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Once there was a king 12 January 2022:  Gayatri consoles Rana ji, he loses grip on Gayatri and straightens. She keeps a hand on his shoulder and asks if she said something wrong. Rana ji leaves. Gayatri think that Rana ji just came nearer to her, what she must do to win his trust. She thinks about speaking to Mala, may be if she speaks to Rana ji he feels better. She goes inside calling Mala.

The man in black dress comes inside, he was about to keep a gun when Gayatri calls him asking about Mala. Baba says Mala isn’t well, she has gone to her mother’s home. Gayatri asks what is he hiding from her. Baba laughs, he says this is world, here everyone is hiding something, she must not worry and go to take rest. Gayatri wonders what has happened to everyone today. Mala has left without informing, Baba is also hiding something.

Kunwar ji feeds Kokilla with almonds, so that she looks beautiful as Laksh is going to give them an heir. Swarna enters their room. Kokilla asks what has she done to herself. Swarna shows them the cut on her face saying this is what happened last night. She says that she also thought that their son has changed and wants to give her the right of his wife, but she was wrong. She is Swarnlekha, she doesn’t repeat her mistake. She will tell her father about everything and will leave the palace. Kokilla says that such fights happen at every house, she will speak to Laksh. Swarna says she won’t suffer anymore, what is her mistake, she won’t suffer more. She is also a Rajputani, she will not live here anymore. Kokilla and Kunwar ji insists on her to stay, saying this will all make a fun of this palace. They take Swarna along.

Gayatri and Rana ji ate together at night. Rana ji stops at once as Gayatri stared. She takes her stare away. Gayatri asks if he wants to say something he can. Rana ji says he has nothing to say. Gayatri murmurs that he only has an ego. Rana ji asks if she said something. Gayatri says he is Raja, how can she dare speak in front of him. Rana ji looks away, and picks a chilli. Gayatri laughs at him, she asks who asked him to eat a chilli, he must take water. Rana ji puts the chilli in his mouth. Rana ji says that he keeps himself away from everyone but she is stubborn, but the one who comes near a fire has to burn. He says that he has got used to living alone, he doesn’t know how to pour one’s heart out.

Kokilla and Kunwar ji takes Swarna. Laksh was standing in front of them. Kunwar ji says he married but didn’t learn its rights. It has only one rule, a husband always has to apologize. Laksh brings a red rose. Kokilla asks him to give it. Laksh says he needs to apologize her. Swarna stops from taking the flower and says she has a condition, whatever happened last night shouldn’t happen again. Kunwar ji says to Kokilla that they must leave them alone. Kokilla hands her the flower. Laksh takes her to a room, then locks her in it and says this isn’t her palace. Swarna pleads to open the door. Kunwar ji and Kokilla also watch this, Laksh says to Kokilla that she is such a cunning lady. Kokilla says she was complaining against him, he can do whatever he wants to do to her. Kokilla says they will see how she comes out of the room. Kunwar ji says they can’t keep her forever, and the solution of the problem is an heir. Kunwar ji and Kokilla think about another solution, Kokilla says if Laksh doesn’t go to Swarna can’t they get an heir.

Gayatri takes it so lightly, she says that this is so simple that Rana ji doesn’t know how to speak. She says she won’t come near fire at all. She knows a game which brings one’s heart out, she asks if he will play. He takes her hand. She cheers and asks him to go with her. The veiled lady stood behind them. They both go to sit outside in moonlight. Gayatri asks if he likes moon or stars. He says moon. Gayatri says she will give him a word, he will have to say a sentence about it. She says Stars, Rana ji says they were her best friends in childhood. Gayatri says starts were her worst enemies, her mother always said they contains luck, but she thought one makes his own fates. Rana ji says childhood. Gayatri says she was very naughty in childhood, she used to steal mangoes from others trees. She gives a word mischief, Rana ji laughs that they mixed sedatives in others tea and remained out of hostel all night. Gayatri watches Mala passing by, she says Mala wasn’t well, she is going to meet her. She tells Rana ji to wait for her here, the game isn’t over.

Baba asks Mala what news has brought. Mala says there is a party at the British government. Baba says that they will attack British today, they must be really drunk and they will wash their land from those sinners. Gayatri hears this and thinks she must tell Rana ji about it. Baba notices her and runs after her with all his men. Rana ji thinks Rani ji is late. Gayatri comes to the hall to confront Mala holding gun on her, Rana ji comes inside looking for Gayatri. He finds a broken water bath in the way. Gayatri was speechless in frontof the shooters.

Mala held a gun at Gayatri and ties her to the chair. They find Rana ji standing outside and drags him inside. The Baba hits Rana ji at the back of his head, Gayatri shouts Rana ji. Baba thinks this isn’t Indar but Rana of Amirkot.

Rana ji asks Gayatri why she came here. Gayatri says she felt something wrong since morning. Rana ji asks why she didn’t tell him, she is such an idiot. Gayatri murmurs that he again called her bad name in English. Rana ji explains that she is stupid. She is even curt and asks why he came inside, what was the reason to save her? Rana ji says if something had happened to her, he wouldn’t be able to… both becomes silent for a while. Gayatri smiles. Rana ji felt helpless.

Kunwar ji tells Kokilla that he won’t rest until that Swarna doesn’t accept his demands. Kokilla says she did not know she would be so strong headed. Laksh comes there, Kunwar ji asks him where he is going, with scent on. Laksh says he is going to a party with his friends. Kunwar ji slaps him hard, he tells Kokilla to make him understand how difficult it is to keep a princess in lockup. Be he only wanders around in the city with boys. Laksh says that Kunwar ji is doing this all for himself only, and he will do what he wants to. He leaves, Kunwar ji is left calling.

Rana ji says to Gayatri that they must get themselves free. He tells Gayatri that her feet aren’t tied. She says she won’t be able to do it, he gives her courage to do it. Gayatri feels pain, Rana ji bucks her up. She finally drags her chair to Rana ji, Rana ji opens the rope of her hand with his hand. She frees herself and opens the rope he had been tied with. Rana ji holds her arm where the rope had hurt her, and asks if she is alright. She nods. He holds her hand tightly and asks her to go, she smiles and they head to leave.

Laksh enters the room where Swarna lay on the floor. He shuts the door behind frightening Swarna. She says she won’t break, she will tell everyone what is happening with her. She says if he has no interest in women, he must let her go. Laksh says she will tell the whole world about his unmanliness. He says she just seem to be red chilli, he recalls he has to give her a gift and throws red chillis at her face. Her eyes burnt. Laksh says till the day she gets to his feet, he will bring such gifts every hour.

Rana ji and Gayatri confront a young man, he called Mala and fell on the floor. He had been shot at his back. Mala comes calling him, Balti says this was British trick. They were all killed as the soldiers already knew about it. Gayatri cries hugging Rana ji, Mala’s husband had died. Rana ji notices Gayatri crying. Mala cried too. Rana ji consoles Gayatri. Rana ji and Gayatri were there in the last rituals of Mala’s husband. Mala apologizes them for lying to them. Rana ji says she doesn’t need to apologize. Mala was upset and cried for her husband, her life and dreams. Gayatri tells her to calm down, she can’t understand her pain but she prays for her to be given enough power. Mala appreciates their couple. Rana ji and Gayatri leave together, Gayatri looks at Rana ji who looked back at her. Gayatri was happy. Both watched a breaking star together, then look at each other. Rana ji holds Gayatri’s hand, Gayatri remembers his care for her. She dares to make an eye contact with his eyes that were on her.

Rana ji and Gayatri arrive at palace. Raaj Mata holds Gayatri’s arm where she got the bullet. Raaj Mata asks what happened behind her, Yashoda told her everything. She says she had to Gwolior for something really important, and someone attacked with a bullet on Gayatri. Rana ji says that Raaj Mata’s hand is just there on the bruise. Rana ji asks Gayatri if she is alright. Raaj Mata and Gayatri share smiles.

Kunwar ji and Kokilla stood together. Kunwar ji says they are back with their restrictions on them. What if Swarna gets to them with her complain. Kokilla tells him to leave Swarnlekha’s worry.

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