Opay Loans: How to Access OPAY LOAN 2022

Opay Loans: In Nigeria is easy because of the explosion of loan companies online in the past few years. These firms offer fast and short-term loans to their clients without requiring any collateral. Nowadays you are able to easily get student loans through Nigeria, payday loan and more.



About Opay

Created by the internet company Opera, OPay is a mobile-powered platform that provides vital services like payments commercial transportation services as well as food and grocery delivery as well as other services.

OPay is an abbreviation in the form of Opera Pay. It’s an online payment system which lets you perform a variety of transactions. These include purchasing airtime or data, purchasing data, signing up for Pay TV, paying electric bills or hailing a rider through OCar and OTrike and food delivery using OFood and transferring funds by sending and receiving payments via QR, investing with OWealth and lending services through the OKash loan as well as opening a bets, informing your goods and services on OList and creating an online presence by using Oleads.

How to borrow money from Opay

It is the first thing to do downloading OKash loan’s mobile app. OKash loan mobile application. Create an account, and then fill in the information required and it will take under five minutes to finish the registration. You will receive a phone call or text confirmation.

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Request a loan using the app, and read these Terms and Conditions, and pay attention to the interest rate and deadline for repayment. If you’re happy with the above information then confirm your loan request and you’ll get the money in a matter of moments.

Maximum or Minimum Amount You Can Borrow

The maximum amount you are able to request at any one moment on OKash is N 50,000. You could apply for loans starting as small as N 3000.

Opay Loan (Okash Loan) Requirement

The procedure to apply to get an OPay loan is straightforward. OPay loans are available to Nigerians of all ages and does not have any stringent requirements. The typical Nigerian isn’t able to get a loan.

  1. It is essential that the applicant be Nigerian resident
  2. The age range of the applicant must be within the range of 20 to 55 years.
  3. The borrower must be able to prove a source of monthly income or provide the reason that he or she is seeking the loan.
  4. Valid ID Card
  5. BVN Number

Opay Loan (Okash Loan) Interest Rate

The rate of interest for the day ranges from 0.1 percent between 1% and 0.1% whereas the annual rate of interest is between 36.5 percent and 360 percent. In addition the loan will require you the expense of paying an origination charge on your loan, which can range between N 1299 to N 6000. The term of the loan is 90 days for the shorter term and one year for the longest duration.

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How To Repay Opay Loan (Okash Loan)

  • Install your mobile application
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on the link that says “make a payment”
  • Complete all necessary details.
  • Click on the “repay” button

It’s important to know that the platform uses an automatic debiting of your bank account when are due to pay your loan. That means you don’t necessarily have to follow the steps above so long as you have a sufficient amount of money on your bank account.

Opay Loan App Review (Okash Loan)

Okash loan is an loan application in Nigeria that is part of OPay. OPay group. With this app it is possible to get an online loan in Nigeria anytime in minutes.


  1. Rapid and secure processing of loan payment
  2. No deposit or collateral conditions.
  3. Simple sign-up process
  4. They also offer incentives, such as periodic bonuses.
  5. You can complete the entire process online from your smartphone. There is no need to make an actual visit.


  1. Privacy is a concern
  2. The cost of loan repayment is expensive. There are alternatives that are less expensive.
  3. The loans are intended for short-term use.
  4. It is limited to the amount you can take out.

Opay Loan USSD Code

Its Opay U.S.SD number is 955#. It is applicable if your account is through the platform. The code will provide you with seamless access to transactions through your account.

OKash (a affiliate OPay) (a subsidiary OPay) has been a dependable loan service that provides rapid loan approval to customers in Nigeria. The process of applying for a loan through the app is quick and easy. The loan is credited to your account in a matter of just a few minutes.

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