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Once there was a king 1 February 2022 update: Avdesh accepts that Gayatri was unaware whom she was coming to meet, he gave her the solution that he will return Indravadhan with everything only if she becomes Avdesh’s Rani. Everyone is shocked. Rana ji goes and beats Avdesh hard. He says that though he isn’t a Raja but he hasn’t stopped placing a Singh after his name, today he will hear the roar of that Singh. He beats Avdesh harder with his belt. Avdesh gets beaten painfully. Gayatri finally stops Rana ji. Avdesh turns to look at her. He asks Rana ji why he stopped, he must be killed as he has no right to live. Rana ji says he will fulfil his wish and holds a show piece in the hall to break at his head. Kunwar ji stops Rana ji saying it doesn’t suit Rajput to kill unarmed men. Rana ji drops the show piece and goes to hug Gayatri. Avdesh stands up and says Gayatri was right, he can never be Rana ji. He accepts that he is the one who attacked on the back. Rana ji loved her and gave her happiness. Avdesh loved her and gave her only pain. He says Gayatri was right. Gayatri backs up, as Avdesh kneels down and says he isn’t worth her punishment. He will punish himself. He takes an oath that till his last breath he won’t let the injury on his chest heal. He stands up and says to Rana ji that he was good when he was a Raja and when everything has been snatched from him, he is even better. He thought about equalizing him, but now has understood that only Rana ji has the right on this throne of Amirkot. He says he returns Rana ji with all his belongings. Avdesh says if Rana ji ever needs him in life… Rana ji says there is an animal inside him who is asleep, before it wakes up he must leave. Avdesh leaves the palace weakly. Rana ji takes Gayatri inside. Swarna also leaves. Kokilla asks Kunwar ji what happened now, this was just a stupid idiot. Kokilla says she won the game and returned it already. Kunwar ji says this isn’t the end of Avdesh’s story, he will attack Rana ji again. Avdesh looks back at the palace, and leaves.
Raaj Mata comes to a setting in the forest where a man got ready. She remembers the doll, and the note that if she doesn’t meet him in the forest now her secret would no longer be the secret. She shouts where he is, how dare he sent her a warning. The man had a fake eye, he calls that in forests only lion roars, not the cats. He comes ahead with his men and asks Raaj Mata if she got time to come to him. Had he come to Amirkot, he would have snatched her gold feathers. What if Rana ji knows about the secret?
In the room, Rana ji says to Gayatri he doesn’t understand how to apologize her or not, she had warned him at every step but he had lost everything. Gayatri says he lost his money, not his family and her. Rana ji says the people of Amirkot are his responsibility, he has let them all down. Gayatri thinks about an idea.
Raaj Mata shouts at Sartaj that she is the Raaj Mata of Amirkot, this land, air and sky all belong to her. Sartaj laugh, he says winds can change anytime. He says he hasn’t time to listen to her. He says he wants to keep price of his secret which he hasn’t got for last six months. Raaj Mata says this has been for the first time. Sartaj says Yashoda always came with bundle of money to him. Raaj mata says Yashoda has died.
Gayatri comes singing for Rana ji as he sat upset. She holds the plate, makes bites for him but he denies. She insists on him to have it. He leaves the couch. She holds his hand back. Both eat with the same spoon. She lay her head on his chest. Rana ji says fate has always been against him, how it got so good to make them be together. He promises Gayatri not to repeat such mistake.
Avdesh rides his horse in rage. His baba stops him and says he is giving himself so much pain, he needs rest right now. Avdesh thinks about Gayatri. The old man asks if he is doing this all for that woman, he can kidnap that woman for him. Avdesh tells him to show respect as she is his future Rani. He loves her truly and will get her at any cost. He watches a car and says this is Raaj Mata’s motor, then goes to see her whereabouts. Sartaj tells Raaj Mata not to make him afraid, if she thinks that killing Yashoda or Sartaj will bury her secret. He says if he dies, this secret won’t remain a secret even then, and if Rana ji knows about it, there will be no one for him and Amirkot. Avdesh hears this.

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Sartaj says to Raaj Mata that a lion is safe till it is in cage, if it comes out he won’t leave anyone alive. He warns Raaj Mata that once the secret comes out, it will engulp her first.
Avdesh comes to Raaj Mata’s car.
Raaj Mata says Rana ji won’t believe him. Sartaj says Rana ji won’t believe her again as well. Raaj Mata says to Sartaj that she gives beggar the amount of money he is asking for, he will hand him this much. He isn’t worth more than an ant in front of her. Sartaj slaps Raaj Mata hard. Avdesh peeks behind the tree, everyone including Avdesh is shocked.
The guards come to Rana ji and Gayatri to inform them that Raaj Mata isn’t in the palace. Gayatri is worried if Avdesh is behind this.
Kunwar ji was frustrated, he tells Kokilla that he has never been so helpless.
Raaj Mata asks what he has done. Sartaj says that ant cut her. He says that their country is going to get independent, then everyone will be equal. He says that he has given her her happiness. Avdesh wonders who this man is, and why is she so helpless in front of them. Sartaj orders his men to tie Raaj Mata and call Rana ji. Avdesh jumps in and asks them to leave his mother. Sartaj asks Raaj Mata where she had hidden this son. Avdesh fights the men beating and being beaten. A man hits him with a stick on head. He fights back but suddenly fell on the ground. Sartaj orders to tie them both. They go to call Rana ji. Raaj Mata watches the injured Avdesh painfully.
Rana ji says Raaj Mata is nowhere to be found. He says he will go to look for her by himself. Some guards being the injured Avdesh to palace. Rana ji questions Avdesh what he has done to Raaj Mata and where she is. Raaj Mata comes from behind. Raaj Mata orders the soldiers to take Avdesh to the guest room and call the doctor. Rana ji says she doesn’t know what Avdesh did to Gayatri. Raaj Mata says he doesn’t know what Avdesh did for his mother, hadn’t he been there he would have got Raaj Mata’s dead body. She recalls how Avdesh cut the rope of his hands with a glass piece on the floor, fought the men beating them and Sartaj. Raaj Mata had held him and brought him to palace in her car. Rana ji asks what she is saying. Raaj Mata says some robbers took her and were about to kill her, Avdesh came at the right time and saved her. Rana ji says when a snakes person come at once to remove the venom of a snake, mostly the snake belongs to that same snakes man, may be it is a plan of Avdesh. Gayatri seconds Rana ji. Raaj Mata says this time Avdesh isn’t playing a trick. Rana ji asks Raaj Mata how she is so sure, is she asking him to trust him again. Raaj Mata says she has seen more world than she has, she can sense when someone is lying and when not. She just wants to say that Avdesh will live in the palace until he gets well, she hopes he will respect her decision. She tells the guards to take Avdesh inside. Rana ji leaves the hall, Gayatri was worried.
Kokilla asks Kunwar ji why he is smiling. Kunwar ji says the people who were in the same party are poles apart today.

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Cheetah comes to Swarna’s room who stood upset and lost there. She wipes her tears and turns to see Cheetah. He says that Kunwar ji doesn’t want to wait anymore, he can’t make up anymore. Swarna says alright and removes her saree. She asks why he lowered his eyes when he wants to do this, why he is wanting to be a God. Cheetah comes to her, puts her dress up again and says he is trying to become a human. He says that before meeting her he was an animal, but after meeting her something changed inside. He had never thought about something good or bad. He now knows that what he came for was right, but what has been done is right. Swarna asks what has happened. He holds her face and says he has fallen in love with her.
The doctors give medicines to Avdesh and tells Raaj Mata that he needs special care. He offers to send a nurse from hospital. Raaj Mata says she will look after him. She says that she knows whatever he says he hasn’t changed from inside, gun powder gets burnt as soon as it gets fire. She brought him to palace only to find out what he knows, and even he knows anything he must die with it buried inside his chest. She turns, but Avdesh moves. Raaj Mata helps him have a sip of water and tells him he needs rest. She turns but Avdesh holds her hand. He asks Raaj Mata what kind of rest that a son can’t talk to his mother. He wants to talk to her about the secret that she has hidden from Rana ji. Raaj Mata is shocked. Avdesh smiles. Raaj Mata asks what secret? Avdesh removes the canula off his arm, stands up and says that same secret which she has hidden from Rana ji for so many years. Raaj Mata asks what he knows about that secret. Avdesh thinks that he doesn’t know anything, but she doesn’t know that he is unaware. He says to Raaj Mata that what he knows is enough for destruction of her, her family and Amirkot. Raaj Mata asks what he knows. Avdesh says poetically, that if the roots of a building break, it fell. If he opens his mouth, it will be the same.

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