Once There was once a King Zee World: Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary And Teasers

Once There was once a King Zee World: The show began with the love story between Rani Gayatri ( Drashti Dhami) and Ranaji ( Siddhant Karnick) (Season 1). Due to the deaths of their characters the show centered on Rani ( Eisha Singh) and their daughter, as well as their son-in-law, Raja ( Sartaj Gill). But that character Rani was also killed and her likeness became known as Naina (also directed by Eisha Singh). However, the principal character was killed (Raja and Naina passed away). The show was able to keep its main protagonist because it was revealed the fact that Raja and Rani had taken births again with the names of Raj and Rani respectively. The show ended its airing on July 4, 2017. The show had previously taken the leap of seven years, then a leap of 12 years that was followed by a four month leap, and then the leap of ten years, and concluded with a ten-year leap. Afterwards, these characters were killed in a motor vehicle accident which left their daughter behind.

once there was a king zee world

once there was a king zee world


Once There was once a King Zee World Full Story/Plot Summary:

Season 1 Once There was once a King

Once There Was King takes place in the 1940s. After 1945, Ranaji was returned in Ameerkot in the middle of in the battle in the face of the British. Gayatri was the child of a wealthy Zamidar however she is regarded as manglik (inauspicious because of her birth). On the other side, Rana Indravadhan Singh (Ranaji) is the King of Amerkot who was traumatized following his first marriage, Rani Sulakshana. His mother, Rajmata Priyamvada, has an obligation to pay Gayatri’s father. So she proposes to marry Ranaji instead. Unwillingly, Ranaji marries Gayatri.

After the marriage, Ranaji and Gayatri slowly create a bond. However, there are challenges that are presented by family members such as Badi of Rani Maa a woman who pretends as Sulakshana, Avdhesh, Rageshowri and many more.

Because of Badi Rani Maa’s influence along with Rageshowri, Ranaji marries Rageshowri and loses his memory and then forgets Gayatri. Gayatri is dropped off a cliff due to Badi Rani Maa. She is saved by Lukhan, and later disguises herself as Savitri to aid Ranaji (King Rana) regain his memory. On the other hand Lakshyaraj the son of Chandravadan finds out the fact that Gayatri remains alive. He reveals to Badi Rani Maa the truth prior to his death as a result of a spear being pushed across his chest in a show during the festival of colors. Badi rani maa confirms it later that it’s true. She attempts to bring Ranaji together with Savatri together for them to reveal Savatri for being Gayatri in the eyes of the King Rana (Ranaji). When she is trying to expose her story of Badi Rani Maa as well as Rageshwari’s relationship with Rana, King Rana, Badi Rani Maa has a long list of threats without success including putting an explosive in Gayatri’s car as well as the threat of a murderer to the priest who is there to give evidence in favor of Badi Raani Maa. All seemed to go favorable to Gayatri since the priest’s testimony is believed by Ranaji however, Badi Rani Maa exposes the true face of savatri in front of everyone by dumping water on her. King Rana gets angry and orders Gayatri as well as Rajmata to the prison. He later meets Gayatri to discuss the truth. They decide to redo the entire process on the cliff. Badi Rani Maa attempts to persuade Ranaji to simply to kill Rajmata and Gayatri and Gayatri, based on the way the game of politics plays out. However, she fails in her efforts. On the hill Badi Rani Maa repeatedly exchanged fake bullets for real ones. The next occasion, Ranaji is deciding to fire Gayatri. When Gayatri is killed by Ranaji and experiences a trauma. Badi Rani Maa begins be giddy and rejoice over the fact which indicates that Gayatri has finally died. However, Gayatri eventually gets up, and the same goes for Ranaji. King Rana tells Madam Badi that he changed the bullets once more after she had put real bullets. Badi Rani Maa calls her goons to eliminate Ranaji. She admits to having a suspicion that there was a possibility of something happening, which is why she prepared. However, Rajmata arrives on the scene with her own security guards, who detain the goons of Badi Rani Maa. Badi Rani Maa takes the big gun from her clothes and shoots at the face of King Rana. All hope appears gone when Swarnalekha and Lukhan hit a stick at Badi Maa’s forehead, knocking her off her feet. Badi Rani Maa as well as Rageshwari are taken for a dungeon. The joy of the people of the palace when Lukhan as well as Swarna (Lakshyaraj’s bride) are set to get married. With the assistance of her son Kunwar Chandravadan, the Badi Rani Maa, the vengeful Badi comes to celebrate the wedding with a man from the jungle named Kaal. Kaal kills Ranaji during a faceoff. Kaal also throws knives on Swarnalekha (Swarna). When he tries to murder Gayatri under Badi Rani Maa’s instructions Lukhan saves Gayatri and the two escape as Rajmata of the royal palace. Then, Swarna awakes to discover dead bodies all over the place, including King Rana. Badi Rani Maa imprisons Swarna until she gives birth to Lukhan’s child.

Gayatri is the one who steals Ranaji’s body from his funeral, which was conducted under the fraudulent Badi Maa. Then she gives his body a proper burial with the faithful people of Ameerkot. Then, she rescues her mother from the Badi Rani Maa who wants to use her mother’s name to reach Gayatri by threat of hanging her mother should Gayatri doesn’t appear before her. After nine years, Gayatri gives birth to a girl. In the nine months prior to this women were taught with Rajmata to fight, as the king Kaal was adamant that all pregnant women be executed in pursuit of Gayatri. After the birth of her baby, she travels back to her palace, along with the child, Rajmata, Lukhan and her army to battle Kaal and Badi. Kaal. As a result, Kaal becomes the king of Ameerkot and is backed by queen grandmother (Badi Rani Maa) as she was in a dream that Kaal threatened her with becoming the King of Ameerkot.Meanwhile Kaal’s son Kunwar Chandravadan had hoped to become the king. When Gayatri succeeds in taking Kaal off and taking back Ameerkot’s throne Ameerkot Badi Rani Maa attempts to plead Gayatri to accept her request, however, Gayatri isn’t convinced. She then kicks her off. As the Queen grandmother regains consciousness, she attempts to kill the baby of Gayatri who is attached with the (Gayatri’s) back and then stabbing Gayatri instead. However, before Gayatri is able to fall she leaves Badi Rani Maa the gift of. She disables her by cutting off one of her hands using the sword. Kaal is finished with Gayatri and she passes away, as Rajmata and her baby escape. Ranaji and Gayatri meet in heaven.

Rajmata and the girl’s baby are greeted by Chandravadan who is given orders by his mother Badi Rani Maa, to murder them. Then he spares them because Rajmata can persuade him to believe that his Queen Grandmother (Badi Rani Maa) is not going to allow him to take the throne. The throne has been given to Kaal as an outsider , instead of her son. Rajmata Lukhan, Rajmata along with the newborn girl riding in the vehicle going to a different location. They call the baby girl Rani.

Season 2

7 years on Once There was once a King

India is now independent with India has gained independence and British officials have departed. The daughter of Gayatri and Ranaji, Rani, grows up under the care of Rajmata. She is sent to the palace of the royal family for work as a servant , and also befriends Raja, Jeevan, and Bindu. Raja as well as Jeevan are Kaal’s sons while Bindu has been Swarnalekha and Lakhan’s uninformed daughter. Kaal is now King. Badi Rani Maa has given Rani various tests, like having to descend from a height and play games of ladders and snakes that involves the ladders with riddles as well as the test where Rani was required to forfeit her income so that other servants could receive their wages. These tests are all because Rani demanded that her boss Badi Rani Maa to end her inhumanity to the palace’s servants. While Rajmata is suffering from tuberculosis. If Badi-Raini Maa realises that she’s losing control over Raja She chooses to play her classic game of being nice at the front to her foes and then backstab them from behind. Raja and Rani are split from their childhood because of the schemes by Badi Rani Maa. Raja was accused of violently assaulting Jeevan (Rageshwari’s Son). In consequence, Kaal sends Raja to an institution for boarding, which is where he suffers abuse. Rani quits Amerkot together with Rajmata following the death of Lakhan and his lover, Swarnalekha, as planned by Badi Rani Maa. She kills Lakhan with a knife , and shoots Swarnalekha with a gun while they set out to locate Rajmata and Rana as well as Gayatri’s daughter Rani which Badi Rani Maa is not aware about her real identity. Because Raja is staying in her hostel Maa makes use of this to change Raja against Kaal by saying Kaal is the reason Kaal does not want him to return home. Raja is adamant about his father. He also dislikes Rani since they believe it’s due to her that he was transferred to the boarder school. Badi Rani Maa tells Bindu to write letters to Raja to tell him how much she cherishes her. She also warns Raja not to let any woman like Rani to be in his life again.

In the meantime, Rani and Rajmata are in a different city. They are employed in the hospital. Rajmata is then extremely sick due to tuberculosis that is spreading throughout her body. She is then treated with surgery. She recovers and lives with Rani and nurses in the hospital. Rani thinks about when she’ll be able to meet Raja to resolve their disagreement.

10 years later – Once There was once a King

Raja and Rani have a reunion in college. The second time, Raja encounters Rani He begins to cause trouble for her since he believes Rani was responsible for putting him to an boarder school. But, they slowly become lovers. The day before their wedding Raja learns Rani is Ranaji and Gayatri’s daughter and that they were killed at the hands of Kaal as well as Badi Rani Maa however they get married anyway. Raja is incarcerated Kaal while Badi Rani Maa, who dies trying to take down Rani. Bindu is also taken into custody. Rani is vengeful of her parents’ murder.

Then, a few months later Nawab Iqbal Khan appears in their lives, bringing a fresh problem for Raja along with Rani. The man accuses Raja of murdering his fiancée Zahira. Then it’s found out that Jeevan was one who killed Zahira. However, only Jeevan/Jeeves (Raja’s cousin) along with Shusti (Raja’s college buddy) knew about the secret as They were also the people who killed the lady. They told Rani that no accident had taken place. Even though Shusti was determined to reveal his story, he is threatening by Jeevan. Iqbal decides to take revenge on Raja with a shot on an rock. Raja is then thrown off the cliff, in the presence of Rani.

4 months later – Once There was once a King

Raja returns, rescued by Bindu. He is able to see Rani and Iqbal in a relationship. Then it is revealed that Rani pretends to be in love with Iqbal to get revenge on Raja’s death and is unaware that Raja is alive. In the meantime, Raja seeks revenge from Rani and Iqbal by claiming to be Angad Bindu’s husband however, Rani recognizes the man. Iqbal keeps plotting to thwart them and Raja begins to hate Rani. Iqbal is able to force Rani to kill Raja against her wishes. When Raja flees Iqbal’s men, he escaped because he’s saved by the don. Raja begins his illegal job for the don and he inflicts harm on 3 policemen. Iqbal is the one who takes Rani along in his vehicle to observe his fragile “Raja”. They see Raja in the middle of the ocean, seeking to kill himself with an assault weapon. Rani decides to cause an accident when she pulls the steering wheel in the direction of Iqbal. Iqbal is killed in the crash, and Rani is pronounced dead in a hospital. Raja is in bad company and is associated with criminals, believing that Rani was lying to him and is unaware that she’s deceased.

10 years later

Raja currently works as a do who lives in Mumbai who will soon move to reside with Laila her daughter, who is another don. Naina is Rani’s look-alike. is a junior actor in film living with her sister and mother. Raja believes Naina is Naina could be Rani and begins to dislike her. However, Vijay, a police officer, is a fan of Naina. Raja finds out that Rani died and Naina is her likeness, however, he is still averse to her since she recalls him of Rani.

Gradually, his relationship with Naina becomes more normal and a love triangle forms. When he is getting married day to Laila, Raja calls it off. Laila blames Naina. Naina meets Rani’s spirit, which allows her to prove her Raja she is innocent. Rani wasn’t guilty and did not commit suicide to get revenge on him. Vijay attempts to assault Naina and break her legs. Laila attempts to use to attempt to discredit Naina however Raja is married to Naina to guard her. Laila fights Naina repeatedly, and then dies as she is sucked up by crocodiles that swim in the river the trap she set to Naina.

Raja is convinced that he’s received a new start in life and begins to fall in love with Naina and she takes him on a honeymoon trip to Goa. In Goa, he encounters Rani’s spiritwho turns into a ghost and changed into a to darkness. Rani is looking for Raja to join her in the realm of spirit. The spirit of Rani is shown to be under the control of the Badi Rani Maa’s soul.

Everyone in the palace are informed that they have returned to the palace from Rani as well as Badi Rani Maa. Badi Rani Maa has resorted to attacking Priyamvada’s family Priyamvada at numerous times in the past, since she had informed Rajmata that she wanted to play with the family for a couple of days before killing the family. The attacks she has carried out range from forcing Naina dance, trying to make Naina to stone, throwing Vikrant (Laila’s youngest brother) in the box, attempting to take out Priyamvada as well as locking Naina in a bottle and so on. Priyamvada can save Rani from the Badi Rani Maa’s spell in the process of helping Rani to obtain the moshka (salvation) as well as Rani is taken to the spirit realm. With the assistance by the priest manage to convince Badi Rani Maa into believing that Rajmata was dead since Rajmata was determined to sacrifice her life in order for Raja as well as Naina to avoid being protected to be saved by the Badi Runi Maa. Raja is told by Rajmata to head for America early in the morning so that she will be secure. In the last episode of the Badi Rani Maa’s blitzkrieg her return to the palace in the early morning angry at how Rajmata did a impressive performance to fool her. When she attempts to get to the palace she’s unable because the priest instructed Rajmata as well as her entire family members to attach a string to the windows and doors in the palace. Queen grandmother tries to gain entry, but eventually loses her power. She returns to see the witch doctor who restored her to the world to gain greater power. She returns to her palace and the thread is unable to more hinder her. The next time, she takes no time in carrying out her plot to kill. She instantly pretends to be Raja and lures Naina to a trap in which she stabbing Naina before Raja, who is actually Raja. In addition, she stabbing Raja. She also forces Naina’s mother as well as Rekha (Naina’s cousin) to knock their heads against objects and fall to the ground. Rajmata arrives on the scene and sees Naina and Raja lying on the ground. Badi Rani Maa subsequently forces Raja for him to choke himself. Both die while holding hands together. When Badi Rani Maa is celebrating the occasion, she spills Raja’s blood. She recalls which the witch doctor had told her that if a honest man’s blood comes into contact with her, she’ll be unable to perform her duties. She is still giddy when she passes away. Rajmata tears when Raja as well as Naina have died. She is attempting to kill herself using the same knife, but the priest is able to stop her. She demands that the priest bring them back , but she says he’s not able to because he can’t decide a person’s destiny. Rajmata warns him not to talk on the subject of God in front of her.

The priest informs Rajmata the truth that Raja and Rani are bound to come back to demonstrate that there is nothing more powerful than love.

Season 3

20 years on – Once There was once a King

Raja and Rani are revived to be Raj as well as Rani. Raj is appointed as the security guard for Rani in spite of her displeasure. After her wedding is scheduled to Kundan the bride asks Raj to kidnap her. Raj and Rani arrive in Amerkot and Rani has a strange feeling of connection to the city. She comes across the diary of Rani Gayatri and then pursues Raj. Raj is later told to murder Rani in order to save the brother Dev who is detained by her aunt, Anandi. Raj is able to explain his situation to Rani but doesn’t divulge the identity of Anandi.

In her home Rani is caught in a lie about her wedding to Raj and helps Dev and Raj. Raj as well as Dev. Anandi is found to be the one who killed Rani’s father and is sentenced to jail. Rani accepts to marry Kundan who is after her money. He plans to take her family behind following the marriage and move to London. Anandi is released, and would like Rani’s money.

Raj divulges Kundan’s plans Kundan’s plans to Rani as well as her mom, who thanked Kundan for his kindness. Rani and Raj become lovers and her mother offers Raj three months to show his love. Rani is able to convince Raj to go to Amerkot where they see an image depicting Raja along with Rani along with Badi Rani Maa. Rajmata returns and tells they that this was their chance to rebirth.

Badi Rani Maa (Queen Grandmother) is back in the palace again. She comes back with a darker form of magic. The minions are now hers, that take on Raj and Rani until she finally discloses herself to them. She fights in a fight against Raj, Rani and the priest who told Rajmata of Raj and Rani’s Rebirths. The whole thing goes smoothly as the priest makes the shield around them to protect them from the Badi Rani Maa’s attacks. Rajmata is right close to Badi Rani Maa, and is watching every move.

Then things take a bizarre twist when Badi Rani Maa disarms the shield that protects them. She throws a knife towards the priest, and a spear at Raj. Badi Rani Maa informs Rajmata that hate always wins over love. When she attempts to hit Rani the priest, he wakes up as well as the shield put in place again. Rajmata will then pour holy water over Badi Rani Maa’s head, and she goes away. The priest is killed in the meantime Raj is taken to medical treatment.

Badi Rani Maa delivers an archer towards Rani along with a letter, telling her that the solution to the spell of a witch is not easily found, and that if she wishes to use witch remedies, then she should offer something to get Raja’s life back. Rani and Priyamvada arrive to meet Badi Rani Maa. The Queen grandmother instructs Rani to hand over this holy liquid in return for the life of Raj. The Queen mother advises Rani not to accept the exchange, but she agrees. When Rani offers her the water of holy to Badi Rani Maa the girl (Badi Rani Maa) begins to laugh, and she breaks the holy water bottle to the ground. Priyamvada drops onto the ground. When Badi Rani Maa starts singing in the background, the Queen mother rises up quickly (meaning she was faking) and pulls out the holy water that was hidden inside her clothes . She then begins to sprinkle it all over her Queen grandma. Rani then cuts off Badi Rani Maa’s chopi (plait/braid) i.e. her hair. This kills her. Raj is later able to recover and they go back home to their palace.

After beating the Badi Rani Maa Raj as well as Rani are married. Raj finds out later that it was her mother who made him and his mother’s life miserable when he was a kid. He decides to share with Rani that he was wrong through showing Rani his family home, the mother as well as his younger sister. He informs Rani the fact that his mother is responsible for her father’s death as in the midst of his childhood. Raj Then, he throws Rani off the rock. Raj believes that he has gained since he holds property papers that he manipulated Rani to make a signature as an insurance certificate which states that the entire property of Rani are his. But due to the stormy weather Rani’s signature Rani are removed from the property documents. Raj is devastated. In the palace, the mother of Rani gets a call saying to inform her that Rani was found. When they visit her, they find out that she’s forgotten her identity. They attempt to restore Rani’s memories back. Rani is the one to bring Raj’s mom and sister back to the palace. Rani is finally able to regain her memory.

Then, Rani gives birth to twins. However, one of them was abducted by Vasundhara an Indian woman who is a foe for Raj as well as Rani. Raj and Rani quit their second child Siddhi and embark on an expedition to find the twin who is missing Riddhi. While Raj drives the vehicle, Rani begins to lose hope after telling Raj that it’s been a whole day, but they haven’t located Riddhi. Raj promises Rani that they will locate Riddhi’s child. While Raj attempts to persuade Rani not to believe him the child’s identity, they get into an argument. The result is that their car striking a tree. The tree causes it to explode and kills the two.

18 years later

18 years after, Raj and Rani’s daughter Siddhi has turned 18 years of age. She is presented with an old book that has the title (Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani) for her birthday present given by her grandma. Siddhi’s twin sister, Riddhi, who is still alive, is shown alongside Vasundhara the woman who abducted her as a newborn. Riddhi is shown as she steals money from a store and beating an officer. She is seen singing happy birthday to herself while walking off from where the incident took place. She gives the money to Vasundhara. The coronation of Siddhi as Queen of Ameerkot will take place at the palace. When the priest presents the crown to Siddhi she turns it down and walks to her parents’ photos and prays to them. She realizes that Ameerkot does not require an emperor. The show concludes with her standing facing Raj and Rani’s photos.


Once There was once a King Zee world Cast & Real names:


  • Drashti Dhami as Gayatri Devi aka Rani / Savitri (Season 1): Ranaji’s love interest and wife; Rani’s mother (2015–16) (Dead)
  • Siddhant Karnick as Man Singh II aka Rana Indravadan Singh Deo (Season 1): Gayatri’s love interest and husband; Rani’s father
  • Eisha Singh as
    • Rani Singh Deo / Singh: Gayatri and Ranaji’s daughter; Raja’s first wife (Season 2) (Dead)
      • Mahima Joshi – Acted as ==> Child Rani Singh Deo (Season 2)
    • Naina Singh: Rani’s lookalike; Raja’s second wife (Season 2) (Dead)
    • Rani Chauhan: Reborn Rani; Rajveer’s wife (Season 3) (Dead)
  • Sartaj Gill as
    • Raja Singh: Rani and Naina’s husband (Season 2) (Dead)
      • Swar Hingonia – Acted as ==> Child Raja Singh (Season 2)
    • Kunwar Rajveer Singh: Reborn Raja; Reborn Rani’s husband (Seasons 3)
  • Anita Raj – Acted as ==> Rajmata Priyamvada Devvadan Singh Deo (Seasons 1–3)
  • Surekha Sikri – Acted as ==> Badi Rani Maa Bhagyavanti Singh Deo (Dakini) (Seasons 1–3)(Dead)


  • Moon Banerrjee – Acted as ==> Sethani Damyanti Devi, Gayatri’s mother (Season 1)
  • Anjum Fakih – Acted as ==> Rani Rageshwari Singh third wife of Rana Indravadan, married twice to him (Season 1–2)
  • Akshay Anand – Acted as ==> Kunwar Chandravadan Singh Deo (Season 1–2)
  • Parul Chaudhary – Acted as ==> Kunwarani Kokila Chandravadan Singh Deo (Season 1–2)
  • Puneet Sharma – Acted as ==> Lakhan (Season 1–2) (dead)
  • Priya Tandon – Acted as ==> Choti Kunwarani Swarnalekha Lakshyaraj Singh Deo (Season 1–2) (dead)
  • Ritesh M M Shukla – Acted as ==> Bhuvan Kaka (Season 3)
  • Akash Talwar – Acted as ==> Kunder (Season 3)
  • Usha Bachani – Acted as ==> Anandi (Season 3)
  • Dolly Sohi – Acted as ==> Sunanda Chauhan (Season 3)
  • Pragya Sethi – Acted as ==> Preeti (Season 3)
  • Suyyash Rai – Acted as ==> Vijay (Season 2) (dead)
  • Mohammad Iqbal Khan – Acted as ==> Nawab Iqbal Khan (Season 2) (dead)
  • Neha Mishra – Acted as ==> Meenu/Gayatri’s friend (Season 2)
  • Shivangi Sharma/Purva Parag – Acted as ==> Rani Ambika Singh (Season 2)
  • Sudesh Berry – Acted as ==> Don (Season 2)  (dead)
  • Poonam Preet – Acted as ==> Kunwari Bindu Singh Deo/Lovely (Season 2)
  • Deepshikha Nagpal – Acted as ==> Abida, Iqbal’s step mother (Season 2)
  • Chetan Hansraj – Acted as ==> Maharaja Kaal Singh (Season 1–2)
  • Zaan Khan – Acted as ==> Kunwar Jeevan Singh/Jeeves (Season 2)
  • Vijay Kalvani – Acted as ==> Vice Principal Mr. Chaubey/Chilgoza (Season 2)
  • Jayna Tida – Acted as ==> Rani Sulakshana Indravadan Singh Deo (first wife of Rana Indravadhan) (Season 1) (dead)
  • Ajay Arya – Acted as ==> Lakshyaraj Chandravadan Singh Deo (Season 1) (dead)
  • Astha Agarwal – Acted as ==> Jhumki (the false Sulakshana. First wife of Rana Indravadan) (Season 1)
  • Vineet Sharma – Acted as ==> Sartaj (Season 1)
  • Amar Deep Garg as Bhairav Yogi
  • Abhiram Nain – Acted as ==> Avdesh Singh Chauhan (Season 1) (dead)
  • Darshan Jariwala – Acted as ==> Seth Govindd- Acted as ==> (Season 1)

Guest appearances

  • Mouni Roy, in a dance performance in the New Year Special
  • Karan Wahi, in a dance performance
  • Rashami Desai, in a dance performance
  • Sonal Vengurlekar, Ranaji’s friend and also to promote her show, Yeh Vaada Raha (TV series) in which she h- Acted as ==> retaken birth – Acted as ==> Survi (dead)
  • Ankush Arora, Ranaji’s friend’s lover and also to promote his show, Yeh Vaada Raha (TV series) along with Sonal Vergunlekar in which he is reborn – Acted as ==> Karthik
  • Jiiva
  • Allu Arjun


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