condition seems to be getting worse and worse, he goes to the beach where he spent time with Tanu. Tanu, in her hurt state, also goes to the same beach. Is it finally the time for these lost lovers to return to each other?

Our Perfect Monday 18 May 2020
(Episode 52)

Ila is desperate to see Rahul get over Tanu, so she goes to “Shree” to see if she can help counsel him. Will Shree agree to meet Rahul? Samir spends time with Hetal at the beach but she can sense that something is troubling him

Our Perfect Tuesday 19 May 2020
(Episode 53)

Tanu has finally learned that the mystery man has been Rahul all along. With this knowledge however, she realises that his brother is Samir, knowledge which she knows will break Hetals heart. What will she do now?

Our Perfect Wednesday 20 May 2020
(Episode 54)

Tanu finally meets up with Rahul, completely to her surprise though. However, with Rahul being drunk, he thinks that he was just having another dream. How will Tanu handle this? Hetal finally learns of a truth that may end it with Samir.

Our Perfect Thursday 21 May 2020
(Episode 55)

Tanu realises that the only way she can make peace for everyone is to let Rahul go completely. She feels that she cannot do this without seeing him properly one last time. The time has come for Rahul to see his Tanu again.

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Our Perfect Friday 22 May 2020
(Episode 56)

Ila finds out that Samir is missing, and she begins to question where he is. Prachi tells Rahul that Shree has been Tanu all along. Rahul leaves no stone unturned to find Tanu. But the question is, is he too late?

Saturday 23 May 2020
(Episode 57)

Rahul comes home with Tanu and everyone is stunned after his announcement. Ila begins to suspect that Shree might actually be Tanu. Will she find out the truth behind what has hidden for all this time?

Sunday 24 May 2020
(Episode 58)

It seems that Rita has started to feel kindly towards Niranjan again, but does this mean she will forgive him and bring him back home? Meanwhile, Ila sees that it may be the time to bring Govardhan back home.

Our Perfect Monday 25 May 2020
(Episode 59)

Rahul tries desperately to hide his health problem from Tanu, but will she fall for his lies? Samir and Hetal are battling it out between each other, just when it seems that Hetal has the upper hand, unwanted guests arrive at the cafe.

Our Perfect Tuesday 26 May 2020
(Episode 60)

Hetal takes care of the thugs in her own special way, unfortunately they come back for more. This time though, Samir is the one who runs into them. Will they just walk away? Or is it time for Samir to prove Hetal wrong about his strength?

Our Perfect Wednesday 27 May 2020
(Episode 61)

Its time for each family member to sort out their differences with each other. While this may be possible for others, can Hetal ever remove the hate from her heart? Is it time for the man of the house to set matters straight once for all?

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